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Actor Lars Slind, who is playing the “faerie warrior” in an upcoming episode of True Blood  has posted a couple of photos from location on his Instagram page. Spoilery pics are below:

Spoiler sign

The first is a location pic from Lake Piru, showing what looks like a lakeside settlement (straw huts)


And the second pic, the actor describes as his family.


So it looks like whatever conflict this warrior is involved in will either take place a long, long time ago, or in another (faerie) dimension. The Niall flashback could be a good bet.  Sookie will probably be sitting this one out and letting her ancestors take center stage.

Source – Larsslind


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8 comments on “Spoiler Location Pics – True Blood Faerie Warrior

  1. Between y’all me and B, we should start a PI Agency.

  2. I don’t know, but to me, it just seems like a waist of good Eric and Sookie time

  3. I know nothing about ths persons acting so that being said I doubt they hired someone that can’t act however it looks like visually they tried to come up with someone that is a blonde version of Alcide. To A: add some variety to the harem that has become Sookie’s love life. Or B: try to finally find someone that will knock Eric from the # 1 spot for her affections since last season was a joke with Billith. I doubt however that fans will be as easily distracted or placated from their dissatisfaction regarding lack of Eric and Sookie progression… progression shoot screen time for that matter and now with two less episodes for the season I personally struggle to remain optimistic.

    • No one could ever take Eric’s place, but this isn’t the guy who is her supposed love interest next season.

  4. Another character again . When is it gonna stop . What is going on ? i have a feeling this will be less time for Eric not being together with Sookie . Too much going on . Are they seriously trying to run this show in the ground ? If Sookie don’t want Eric send him to me.

  5. This faerie stuff is getting LAME. I see no dramatic or useful purpose for adding these new characters. I’ll be reading your posts before watching the episodes. That way, I won’t regret wasting a full hour of nonsense.

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