“Ben” Audition with possible Season 6 Scenes


Our good on-line friend vimeo is helping us gently ease out of the long winter hiatus and into the Season 6 build up, with a little group of audition videos, that may or may not include scenes from the upcoming season. Please leave the room now if you don’t want to be spoiled:


Here is an actor (unsuccessfully) auditioning for the role of “Ben”. He is reading with someone playing our girl Sookie.

Well if that is to be the character of True Blood Ben, he’s already more than a little crazy, which means he’ll probably fit right in, in Bon Temps. He doesn’t seem much like serious love interest material either, so I’m guessing there’s not going to be too much competition for our favorite Viking here!

Our good friend and super sleuth waffels has also discovered audition videos for the characters of Violet, Nicole, Governor Burrell and (as mentioned in our post yesterday) Wes. Check out our forum spoiler section here to watch those.

We’re really not sure what to make of all this, or why HBO would allow these videos with potential scene spoilers to be posted on-line. Or maybe, just maybe, they know exactly what is going on ……………

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14 comments on ““Ben” Audition with possible Season 6 Scenes

  1. I WANT MORE lol…….so far Ben’s used them lovely fighting words!!!!!! so we know there will be more fighting!!!! and yes thank god Ben is not a love interest. EWWW

  2. Yeah if this is the material we will see in season 6 then Ben will be crazy, dangerous and someone they will have sookie have an interest in…..as a love interest I qould hope she learned something from dealing with Bill low life self. Hopefully sookie will realize the best man for her is Eric but the writers are not always bright on true blood….so I still have some hope they will wise up.

  3. Well, I’ve watched them all and I’m not impressed with any of the dialog. But, who knows if its’ really the actual dialog for these characters? Might be some of those TB red herrings they like to fling at us around this time of year. But, if it is this political once again (last year the Authority stuff blew), now it sounds like human politics and the AVL now…….Blah, blah, blah……………………… I sure hope there is more to the new season than all this crapola.

    If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am looking less and less to this coming season and I think Tammy is right about this probably being the last season for TB……… I want Eric and Sookie and then I want Bill dead and then the series can end as far as I’m concerned. Something really super great has to be reported soon in order to turn my mind around. Otherwise, I’ll just be looking for another summertime series to take TBs’ place and for Alexs’ movies to hit the big screen.

    • You’re not the only one who’s not impressed. ;) I think of it as a trainwreck and I can’t look away. LOL You can live vicariously through our reviews then. ;)

      I want the same things too…but they probably won’t give it to us because it IS what we want, thinking we’ll keep hanging on until the very end. Too bad it’s doing the opposite…turning us away from the show. People lose patience after awhile…and they don’t seem to grasp that.

  4. If these videos have any grain of truth in them at all and are not complete red herrings, I actually think Ben looks like an interesting character. The faeries have been pretty naff so far on the show so I hoping Ben and Niall(Macklyn) might liven fae things up a bit.

  5. This is supposed to be Sookie’s new love interest? Are TPTB crazy?

  6. That’s why I don’t think he will be a love interest, they just love to throw that term out there to cause problems with fans.

    • Yeah, I’m not sure he will be a love interest either. The original casting call was Sookie would find him “familiar and comfortable” (although obviously not in that first scene from the audition). The love interest thing has been like Chinese Whispers!

  7. He is fugly to me . I hope he acts better than he looks .

    • That’s not the same actor who got the part, but the one they did choose is really not all that cute either.

  8. Yeah, these audition tapes are making me soooo excited. *eyeroll*

    I sort of don’t even want to watch. What else is on TV Sunday nights in the summer???

  9. I’m not impressed at all. We know they have a reason for every thing they do. Maybe trying to feel the fans out. I know I’m not impressed at all be these videos. Certainly not any story line I want to watch. God please stop the torcher just give us what we want Eric and Sookie and watch the ratings skyrocket!

  10. […] Potential True Blood Season 6 Spoiler Alert! Watch “Ben’s Audition” which may or may not be shown during the season. Of course, this person didn’t get the […]

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