Farewell Sookie: Charlaine Reads DAAD – plus Tor.com rereads FDTW

chgollanczbooksWatch as the Maker, Charlaine Harris reads from “Dead As A Doornail” (DAAD) and shares her thoughts on the book, thanks to Gollancz Books.

Meanwhile…our friend Whitney over at Tor.com posted her review from her re-read of the series – this time covering “From Dead To Worse” (FDTW).

You can check both of them out below.

Let’s see which part of DAAD Charlaine choose to read…

Yay…an Eric scene! Loved this scene for two reasons…one; because Sookie proved to herself that she’s clever enough to handle her problems herself, which shows how much she’s matured in the series. Two; because of the sexy scene between Eric and Sookie that happened right before Eric was knocked out by the rock which Mickey threw.

I find it interesting that True Blood decided to use the character of Salome too – although they used the character in a completely different way.

Now, let’s fast-forward to FWTF and Tor.com’s review of the book.

You can read the review here.

From-Dead-to-WorseWhat are our favorite parts of the review?

…such as the blood bond. That is certainly quite the stumbling block in Sookie’s relationship with Eric! Sookie struggles with feeling absurdly happy when Eric is near, and peaceful. She can’t tell what is from the blood bond, and what is from her legitimate feelings for him. When that fake patrolman tries to shoot her, Sookie is glad when Eric drinks him, happy that he has the blood he needed, and furious that the were tried to hurt Eric. She believes she wouldn’t react that way without the blood. But is that true? Aside from being lovers, Sookie and Eric are friends of a sort, and she certainly cares for him. Eric almost died in the last book, but Sookie saved his life, risking her own. When Sookie tries to blame that on the blood bond, he says “That’s not why you came to wake me, first of all, the day the hotel blew up.” Touché, Eric. The blood bond wouldn’t cause that level of self-sacrifice.

Sookie continues to develop the strength and surprising ruthlessness she has developed over the course of recent events. After Eric kills the fake patrolman, she says “I didn’t know where he’d put the body, and I realized that I didn’t really care. A year ago it would have torn me up, leaving a body behind as we sped away along the interstate. Now I was just glad it was him and not me who was lying in the woods. I was a terrible Christian and a decent survivalist.” I don’t know that she has to be one or the other, but Sookie survives through everything. She’s lucky, but she’s also a fighter.

We couldn’t agree more…the blood bond needed to be broken, as we’ve said many times too. And we too think they have a genuine love and friendship between them. We think the more the series goes on, the more we see Sookie as a fighter and survivalist too.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts below.

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4 comments on “Farewell Sookie: Charlaine Reads DAAD – plus Tor.com rereads FDTW

  1. Why am I all of a sudden dreading this last book? I so want the HEA that we all want, but now I’m not so sure that we will get it. God I hate having second thoughts. How many more days til the release? Damn it!

    • I’ve been dreading this book since I read Deadlocked, but I have no intention of even reading it until I know it ends well.

  2. Oh, I’m going to read it. I’m just hoping I’m not going to be disappointed. I’m so don’t want her relationship with Alan Ballsack to have influenced her in any way.

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