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chgollanczbooksIn her own efforts of saying ‘goodbye’ to Sookie…the Maker, Charlaine Harris has been reading portions from each book. This time, she reads a passage from “Club Dead”, the third novel in the series and explains what was going through her mind at the time of writing it.

Find out what she said about the book and the characters in this video – thanks to Gollancz Books.

You can watch the video below.

While I enjoyed hearing about how she came up with the Supe club called, “Josephine’s” aka. “Club Dead”…I was a little disappointed she didn’t talk about Eric and his presence in the book. As you know, there were a number of very important and sexy scenes between Eric and Sookie in “Club Dead”.

I did find it interesting how she mentioned Alcide would be in the final book…the way it came across to me – was that he will be in it, but not have a huge role…or am I just imagining things? I hope I’m right.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts about the book and/or what Charlaine said below.

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10 comments on “Farewell Sookie: Club Dead

  1. As I was listening to CH reading, I was feeling sad, as I just realized that next month is the release of the last SVM book, DEA (or second to last, since theres’ going to be the follow up companion book coming in Oct). I really enjoyed book 3 very much, especially the Eric and Sookie scenes, which unfortunately CH didn’t mention. I think book 4, however, is my most favorite (and reread) book of the series.

    Thanks for posting this for us Erika, have a Great Day!!!!!

  2. Redthang914:
    I like the books but I’m more of a fan of TrueBlood,the series.
    I love any chapter of the books that deals with Sookie & Eric.
    I’m not a fan of William Thomas Compton,be it in books or series.

    have always found that Charlaine Harris has always left major holes in
    her stories and that the holes followed her into Alan Ball’s adaptation
    of the books for HBO.
    Also a certain fanfiction will continue the saga of Eric Northman
    And Sookie Stackhouse,and their love and lives.
    Sookie is not going to die just cause Charlaine Harris has chosen to stop
    writing the series~ She will live on in Morgaine Swann’s “Late” fanfiction.

    • Speaking of “Late” did Morgaine move the story from FF to another site? It was the best ever but hasn’t been updated in ages.

      • i can answer that for you… she was having real life issues and computer issues so the story and writing was put to the side. she said she has fixed the computer issues now, she is working on the RL stuff but she is writing again and will post when she can.

  3. I’m hoping she doesn’t read about Eric because he will be a major part of the last book. At least that’s what I’m hoping for. She could be doing it because he’s not such a big part of the last book. Nope… I’m going with my first thought.

  4. i am not too sure what CH is up to.. she has always said she knows who Sookie ends up with at the end… If the book keeps going in the direction it is, i think Eric will be towed off to Oklahoma and Eric will give Sookie to Alcide to love and cherish for him…. but i am hopefully wrong… Kristie

    • Yeah, she is so not ending up with Alcide. He probably blew any chance he would have had by being an idiot.

  5. I don’t think it’s strange that CH chose to read a scene in which Sookie and Alcide visit the werewolf club. Club Dead introduced the weres, and important events do happen at the club. This scene was an introduction into another layer of the supe world, which was ultimately the purpose of the book. CH doesn’t see the books as romance novels but as adventure stories, so why should she discuss Sookie and Eric’s intimate scenes? It’s up to the readers to make what they will of Sookie and Eric’s relationship.

  6. Sounded to me like he’d only be making a small role in the last story too. And that’s too bad since I still love Alcide… even though he can be an idiot. I’m still dreading the idea that CH will end her off with Sam. Please no.

  7. […] over to the books for a moment… Watch Charlaine Harris read parts from Club Dead and Dead To The World, as well as sharing her thoughts on the books, in her own way of saying […]

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