Anna Paquin’s new role!

anna-paquinOur very own Anna Paquin has a new role in her future. The folks over at Deadlne have reported that “Susanna” was picked up by WIGGS for a 12 episode web series. And our Anna will be undertaking the role of “Katie”, the older sister of the title character.

From the brief synopsis, it sounds like Anna’s character will be dealing with postpartum depression.

We will keep you posted as we learn more.

The WIGG channel can be found on youtube.

Check out the write up on Deadline right here!

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4 comments on “Anna Paquin’s new role!

  1. That’s great news for Anna! :) Postpartum depression seems like it might be something very close to her heart – given she just gave birth herself.

  2. I am so happy for her . The projects keep coming in. Hard working actress .

  3. Was Glad to get this news, I’ve been following Wigs since the first season and kinda figured since Steve was in it already it was only a matter of time before Anna would get involved with this project. I will be looking forward to seeing Anna play in a role since shes’ had the twins will be near and dear to her heart!!!! Good for her, glad to see shes’ staying busy regardless of the babies.

  4. […] In Anna news…Deadline is reporting she has a new role she will be doing in the future! Following in her husband’s footsteps, she’s going to be playing an online role for the WIGG Channel! Find out more here! […]

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