Video Of The Week “In The City”


You will forgive us for missing last week’s video, what with the True Blood Season 6 premiere date reveal, and then the rather delicious Promo Teaser #1, we had a lot on our minds last weekend, mainly the future return of our favorite Viking Vampire.

And as I’m still on an Eric high today, I’m sharing one of my favorite ever videos. It’s all about Eric and it’s by Cantrous.

For your viewing pleasure:

Eric Northman

In the City

You can check out the maker on You-tube here

And don’t despair, the Viking will be back in just 70 days!

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Admin at "Skarsgard Fans", "Eric Northman Lovers" and "Tarzan Movie 2016". True Blood's Viking Vampire is the fictional love of my life.

8 comments on “Video Of The Week “In The City”

  1. Thanks for posting this video Evie, I really enjoyed it!!!! It seemed to almost capture every scene over the full run of TB of Eric and I just loved it. It also had a bold song choice which was a bit loud for my taste but seemed to fit they way they edited the clips.

    I’m glad that we still get our Sunday videos one of my favorite features of this site!!!!

  2. Thank you that was…. can never get to much of that!

  3. A perfect reminder of why we love the Viking vampire sheriff of Area 5…

  4. Damn, that video was hot;)

  5. i liked it even with the louder music, it made sense since our Viking is a badass….

  6. […] This week’s pick for Video of the Week is Eric-centric. You can watch it here…ENJOY! […]

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