JMFO: A True Blood Cheese Fest????


There have been some True Blood casting videos for certain characters posted recently; for example Governor Burrell and Wes. The Wes one has been posted for about a week now in the internet world but we just saw it today. If this casting audition is any indication of things to come in Season 6 of True Blood, then I think they need to go back to the drawing…..errrrrr writing board. I am serious because a couple of these lines come straight out of a cheesy prono! I got proof for you,just you wait!

Wes:”You can torture me all you want but I’m still not gonna rape that girl for you”

Then I guess it is a different scene from the video.

Girl:”Remember me?”

Wes:”Of course I do”

Girl: “We’ve got like five minutes. You want to sit?”

Wes: “Sure”

Girl: “What’s your name?”

Wes: “Wes,you?”


Wes: “Nice to meet you Tessa, I mean officially”

Now here comes the best part,TRUST ME!!

Tessa:”Why didn’t you do it? It would have been so much easier if you had just f*cked me but you…”

Now tell me that is not a CHEESY ass line from a really bad porno?! All pornos are bad but come on, this is is supposed to be True Blood, not some stupid low budget porno film. I have no idea if this is actual dialogue for this upcoming season or not but if it is, then HOUSTON we have a problem.

As a fan who wants to see some quality and talent (outside of the acting) brought back to this show,I feel like I am getting screwed over 6 ways from Sunday! I don’t want to hear lines that are ‘cheesier than a cheese pizza’, if I did then I would not be watching True Blood! I seriously hope that this ‘casting audition’ was just one big dumb joke for I may not make it through the upcoming season! I wish this show’s writers would get their act together! Rant Over and that is it for this edition of ‘Just my Fangpinion’ (for now) so until next time, see ya!!

P.S. If you would like to see the video that I swear I am not making up, join our forum and you can see it here. Come one and come all….ooopppsss that sounded like a cheesy line from a bad porno too huh? Well, if TRUE BLOOD can do, then so can I!!

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12 comments on “JMFO: A True Blood Cheese Fest????

  1. I’m with yo 100%, on this. Its sick, to put something like that in, True Blood.

  2. The show is sick for the most part, but I have to hope those scenes are ones they decided to change or take out before making it to the screen.

  3. Also saw the governor tape and his lines were equally cheesy. E cigarettes, really???

  4. Cheesy Pizza, Cheesy Porno, whatever!!!!! Now I’m hungry you guys……………. I’m sorry but the ONLY reason I am still watching TB is to see Alex/Eric. I have a bad feeling that even he isn’t going to be in it as much as we’d like this season, it seems that this far into filming hes’ been having a lot of free time on the weekends etc for doing other things, with only 10 eppys they are cutting our Vikings’ chances for screen time too. I cannot even think about this right now, therefore, I am going to get my cup of coffee and wake up a bit now…………….

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