Farewell Sookie: Charlaine Harris Reads DTTW


Charlaine Harris is saying ‘goodbye’ to Sookie, Eric and the rest of the characters in the Sookie Stackhouse world in a series of videos from Gollancz Books.

In this video she talks about the novel – which is the favorite in the series among Eric and Sookie lovers – aka. “Dead To The World”.


What does she say about Eric and Sookie in this book? Let’s find out!

Watch the video below.

I think I can speak for most Eric and Sookie lovers when I say that book 4 wasn’t when “women around the world were apparently starting to fall in love with Eric” – but I think it made us fall in love with him even MORE than we already did. It’s true that DTTW is Eric’s big book…wish we could have had more books which featured Eric heavily like this one did.

I am disappointed she didn’t read a part from the book which included Eric in it – however I’m not surprised…we should be used to not getting everything we ask for, shouldn’t we?

It’s interesting that this was around the same time she starting talking to Alan Ball too.

Thoughts? Please share ’em below!

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10 comments on “Farewell Sookie: Charlaine Harris Reads DTTW

  1. …yep, I do believe it was… :(

  2. I was definitely in love with Eric before DTTW. I do like Amnesic Eric but I definitely prefer the real and complicated Viking Vampire.

    • I think I started falling for him in the second book, this one just pushed me over the edge completely. That’s why I hate how they butchered it in season 4, there was so much good material for them to use, one being that Bill should have gone to Peru instead of being made Queen.

      • You are so right Tammy! “Bill should have gone to Peru instead of being made Queen”. I have said that very statement many times! When you stop to think of all the good material they could have used instead of the made up Billshit, it just boggles my mind!

    • Me too :)

      I fell in love with Eric in book 2 and it built and built until book 4.

  3. I fell in love with Eric as soon as Sookie met him the first time on his throne!!! I knew right then and there that he was going to be a force to be dealt with right from the start.

    After thinking about this, I also miss the Eric from the books, they really stole a lot of his character/personality away from him in TB. I sure wish that AB would have stuck to the books more than screwing it up with his bogus storelines like he did. He condemned the show from greatness (but they didn’t count on “rabid fans” like us to hold it up and make it continue for as long as we have). But, its’ still because of our love of Alex/Eric thats’ what keeping the show afloat.

    Someone said I believe on here what I also feel and that is, “I’ve stuck with the books thru good ones and the not so good ones and the same holds true for the show. I’ve devoted this much time and energy to it, I’ll see it to the end”.

  4. Book 4 was the cement for loving Eric for me..but it started at the end of book 1 when he was floating outside her hospital room after sending her those “suggestive” flowers. And in book 2 when he went to the orgy with Sookie in that pink spandex outfit, adorable. If there was any doubt before, that was proof that unlike Mr Serious (or Bill as we call him) Eric had a wicked sense of humor. I have to wonder if CH really thinks book 4 was the beginning, or if she’s just being sly.

  5. I wish I hadn’t listened to this. My opinion is probably not going to be popular but here is what I took from it…Yes Charlaine, this was Eric’s “big book” . Charlaine is either being very coy, which I doubt or she truly doesn’t understand how anyone could like Eric! Look at her expression, tone and even the big eye roll. Left me wondering if she doesn’t think of the legions of Eric fans much like we think of those rabid Bill lovers. She reads a very small excerpt from the “book of Eric” and who does she read about?? Claudine, Sookie and ALCIDE! Huh. She mentions Eric afterward but I felt mocked for being one of those that had already fallen in love with his character…and not in book 4 but right from the start! Also interested to learn that this was the time she started talking with Alan Ball….she must have known his vision for the series..well, there is a lot I think about that but think I’ll just shut up about it and keep my very suspicious thoughts to myself. I will still read the book coming up but more than ever….unless she is an Oscar worthy actor playing coy….am convinced that I probably won’t like it any more than I did the last two. Maybe after a long while of being away, and seeing what she claims to have intended from book 2 and having been possibly convinced that I was looking at the whole thing wrong from the get go and fell for the wrong guy…..I might go back and be able to enjoy the whole thing again with fresh eyes. But I doubt it. And for the record-I dislike Alcide in a big way, both in the books and the TV show!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m just sad that she seems to have a dislike for/ disinterest in Eric. It’s her own baby, how can she not love one of her own characters? Maybe she just got sick of the story but felt obliged to carry on for a bit longer? I dunno. unless this one turns things around, I’m just going to pretend it ended at book ten and be happy.

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