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I woke up today and was met with an amazing surprise today! An an audio sample from DEA. Yes, you heard me right! Amazon posted it on their site to promote the audio version of the final book in this beloved series!!


It appears someone (the businessman)is selling his soul and to the Devil no less! Yeah, the devil has went down to Louisiana looking for a soul to steal….sorry could not help myself, the Charlie Daniels song just came to my mind. My guess is that business man is no other than Copely, Amelia’s father! Right now the whole Devil thing seems a little OOC for the SSN but we shall see. I wonder if it is the real deal, I mean there are hellhounds. I think someone needs to be hitting the HAIL MARY’S hard! I wonder if ‘Devil’ is just a metaphor for someone or something else, like a really powerful vampire? Felipe anyone?

You can listen to the audio sample here

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  1. Why do I now expect Sam and Dean to show up? I have a feeling this book is going to be a complete mess.

  2. I’m with you Tammy….LOL. WTF did I just listen to??????? I think CH musta been on the pipe when she wrote this book. What has this have anything to do with anything????

    I do thank you nymerias for posting this for us so we could go listen to the insanity for ourselves. I’ll reserve the real judgement when I get the book and read it fully for myself next month.

    • I will wait for the book also. It could be much ado about nothing. I wonder as does everyone else who the narrator is of that particular part?

  3. #1 They used the wrong narrator for a Sookie Stackhouse Novel.
    #2 What the hell?
    #3 I have a really bad feelin’ this book is gonna be a hot mess.
    #4 Really? The ‘devil’?

    • 1) Johanna Parker is the same narrator throughout all of the Sookie books.
      2) Copley Carmichael and his chauffeur Tyrese. You meet them when Amelia moves into Sookie’s house.
      3) I don’t believe this book will be a hot mess.
      4) Yes, the devil. I suspect this will affect Amelia and possibly Sookie as welll.

      • i’m just saying that in my opinion Parker’s voice isn’t the right voice for a SVM novel. Just my opinion.
        I know who Amelia’s father and his driver/etc. are.
        It is only my opinion about the book being a hot mess. I love the books except the last 2.
        I’m sure the ‘devil’ will have an affect on Sookie and especially Amelia. I, personally, do not think he has a place in an SVM novel.
        These opinions are mine, everyone has their own. I know there are a few other Sookie fans who agree.
        I did not mean to offend anyone’s sensibilities.

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  5. I listened to this earlier today and wondered what in the world! It didn’t seem to fit anything in the other books and really made me wonder what in the world will we be learning in this last book. I admit to having felt let down by the last two books, with a lack of sizzle and spark from Eric/Sookie and especially the large absence of Eric in Deadlocked. What there was seemed to indicate a shift in tone and a hint of disappointment to come. If you wander over into Charlaines website boards you will notice right away that Eric lovers are not welcome. This also concerns me. I think right now I am approaching this last book much live I’ve approached True Blood the last season and a 1/2, that is I must finish what I started but probably won’t enjoy it much.

    • I think ever since the show came ‘suitor talk’ is not welcome there and it has been that way for quite some time. I am not really concerned about the outcome of the book. As far as the Devil bit, who is to say it is not Felipe or one of his minions they gave their souls to, so to speak?

      • Good point! I think I’m just feeling low because I’m doing a reread of the series leading up to the release and am on Dead Reckoning-one of my least favorites. I really hate the Pam/Eric fighting and the dark, brooding Eric keeping big secrets from Sookie. It just feels all wrong to me. I keep reminding myself that these aren’t my characters to write about! I’ve only been this invested in one book series before and wasn’t feeling this let down then as my favorite characters never changed so much nor stopped wanting to be together (not that Eric/Sookie want this but the author seems to be taking it that way). If Eric really is all but married off to Freyda-he will hate that more than anything and I can’t imagine any big change of heart for Sookie enough to make a meaningful, believable HEA with anyone else. Well, here’s to hoping for a good outcome for Sookie!

  6. don’t know why that part was narrated for us to hear… makes no sense but god only knows what CH was thinking when she wrote this book unless this ties in with the murder Sookie is arrested for….. i guess we have a few weeks to wait and see and read….

  7. I really doubt that I’ll even bother buying this last book unless I’m totally astounded by “Eric and Sookie really DID end up together” reviews. The CH tide is just a bit too obviously anti-Eric for my tastes. Plus…WTF??

    • I don’t think it is CH giving off the anti-Eric vibe. This little spoiler we go today really tells us nothing in the way of the overall plot, but it was intriguing!

  8. My first thought was, WTF? The Devil, really? Could be a nickname that Sookie is giving the person (i.e Thing One and Thing Two), but I doubt it. Like you said, it seems a bit OOC for SVM.

    Hope the book is better than the sample i just head…

    • It could be a nickname for Felipe or one of his minions but Sookie would know who Felipe is so it makes me wonder if she is not the narrator for that part. We are supposed to get multiple POV’s for this book.

  9. So, Copley Carmichael and his chauffeur Tyrese made a deal with the devil. Hmm…how will this affect Amelia and consequently Sookie?

    • Amelia is a good friend according to the short IIHAD but who knows? I am more worried about how it will effect Sookie if at all.

      • I’m still on the fence about Amelia. I am not sure she’s still that good of a friend. Sookie is certainly trying to figure that out in Deadlocked.

  10. This is just the BEST website! I love spoilers! I love you!

  11. I have no need to hear Charlaine Harris reading DEA.
    I want to read the book and “hear the character’s voices” in my head.
    Hearing CH read this would spoil the last book for me.

    • CH is not reading it, she never reads for her audio books. This is just a sample from the book but I understand you don’t want to spoiled.

  12. This is a prank right?….right?

  13. Thank you for the post. I just spent 7 hours driving listening to Deadlocked on audible. I have listened to many of the SSN on audible during the long car rides from Northern Ca to Southern Ca and back. I appreciate how different Johanna Parker sounds in this clip, she is not speaking from Sookies POV. I think the ‘Devil’ is a nickname for a bad magical supe/witch/warlock. DEA will definitely be different from the previous books. I already preordered DEA on my NOOK and the expensive signed copy (although I used my BN discount and coupon for the hard copy).

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