Alexander Skarsgård on “Live with Kelly & Michael”


For those who missed or haven’t watched it yet…Alexander Skarsgård appeared on “Live with Kelly & Michael” this morning (Tuesday, April 9th) to promote his movie, “Disconnect” which will be out in theaters this Friday.

You can watch the interview below.

We have screencaps from the interview as well!

Check ’em out in the gallery below.

Of course he didn’t say much about True Blood season 6…but he did say Eric Northman will be kept busy this year and will be “in charge”. Whatever THAT means?

“Disconnect” is looking pretty intense too.

How funny was it when he and Michael were trying to see who was taller and when they took out the tissues when Alex was talking about his ex-girlfriend? LMAO

Alex is just too adorkable…

What do you think? Please share your thoughts below.

And here are some pictures taken outside the studio by fans.

UPDATE: Alex also appeared on Good Day L.A. this morning talking about “Disconnect”, being a college drop-out and growing up in Stellan’s household.

Watch it below!

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9 comments on “Alexander Skarsgård on “Live with Kelly & Michael”

  1. I love the clips. Thanks for posting them Erika.
    I live north of Detroit and there has been an ad on the radio about “Disconnect”. They are advertising it as staring Jason Bateman. Really? No mention about Alex at all. That is truly disappointing. It’s only going to be shown exclusively at one theater. Which sucks but I’m going to go see it if it’s the last thing I ever do

    • Well, people know Jason and he’s probably more involved in the movie than Alex is. Unfortunately, unless you’re a True Blood fan, not many have actually heard of him.

  2. My goodness, he is looking mighty fine today :)

  3. Love the shows . He was great on them . He returns back to LA tomorrow . He said on Good LA On TB he said he has alot to do . i hope so . not long now TB right around the corner .

  4. He really should do more tv interviews…he was great this morning! I’ve heard the story about the ex-girlfriend before but that was a nice touch with the tissue box. :) I’m thinking a comedy role would suit him nicely.

    • I think he could totally do a comedy. I’ve heard that story before, but I just found him talking about it now to be pretty funny.

  5. Loved it – Kelly was really funny with the tissues. But last time she flirted with him more. I love Michael he is big and brawny, but I think Alex is a little taller. He is more sinewy – like a cat!!! Love it!!!

  6. These were both great interviews! To the ladies that mentioned Alex doing a comedy, he’s said before that he’d love to get a good script for a comedy cause he wants to do one too. So hopefully he will get to do one soon.

    Of course Alex was absolutely Fabulous in these interviews, and I can’t wait to see all his movies this Spring. I just wish they could of spaced the timing out a little bit. I mean three movies before June 1st is a bit much. I just hope that the general public doesn’t feel like its overexposure….Of course, that’s not a problem for us obsessed “rabid” fan girls. I could and would watch each movie (when I buy the DVDs) almost daily to get my fix of Alex….le sigh………LOL

  7. […] appeared on “Live with Kelly & Michael”…in case you missed it (or want to see it again and again)…you can watch it […]

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