Season 6 Promo To Air On Sunday


Today is turning out to be a really good Friday. Not only do we now know that True Blood Season 6 will premiere on Sunday June 16th, but the ladies over at True-blood.net are reporting that we will see the first new promo on Sunday night before the season premiere of Game of Thrones.

Heads up Truebies! HBO has just informed us that there will be a special preview clip airing just before the Game of Thrones premiere this Sunday, March 31. The preview will feature new footage from upcoming episodes.

Following the preview debut you will be able to watch the clip on YouTube and on HBO’s official True Blood website. The Inside True Blood blog will also be back and the clip will be available there.

It finally feels like the season 6 ball is starting to roll. Don’t forget to check back with us on Sunday night as we will post the promo as soon as we get hold of it, and of course let us know what you all think.

Will the new footage feature our favorite Viking or give us a clue as to how Sookie escapes the evil clutches of Bilith? We certainly hope so!

Waiting until Sunday won’t suck so bad!

(UPDATE: We have received a second confirmation from an HBO source that the first True Blood promo will air before the Game of Thrones premiere)

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10 comments on “Season 6 Promo To Air On Sunday

  1. Well ladies, it looks like we are right on the money with this prediction.

    At this rate, you should take Evie and I to Vegas!

  2. Yeah ! I can’t wait . Great news!!!

  3. I hope it gives us something to look forward to!

  4. Ditto Ladies!!!! Just can’t wait til Sunday nite……

  5. Reblogged this on ThisIsMyLife and commented:
    cant wait

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