New Vampire “Violet” Cast


TV Line have just announced that the role of one of this season’s new vampires has now been cast. Fans of another popular US TV Show may recognize her. Look away now  if you want her to surprise you.


Spending a year married to Gregory House can turn a woman into a real bloodsucker.

Case in point: Karolina Wydra — who played Dominika, the convenient bride of Hugh Laurie’s titular on Fox’s House — is joining True Blood’s sixth season as a badass vampire, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Wydra’s recurring character, Violet, is described as a strong, sexy, possibly dangerous vamp on par with the Eric Northmans and Bill Comptons of the world.

Wydra will next be seen in the sci-fi thriller Europa Report, to be released later this year.


Source TV Line

So this is the bloodsucking lady who may be going to tell Jason Stackhouse “You are mine”, and possibly she is going to have dalliance with fellow new vampire Wes as well. Confused? We certainly will be!

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14 comments on “New Vampire “Violet” Cast

  1. Kinda old news been out for a day or two already, but Thanks for posting it here Evie! I kinda think shes’ not going to be messing with Jason, but will be putting a kink in Pam and Taras’ relationship. I don’t know after last season, if Jase is going to be accepting vamps this year. Well, who knows, until the season starts its anybodys’ guess…..

    • In the audition tape she is doing a scene with Jason where she tells him she wants him to be his, but of course these tapes could be red herrings!

    • I’m sorry…but I’m confused, how is this old news? It’s an exclusive to TVLine and it was only posted today. Where did you see it before, redthang?

      • I wonder if the role being cast is getting mixed up with that casting tape?

        • Hey Nymerias and Evie!!!!
          I think Nymerias is right, I must have gotten the audition tapes into my head, as I read about those on Sunday. I know that the girl who is going to play Violet is some gal who played on House (I didn’t watch that show, so its’ all nothing I know).

          You know I’m one of the older gals on here and I guess my mind must be slipping a little bit (I hope not at least, LOL). But I apologize about the mix up.

  2. Now I am having flashbacks of the blonde’s audition for this role!! LMAO

  3. This is better, I pictured Violet as a brunette, not a blonde like in the audition tape. I wanna know who they cast for Wes.

  4. Oh boy! Another new cast mate! l yell as I clap my hands together and roll my eyes. woo hoo!

  5. **Yawn** So tired of this . Where the promos at for season 6 something ? Is it June yet ?

  6. […] Blood has cast the role of a vampire named Violet. Find out who will play the vampire here – plus, find out who will play the revised role of James, previously mentioned as a vampire […]

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