Second New Vampire “James” Cast


Following their news of the casting of the Vampire Violet yesterday, TV Line are today reporting another new vampire has now been cast. Don’t peek below if you don’t want to know:


Bon Temps is about to bear witness to quite an anomaly: a vampire with more substance than style.

True Blood has tapped Brothers & Sisters alum Luke Grimes play the recurring role of James, a circa ’70s-made vamp who is smart, spiritual and emotionally deeper than any other bloodsucker we’ve seen before, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Picture a cross between Jim Morrison and Gary Clark Jr. with even more of a poet’s edge. The dude’s every women’s dream come true, and he doesn’t even know it.

Grimes, who spent two seasons on Brothers & Sisters as William Walker’s love child Ryan, is set to debut at the midway point of the HBO hit’s sixth season (which is slated to premiere in June).

Source: TV Line


Ok, so this is the vampire previously known as Wes in the original casting call, who may or may not be involved in the love triangle that may or may not contain Violet and Jason. It will all make sense eventually we promise! Well, sort of ……..


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16 comments on “Second New Vampire “James” Cast

  1. YIKES!!!! When will all this casting end?????????? Are you sure hes’ replacing the Wes character? I thought Wes was a guitar playing 70’s vamp, not a “deep” poet like this James guy. I really don’t give a f**K about who else they cast. I mean, does every season have to have a cast of thousands?

    • I feel your pain…and I may have to resurrect my JMFO about too many characters again. *sighs* The way they are changing things makes me feel like I’m watching a tennis match. LOL

      • You know Erika, I was just thinking that maybe they have changed the story lines, which probably was tyed into Hudis leaving. So if they rewrote some of the scripts, they’ve probably also needed to re-cast some of the new characters too. But still, just too many cast members and not enough of the principles , at least the one who counts most, which is a very handsome, tall, Viking vampire who I don’t have to name, cause we all know who I’m talking about….

  2. So, it’s James now? Either way, he is definitely a cutie.

  3. He looks and sounds hot, but I don’t care for all these extras either. If we end up really liking this vampire…they’ll just kill him off.

  4. Oh come another vamp . He is hot though i might add . I want to see the one & only viking Eric . As long as he & Sookie don’t get together i will be fine . Thanks for letting us know

  5. I agree, at this point, the more characters they add, the less screen time for the two people we really WANT to see. However, this is the only one I’ve seen that is drool worthy! ;)

  6. we still need quin

    • No, we really don’t. Not casting Quinn is the one good thing this show is doing.

      • Is there anything good about the show lately? No, I don’t think so. To much made up Ballshit for me. I see big disappointment in future. God I pray for a great season 6, however at this point, I’m not feeling it.

        • No, that’s why it would only be one good thing. Nothing can help the show at this point, I’m prepared for another train wreck.

  7. He’s no Eric. I don’t care about him. I only want my Viking. :P

  8. […] the role of a vampire named Violet. Find out who will play the vampire here – plus, find out who will play the revised role of James, previously mentioned as a vampire named […]

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