New Clip from “What Maisie Knew”


Here’s a new (and very cute) clip from Alex’s movie, “What Maisie Knew” – which opens on May 3rd in the US!

Alex and Onata’s characters are drawing with crayons while her mother (Julianne Moore) watches from a recording booth!

You can watch this clip below.

Seriously…how cute are these two together? Awww….

I couldn’t resist taking some screencaps from this clip – as well as there are a few gifs too (I didn’t make those). Check ’em out in the gallery below.

Gifs courtesy of enjoydivisions.tumblr.com and marvelandwhimsy.tumblr.com

I guess we better get our ovaries checked after watching THIS movie…


What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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7 comments on “New Clip from “What Maisie Knew”

  1. She is s witch in this movie. I mean she practically hires his character to marry her so she has a chance of keeping her kid but then treats him like dirt when he tries to treat her daughter with a little love and kindness.

  2. that clip alone says how much of a selfish bitch mom is…

  3. I thought the same things but I was more enamored with Alex/Lincoln interaction With Onata/Mazie. They are very believable in their characters and play off of each other very naturally. It is going to be a very powerful movie and I feel like I’d better have a whole bunch of tissues with me to go see it.

  4. Can’t wait to see it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it comes near me. On another note, at the end there I thought he was going to bite that crayon! LOL!

  5. I really hate women who get jealous when the men they love, just love their children – I guess that is why she says, “you don’t get points for making her fall in love with you”. Well, who would not fall in love with that daddy? I CAN NOT wait to see this movie, alot of you have been talking about Disconnect and I can see why, but of his three movies coming out – I can’t wait to see this one, I think I might have to bring some tissue to the theatre with me

  6. […] There’s a new clip from “What Maisie Knew” where Alex and Onata draw a picture using crayons. If your ovaries can handle it, check it out here! […]

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