DEA: Not the Devil……..you know!


Charlaine Harris recently spoke exclusively to SciFiNow about the final book in the beloved Sookie Stackhouse Novels. WARNING: THIS COULD CONTAIN SPOILERS!!

It sounds as if this book might be getting back to it’s murder mystery roots, which is kind of apropos since that is how the series first started.

After making bail she tries to clear her name, but her investigation only leads to more deaths. “I think the books that were murder mystery were the more successful ones, the more focused,” she says.

More deaths…..???…perhaps that leads to ‘Secrets in Bon Temps’ hmmmmmmmmmmm!


Well it seems that the Devil we heard about in the audio sample from Amazon is not the Devil! Shew, that is a relief!

“Well, there’s a Devil, not the Devil,” Harris clarifies, “If I have the fae, some of whom are trying to become Angels, I think by implication it can be assumed that there are Devils, too.”

I was wondering if it was just a metaphor. Is it a fairy that wanted to be a devil or a demon type? You can read the rest of the interview here.

What do you think? It won’t be long before we find out but leave your thoughts below!!

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9 comments on “DEA: Not the Devil……..you know!

  1. WELL, All I can say nymerias is, I wish we could have had this to read first, before the reading. After reading the article I don’t think it’s as crazy sounding as it did at first. I guess we’ll all find out in less than a month now.

  2. All I know is that if Sookie ends up with anyone other than Eric, I’m pulling out my pitchfork and organizing the troops for a protest march.

  3. A devil not THE devil. Oy. Honestly, I cannot wait for DEA. It sounds like everyone is back including a devil not the devil so it should be a fun ride. :)

    What I want to know is what is Felipe De Castro up to. I am re-reading Deadlocked to “catch up” again and I am finding a lot of stuff that is left up in the air that I hope will be answered shortly.

  4. Thank GOD it’s A devil and not THE Devil! Shew!

  5. This is good news. I am overloaded on angst right now having just finished Dead Reckoning and hoping I can make it through Deadlocked with my nerves intact! Now that I have finished Dead Reckoning I have to say I was wrong in some earlier comments I made, having just started the book that day. Eric wasn’t missing in this book but what was there was pretty dark at times, the fighting with Pam, the secret he kept about QOK and of course, Bitegate! I know why these last 2 weren’t my favorites….I hate too much angst! I’m a sissy and can’t handle it, the doubts the worries the “we’ll never make it, we’ll all be killed”! My little alter ego loves to invent things to worry about in real life so when I’m reading or watching something that has too much angst in it……Well you can just imagine! My kids tease me all the time and call me Mrs. Weasly and tell me that my inner Mrs. Weasly clock drives them nuts at times-and they are all grown and out in the world. Anyway, I thought I owed it to anyone that read my earlier comments to correct and clarify what was a pretty negative view of the last couple books. I have taken the day off on May 7 to enjoy (I hope) the book in solitute and give time for a slow read without distractions or hurry. Hurry May 7th!

  6. […] to listen to a part from “Dead Ever After” (yes, from the final book)…we have a sneak peek for you to check […]

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