DEA: Just a little teaser!


Attention all SSN fans: A small review of Dead Ever After has hit the internet world. If you don’t want to know, then don’t scroll!

Romantic Times Book reviews has posted a small but very significant review of DEA. Note: you have to be a paid subscriber to this site to view the actual review but we do have some snippets!

It seems that Sam is dealing with the whole ‘coming back from the dead” thing and Eric is still upset about the use of the CD and deep in vampire politics! Sookie’s scarf is used as the murder weapon, murder by scarf? Who would have thought? I highly doubt the Queen of Oklahoma would kill someone in that manner just to frame Sookie so my bet is that the FOTS is behind it but who is the culprit?! It has to be someone who is around Sookie enough to get a hold of one of her scarves? HMMMMMMM!! Someone at Merlotte’s? Maybe those lockers were not a good idea, after all! Just saying!

The review also noted that ‘it was a satisfying and fitting end to the series’ and that the ending would be ‘controverisal’ but ‘it felt true to the evolution of Sookie’.

Where Eric is concerned I wonder if this is the vibe the reviewer got from the text? We all know that readers view things differently in this area. We shall find out soon! Is it May yet? There is also a nice little interview with Ms. Harris herself that is most interesting, especially a little comment about one Mr.Compton! You can read all about it here!

What do you think of the little snippets? Sound off below!

*special thanks to SVB and KRTMD for the heads up!*

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12 comments on “DEA: Just a little teaser!

  1. They sure didn’t give anything away. I’m kinda worried about Sookie and her happily ever after with Eric. Makes me want to read the damn book!

  2. I’m going to need to know the actual ending before I even consider reading it. I didn’t want to know how any of the other books ended, but this one is necessary.

    • I kind of want to skip to the ending of the book when I get it but I have never done that with a book….ever! I am not going to start now lol

      • I can’t do that, but the whole point of me needing to know in advance is so I don’t have to bother getting the book at all if I know it ends in disappointment.

  3. IMO, a controversial and true evolution ending could only mean one thing…Eric is Sookie’s choice. It’s controversial because having an HEA with Eric would mean no kids, white picket fence and only having your man come out at night is not a typical HEA, CH has said that Sookie wouldn’t have a typical HEA, so that’s why it gives me hope. As for it being a true evolution ending…Sookie has grown by leaps and bounds throughout the whole series, including learning to accept killing other people. :)

  4. I wouldn’t hold my breath…it will probably be just like the shows…no one wants to see Eric and Sookie together except the fans….not the show’s writers or the books writers. It sucks how against them everyone is.

    • I can’t agree with the comment where the book series is concerned because the writer is following her own agenda and story, not what is happening on True Blood. There is only one writer of the book series and that is Ms. Harris. Not everyone is against them as you say, not in the Sookieverse!

    • Melissa, I think there are great odds that Sookie gets her Viking in the end, especially viewing Sookies journey over the course of the series.. Hang in there, less than 40days to go.!

  5. […] Ever After”. SPOILERS BEWARE! If you’d like to be spoiled, you can read the highlights here or check it out over at the link […]

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