Sarah Newlin Returns!

TB Season 6

TVLINE reports that Anna Camp aka Sarah Newlin will be returning to True Blood in Season 6 for a ‘guest stint’


I wonder how she is going to feel about her hubby or rather ex-hubby being a vampire? I predict that we just might have some comedic moments with these two former allies now being on opposite sides! As for her ‘unfinished business’ could it be Jason related or just FOTS stuff?

What do you think? As usual sound off below!!

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12 comments on “Sarah Newlin Returns!

  1. looking forward to her return and finding out what happened to her and Steve and for her to go after Jason again…. a little comic relief

  2. I don’t mind Crystal`s returning,too. I would luv to see her & Jess or that new vamp Violet gets into a cat fight,but She winds up dead. Lol

    I don’t mind Sarah,either. I wonder what she brings the table.

  3. A surprise baby of Jason’s?

  4. I’m not thinking to much about it. Just another character in an already bloated cast of characters.

  5. I will be happy to see her on the show again . I love her

  6. I for one couldn’t stand her, but I’m interested to see her interaction with Steve now.

  7. This is going to be super interesting to see Sarah Newlin returning?
    Now I wonder if Sarah is also a Vampire? Or is she still Human?
    And will she get back with Jason if she can????
    And if she returns~I’m with Kleannhouse~it would be something if she
    shows up with a little son who looks just like JASON.
    As we all know Steve N. was shooting blanks.

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