Spoiler Chat Scoop: Will there be an Alcide/Sookie hookup?


E! Online posted their latest Spoiler Chat – which reveals what’s in store for Alcide in True Blood season 6. It mentions Sookie as well…so we thought we’d post it to give you the great news!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t read below!


Credit: HBO

Credit: HBO

This is what they said;

Naomi: True Blood!!! #fangbanger
Sorry, fans of Sookie and Alcide’s will they/won’t they tension, because the pack master is totally playing the field this season. “Alcide is now the pack master, which means he has lots of dating options,” Joe Manganiello tells us. “It’s good to be the pack master! I remember I asked the producer, ‘What do pack masters do all day?’ And they’re like, ‘They get all the were-bitches!'” But being the leader of the pack won’t be all girls and more girls. He’s actually got to take charge of the group. “They’re an unruly bunch; they’re werewolves. So keeping them in line is a difficult job that Alcide never wanted.” And now, for the best scoop of all: How naked will Joe be this season? “I’m True Blood naked!” he assures us. Thank our lucky stars.

Whew…what a relief!  This is great news for fans of the Eric and Sookie’s will they/won’t they tension. At least we won’t have to worry about those gag-worthy Sookicide scenes this season…but I have to say…Alcide’s nakedness doesn’t do it for me. No thanks…

I found this photo is hilarious from the first True Blood promo. Is that his attempt at being the Incredible Hulk or what?

Source: E! Online

What do you think? Does this make you feel a little bit relieved? Share your thoughts below!

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18 comments on “Spoiler Chat Scoop: Will there be an Alcide/Sookie hookup?

  1. Whew!!! Thank God! Nobody I know wanted to see that! I figure they won’t have any Sookie sex scenes until later in the season if there are any. They will give Anna time to get used to the after babies body first. She does look great though.

  2. Thank our lucky stars for this news . Sookie belongs with Eric .

  3. Eric & Sookie lovers thank you for the wonderful anniversary notification as well/ I love it . You are the best .

  4. Never thought I would say this about shirtless Alcide, but that photo is creepy as hell…lol! There’s always going to be someone who gets in the way of Eric and Sookie, though.

  5. Yep, I’m happy that there will be no Alcide and Sookie stuff this year. I know there is only one person I want her with and thats’ Eric of course!!

    Yeah, I remember when I first saw Alcide ripping off his shirt and making that awful looking face, it kinda scared me for real…..LOL. He kinda looks like a demented wild man or somethin’……… Glad that hes’ goin’ stay with his pack this season.

    I just hope that once all the drama and angst plays out for the season, Sookie and Eric somehow get back together again!!!! (If not, then I’ll be reading more and more fanfic stories, I guess).

  6. Thank goodness for this, at least!
    I can’t remember the interview, but it was from a couple of years ago and one of my favorite lines from an Alex interview. when they ask him about a Sookie/Alcide hookup or competition, Alex said “Sookie doesn’t like dogs ”
    What a great comeback from Alex!

  7. I can’t tell you how relieved I am … my first reaction was “noooo!” When the f**k are we going to get some more E/S sexy time? Is anyone from the tv series bothered what the fans want? Alcide – if it wasn’t for the facial hair I’d be drooling; from the neck down that man is just luscious (but not as much as Eric – of course).

  8. Well, thankfully, we can cross him off the list of would-be suitors. I’m not much for bulky men, I like em lean and mean…except that guy from Game of Thrones, the first season, don’t remember his name, but he’s Brainmates’ Rasul in Over You. Now he’s hot, even if he is bulky.

  9. I am so not an Alcide fan, and would never want him hooked up with Sookie. I love long, lean, beautiful men who look clean, not narcissistic, muscle bound, greasy looking guys.

  10. All I can say is THANK GOD!

  11. That is good news about Alcide …..he looks like he is on V to me also why is he hitting sam in the promo? He will probably be power hungry and sleeping around with a lot of women so he is boring character anyway maybe he will be more interesting now.

  12. Does any one else noticed that Alcide looks like he is struggling to take a crap? Seriously look at the pic.

    That is sexy to some women?

    Anyway, what kind of power does Alcide have as a Packmaster? We seen the power of the pack and it’s pretty much nothing. What kind of ‘corrupt by power’ storyline for Alcide can the writers possibly offer us in season 6 that will amount to any actual interest?

  13. actually i am very much relieved sorry to for all the Alcide lovers but…………it kept getting annoying when they tried to hook them up i mean it was cute the first turn around they met and blah blah………but afterwards um no….MOVE ON……WE WANT ERIC AND SOOKIE NOW! lol at least I do lol. Enough of him banging his sister or whatever other blood rels they have up the list….time for him and sookie already!

  14. […] ALERT! Find out whether or not we’ll have to put up with any Sookicide hookup in True Blood Season 6. Why yes, Alcide IS trying his best Incredible Hulk impersonation in […]

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