True Blood Season 6’s First Promo


HBO won’t air the first True Blood Season 6 promo until tomorrow – Sunday, March 31st before Game of Thrones – but we’ve managed to get our hands on it early!


If you don’t want to know – don’t read below!


Check it out below!

Hmmm…looks like Eric and Sookie are working together as a team and Billith is causing a fire to break out at the Authority’s headquarters!

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

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42 comments on “True Blood Season 6’s First Promo

  1. It looks like Billith trapped them in an elevator, but I’m sure Eric will have no problem getting them to safety. I love that Sookie said it wasn’t Bill anymore, I hope she sticks to that.

  2. it looks like it can be very interesting… hopefully the writers dont screw it up……

  3. To my surprise, this promo got me REALLY excited and giddy. I’ll reserve judgement, cuz this show has obviously burned us many times before, BUT it’s looking kind of good for Eric and our fave couple so far. If they really play Billith as a separate entity with no way of bringing back the “real” Bill, they will have to kill him off. Oh my god, it would be so epic! I’m all aflutter. Let’s all daydream together, shall we? ;)

  4. By the way… the Warlow thing…. it’s obviously someone we already know, since they keep hiding him, right? Bill? Eric? I think it has to be one of the two. It’s driving me crazy trying to deduce that from the footage we’ve already seen last year, and then here. :-/

    • No, I definitely don’t think it could be either of them. I doubt it’s anyone we know, I’ve seen shows do that before with the hiding of a character. It doesn’t always mean anything.

      • I agree, I think Warlow was only hidden last season because they hadn’t cast who’d play him yet. My personal suspicion is he may be the guy from Eastenders (I don’t watch the show so I forget his name Rob something?) since I think Warlow is a vamp/Fae hybrid. JMO. I’ve half a notion the blood Bill drunk might be Warlow related though…but tying those two things together is probably me being far too logical. Most likely they’ll be separate storylines.

    • There was a story going round at the time that they just got a stuntman to play Warlow in the bridge scene as they had no actor cast. There hasn’t been a casting call for any character I would recognize as Warlow this season either, so he is either going to be hidden away again and we’ll hardly see him, or they want to keep it all hush, hush. I think I read somewhere it would take Sookie all of season 6 to find him?

      • All season 6? Ugh. Still a surprise reveal close to the finale isn’t so bad if he’s been introduced in a different guise throughout the season. Would seem to uphold that theory. I’m kinda picturing it like the Ben/Glory storyline from BtVS now for some reason. 

        I wonder if this season will end with Sookie being forcibly taken by Warlow? There’s a bit of a pattern with each season ending in a death or a disappearance. Maybe we’ll even get both. Maybe Sookie being faenapped and Billith dying…yet again? 3rd time lucky?!? :)

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  6. Judging by this teaser, I think the person Rutger Hauer plays is not Warlow but we shall see! I like seeing Eric continuing to protect Sookie. Bill is still all bloody and naked on a rampage. True Blood now starring Carrie formerly known as Bill Compton! LOL

  7. I think that Rutger Hauer will play the equivalent to Niall….I don’t know that they will CALL him that but I think he will be. Because he takes off with Jason in the truck and Jason doesn’t shoot him so he must not be a vampire.’

  8. Since Ben is a highly charismatic fairy (sounds like Claude) who helps Sookie and Jason solve their parents murder, Warlow may be a distantant relative who looks like Jason.

    • Wouldn’t it be crazy if Warlow turns out to be the equivalent to Dermot? I mean he did side with the Water fairies who drowned Sookie’s parents in the books right??

    • That’s a really interesting idea. And it would be nice to see Ryan Kwanten flex his acting muscles (and the real ones too) as a vampire or vampire/fairy or whatever it ends up being. He’s a talented guy. I like it!

  9. Eric protecting Sookie is the best part of the promo….Billith is a monster ….Warlow does seem to be a separate person from Rutger Hauer character. Eric’s also said if humans want a war they will get a war!

    • well to be honest can you blame the humans? I mean come on Eric, Nora, Bill, etc…they went on a feeding frenzy during mardi gras and I’m sure they weren’t the only ones once the true blood factories started getting blown up…

    • I’m thinking this a line and he’s visiting the governor at his mansion when he says it.

  10. What more can I add, that all of you have already so aptly stated. The only thing I might say is we have to remember that they sometimes piece these spoilers to look like one thing,but when it actually is the scene, it is meaning something totally different. So I for one is taking this 30sec. Snippet of film with a grain of salt until I actually see it on screen.

    I too, am getting more anxious for June to get here!!!!

  11. Is it weird that I find Eric supper sexy in his “human” costume? I know it’s majorly dorky, but it reminds me of Amnesia Eric. He looks so cute and innocent. Of course, I love when he’s naughty bad boy Eric too.

