Raising the Dead: Reflecting on Dead Reckoning

Can you believe it, May 7th is just a little over a month away. Bringing with it the final novel in Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Series; Dead Ever After. And our long, long wait to find out what is happening with Eric and Sookie will be over… and we will let out a huge sigh of relief.

Dun dun dun…

But while we are waiting for these final words, it’s time to continue our “Celebration” of the books that brought us all together in the first place. We have “raised the dead” with the first 10 books of the series. Now its time to turn our gaze to the 11th book of the series… Dead Reckoning.

Dead Reckoning

In keeping with our other book discussions, we continue our causal conversation with a few questions… with a slight variation to our format. Here is what we said.

How did reading it make you feel? Could you put it down?

B:  I actually liked this book. Where DITF slayed me, this one I couldn’t put down. It also ended way before I was ready for it to… which reaffirmed my belief that I should look at the last 3 books as 3 parts of one massive book.

Erika:  I had mixed emotions about it. I was happy when they killed Victor. I was sad when the blood bond was broken (even though it needed to be done for Sookie to realize the depth of her feelings). I was angry at Amelia for thinking Sookie wanted the blood bond to be broken to begin with…etc. Could I put it down? There were moments when I could…the pack crap, and there was too much Bill, IMO. The rest of the book I devoured.

Nymerias:  I was all over the place as far as emotions go with this book. I was glad that the bond was broken but also very sad because Eric would not know when she was in trouble. He was very scared and uneasy about it. Anger at Amelia because she took way too many matters into her own hands without consulting Sookie beforehand, i.e. the breaking of the blood bond and giving Alcide the impression that Sookie wanted him in her bed.

What moment made you laugh?

B: How can you not be laughing with joy at the thought of seeing Bubba perform. Though the mental image of Mr C running through the woods… priceless.

Erika:  Believe it or not, I laughed at Sookie’s reaction to finding Alcide in her bed. It confirmed to me what an idiot he is, and I laughed because honestly…can you imagine if that happened to you?

Nymerias: I’m with Erika on this one… I also laughed at his audacity to do so, the fool!

What moment made you cry?

B: I was shedding a few tears this one… When Sookie read the letter from Gran and learned of her history. Learning of Freyda, breaking of the blood bond, betrayal of a friend, actually a few friends… And bite gate, enough said.

Erika: The moment that made me cry was when Sookie found out about Freyda.

Nymerias: Reading the letter from Gran… no words.

Least favorite moment from the book:

Erika:  I hated it when Sookie crawled into Bill’s cubby NAKED – no less. Why would she need to take off her clothes? I don’t get it. I felt it was just throwing a bone towards the Bill fans. I hated all the shifter/were crap. ENOUGH of that shit. It leaves me bored. I didn’t like it when Bubba seemed – all of a sudden – afraid of Eric. Since when? He had always been loyal to him. Now it seems like he’s more loyal to Bill. WTF? I hated seeing Eric and Pam fighting throughout the book. It was sad…I don’t get why Eric would be so reluctant to tell Sookie about QOK…she has a right to know and it would come out eventually.

Nymerias:  I loathed the climbing onto Bill naked scene (and would have even if it was not Bill) because it seemed a little over dramatic.

B: Ok, there were a few moments in the book that caused a few “WTF” reactions… but I still like the book.

Favorite Moment/Line from the book:

B: There were quite a few moments from this book that I do love. But for me, nothing will compare to Eric rushing to Merlottes after feeling Sookie’s fear.

Nymerias: I loved that they killed Victor together, all of them as a unit. A real team effort. But my favorite line is the ” I do love you all on my own.”

Erika:  I have many, actually. I loved the fact the blood bond was broken, even though it kind of makes things difficult for Eric and Sookie in regards to how other vampires see them in the supe world. Sookie NEEDED this bond to be broken to realize her true feelings for Eric. It was relief to me knowing that Sookie can’t blame things on the bond anymore (which always annoyed me). I loved Eric’s reaction too…first, it was “are you alright?” He was panicked…then of course it switched to anger (understandably), then he forgave Sookie because he realized he should have mentioned there were other solutions. Another favorite moment followed the breaking of the blood bond and that was the porch swing monkey sex! YIKES. YAHOO. YUM! I loved that it was so good that Sookie needed to use an ice pack afterwards. LOL I loved at the end when they killed Victor. I don’t mind the “bite gate”, as B mentioned…I just thought Eric was reminding Sookie that he will always have the final say. It’s true to his conquering soul. I liked it when Sookie found the cluviel dor and how Adele explained what happened through letters. But it also reminded me…I need to go through old things as well. LOL

Share your thoughts below and join in the “Celebration”!

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10 comments on “Raising the Dead: Reflecting on Dead Reckoning

  1. There were a few good moments, but this is definitely one of my least favorite books.

  2. Eric: “I’m going to tear your clothes”
    Sookie: “Okay”
    Eric: “I’m tearing mine, too”
    Sookie: “Sure”

    • I agree with you Lori. One of the best. Every thing that you ladies brought up reminded me of how much I loved this series. Some of the things mentioned, I have forgotten, and I want to remember them again. I did love Dead Reckoning except for the crawling on Bill naked shit. I didn’t get that at all. Thank you for reminding me why I love this series .I’m going to start rereading the series this afternoon. I want everything fresh in my mind for the last book.

  3. I am already sad. I can’t have enough of this series. I will cry myself to sleep tonight:(

  4. I really liked this book, I think it is underrated by many, but is not perfect, the infamous scene with Bill, just felt ridiculous, that diminish our heroine slightly to use her in this scene “fan service”. Were bullshit is annoying too.
    I liked that it had enough vampire action, despite conflicts between Pam / Eric and Sookie / Eric, I’d rather see the conflicts that see NO interaction between them *cough DL cough*, breaking the bond was sad but powerful, and the scene the “reconciliation” was great, exciting and SOOO intense, I loved it. Loved them reuniting for take Victor and company down. I like it when Sookie had had enough and banished Amelia out her home, she crossed the line, and I would not accept in my life a “friend” to intrude so much.

  5. I don’t mind the naked cubby scene- although I won’t say I enjoyed it – because to me it confirms what we already knew. Sookie and Bill are done. Bill might be aroused by Sookie arriving naked in his resting place, but Sookie most definitely wasn’t. In fact she lay atop him, both of them completely naked and felt nothing. Nothing but her sheer will to survive.

  6. The only comment I can think of about this book was, “it was the beginning of the end” for me. I really didn’t enjoy this book as most of the others, for many of the above mentioned reasons you ladies mentioned above. It, to me, seemed very forboding and thats’ what made me saddest of all, thinking that now our Sookie and Eric won’t have any chance at a HEA.

    I am really starting to feel physically nervous about the last book coming out next month. But, as I have said before, I’ve spent a lot of money and time on this book series and I aim to see it through to the end. Whatever it may be………………………….

  7. I might be totally out of line over here, but I always had a sneaking suspicion that CH hired someone ELSE to write the last two books published so far. To me, they were just a little bit too much “off” for my tastes…but that’s just me.

    • I understand what you’re saying…IMO I think CH has already “moved on” from the series and just wanted to finish writing them. But that’s JMHO I have no idea why they seem different. But I don’t think she would have someone else write her books. Emails in the Sookie Stackhouse Companion on the other hand… ;)

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