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Farewell Sookie: ATD & Tor.com Rereads DAG

chgollanczbooksCharlaine Harris is saying “Farewell Sookie” in a series of videos, where she reads parts of each book – as well as sharing her own thoughts on each one – thanks to Gollancz Books.

This time she talks about her personal favorite (and mine), “All Together Dead”. Can you guess which part she read to us? I’ll give you a hint…it involves ERIC. ;)

We also wanted to share with you – Tor.com’s re-read of “Dead And Gone”, the 9th book in the series. Find out what they thought about the book, Eric and Sookie’s “wedding”, the Fae War and much more!

You can check out all of this below!

We’ll let the Maker speak first.

I, for one – LOVE this book and I’m REALLY happy (but not surprised) it’s Charlaine’s favorite too.  When Sookie saved Eric and Pam from the hotel in Rhodes is one of my favorite scenes too. Loved that she ended her reading on a high note (no pun intended) when Sookie realized Eric was flying.

Skipping ahead to Tor.com’s review of “Dead And Gone”…

dead and goneFirst, you need to read what Whitney said in her review of her re-read.

ReRead Book 9, Dead & Gone

What do we like the most in Whitney’s review?

The plots keep getting more and more intricate, don’t they? And Sookie progressively more battered with each book. Will Sookie’s experiences in this book be a turning point? Before, while Sookie certainly didn’t appreciate the death and destruction that’s been so much a part of her experience with the supernatural world, she did enjoy the excitement, adventure, and opportunities brought into her life. For once she was valued, and considered both normal and powerful. After the torture, Sookie says “I’d looked at death too closely—close enough to see all the pores in Death’s face—and I’d suffered too much. I wouldn’t bounce back this time.” Eric, at least, has a different perspective. He is proud of Sookie for being so strong—Lochlan and Neave have broken beings physically stronger than her, but she survived with her soul and personality intact. Only time will tell who is right, time that we’ll follow in the upcoming books.

True dat! We think Eric knows Sookie better than she knows herself. He knows she’ll eventually get through it, and at the time of this happening in the book…the pain and emotions are just too fresh for Sookie.

Sookie casually mentions to Sam that she’s married Eric, and Sam is horrified, and he’s equally displeased when he smells Eric on her skin. His reaction makes her angry, but can you blame him? Poor Sam, never makes a move at the right time. He’s certainly stuck in the friend zone, isn’t he?

In response to this, all I can say is…you snooze – you lose. If Sam can’t get his act together, that’s not Eric’s problem.

As for Eric, Sookie spends much of the book wrestling with the blood bond. Does the delight she feels in his presence come from the blood bond, or her feelings? Eric’s high-handedness is also a problem. As Sookie says, “I don’t doubt that you want what you think is best for me. And I don’t doubt that marches right along with what you think is good for you.” Touché. And where was Eric when Sookie was being tortured? He fought to defend her when the fairies attacked, but was nowhere to be seen when she was being tortured. This is explained in the next book, so I’ll give my comments then on whether it was a satisfactory excuse. And lastly, Sookie dreams of Eric at one point, and in her dream, he was human, sold real estate, and they walked together under the sun. Hm, what would Freud think of that?

I think Freud would think Sookie should grab on to Eric and not let go. Stand up and fight against any obstacle in their way and to stop blaming the blood bond (which sounds like Sookie is just looking for an escape, because her feelings are too powerful for her to comprehend).

What do you think? Would I make a good Freud?  :P Feel free to share any thoughts below.

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