    BTW, how icky and scary does Billith look? I hope they kill him and he never comes back. I’ve had it up to here with him.

  12. This looks Bada**!!!

    I luv it when Billith melting like a marshmallow. Lol =D …But I got a funny feeling Billy Boy will come back as Caspar the Annoying ghost. :(

    I am very happy it shown Eric and Sookie instead Ben. That`s really adorable how Eric comfort Sookie & they are running from Billith. I really hope Eric and Sookie gets 2gether in mid season. =D

    It looks Eric in the Governor`s house & searching for something.

    Tara betrays them? Tara & Pam fans would not like that. :O

    I think Jason figured out the faeries tricked them & they are the 1s murders their parents. I think this scene shot before Jason realizes Warlow`s his great-great-great grandpa. Because I think the scene where they went to Ben`s house after.

    • The way trailers are put together, it’s hard to know what’s really going on until you watch, but I don’t get where you saw Tara betraying them. I’m sure her and Pam will be fighting a lot.

  13. I am so sorry to say that but after the last season i lost the interest for this show. The writers screw this up. And my others friend too. I will watch True Blood this season,but i have this fealing that Bill will win Sookie again. The writers will made him a hero again in the end.He will save sookie from Warlow,or something….If they will do that ,the show will lose more fans. Irealy love eric and sookie and they are the only reason people watch True Blood.

    • I still say Bill is dead, I don’t get how they could possibly bring him back. If that is the case, this better for sure be the last season.

  14. Well, I wasn’t expecting to wake up to this juicy goodness this morning. Almost spat out my first morning cup of tea. I cannot believe how excited that promo makes me. So much going on there, but wow Mr Northman, you are just too much for a girl :)
    Only 77 days!

  15. You can sure tell it’s been one cold and lonely winter without True Blood! This is the most excitment we’ve had in well, since season 5 ended! lol! The clip looks very interesting, but I’ll wait to speculate because they do love to f*ck with our brains! Here’s to hoping Eric and Sookie work together a lot this season! I’m keepng my fingers crossed!

  16. Well, finally!!! So happy to see the promo … I was hoping Eric will fly away with Sookie to safety but it seems he forgot he can do it…Scenes in Fangtasia look interesting .. Pam in danger it seems….I really, really hope they won’t separate Eric and Sookie too much like last year.. eg. have Eric involved in this war with humans and Sookie away with Jason fighting Warlow..they really must connect those stories somehow ……and Billith…I can bet right now that by ep3 he will be back to his old self or at least playing the lead hero again…sorry but cannot help but think that as we were burned so many times before… and Alcide ripping his shirt yet again *eye roll*

  17. More Eric & Sookie please !!

  18. There was sooo much going on in that promo, I had to watch it like four times. Very interesting, though. Eric is going to wage war with the humans, Bill is not Bill anymore, Jessica is crying, Pam tries to slap Tara, Jason is corned by Warlow (or whoever RH is playing), and evil is rising, and Sookie is clumsy and clearly in need of help (so what else is new). If that is any indication – I really want to know what is going on in Bon Temps, and no human better try to hurt Sookie or my Eric!!

  19. …and also why is Lafayette all dressed up with no one to blow…away with his big old shot gun!!

  20. at around 0:20 it looks like alcide is beating sam up, weird

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  22. My personal hope is that Sookie has to “marry” Eric, like in the books. Instead of protecting her from Victor he would be protecting her from Warlo.

    • I’m hoping he’s going to do lots of protecting. Firstly from Bilith as he gets her home safe, and then from Warlow, Ben and anyone else who comes along to get her. So long as he’s not too busy with vampire business that he is kept away from Bon Temps. And marrying Eric would be a great way for Sookie to try to get out of belonging to Warlow. I’m just not sure TB would be that kind to us.

      • And she would hate it, that might tear them further apart instead of bringing them closer together. She would never want to belong to him, the show version just doesn’t love him as much as the book version does and I don’t see that ever changing. She hardly gives him much of a thought at all, at least with the books being in her POV, we know what she’s thinking.

        • You are right Tammy the true blood version of Sookie needs to show that she loves Eric as much as he shows that he loves her. Until or if they ever show that then they could have a relationship. This Bill love have messed the true blood version up because he is even worst than the book Bill because he is such a power crazed douche that really only cares about power above everything or one. Sookie looks stupid on true blood for loving him even after she finds out the truth about him.

  23. I think they make Sookie seem like she doesn’t love Eric because otherwise there would be no conflict. True Boold works so hard to make Eric seem bad and Bill good and the majority still would choose Eric. It is almost like an experiment to see how far they can go and still make him more appealing. I think the thing is that Eric and Sookie both basically like who they are and Bill does not.

    • Well, they suck at that because I have seen nothing that shows Eric as the bad guy while Bill is the good guy. If that was the case, they probably would have had Bill listen to Sookie instead of drinking the blood.

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