If you don’t want to know – please don’t read below!

As some of you may know, DEA was released in Germany. While we do not know all details of what happened in the book, we know enough that what you may read will shock/disappoint/hurt our loyal friends.

If you would like to find out who Sookie’s HEA is…read this and weep…and we mean this quite literally.

Do whatever you want with this knowledge, but trust us when we say…you won’t like how it ends. We’re truly sorry to share this disappointing news with you – but we thought you should be well-informed.

Feel free to vent, rant and share your feelings in the comments below.

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166 comments on “SPOILER ALERT! DEA’s HEA Revealed

  1. OMG… worst ending ever… ever… DEAD EVER BORING…

    I feel so cheated!!!

  2. What the HELL!!! I am pissed. Not reading…

  3. I have no words at this time but trust me when I say that an EPIC post will be forthcoming soon!

  4. Sam! seriously come on . I can’t believe it . I am so upset right now . I guess on the show Sookie didn’t love Eric that deep either . Now i don’t feel him & her will be together on the show either . I lost hope for them both now . Sorry but i am venting . What a waste ? Love Sam but not for her . All that dragging in the books building up our hopes on this series . I will always love Book 4 . I love that one . I still feel Sookie & Eric belong together .

    • I normally buy HBO whenever the season comes on…..I’m seriously reconsidering buying it now with this knowledge. I love Alexander but it is so disappointing to think that Mrs. Harris would let her readers down like this? Really what was she thinking? Perhaps she likes cruel jokes?

      • I honestly never liked her much, but I had even less hope of them ending up together on the show. It seems we’ll be getting screwed by both.

      • the nice thing about the series is that it hardly ever strictly follows the book. I am hoping for many years of True Blood on Hbo where Sookie and Eric rule!!!!

  5. So, not going to be buying this book… I truly hope this is a fake-out, but I very much doubt it.

  6. I still find this hard to believe, why would they just reveal the ending like that? We read some of the Coda and it did not seem that she ended up with Sam, I won’t bother reading it now for sure, but I hope someone in here does to tell us if it’s really true.

    • The reason why they revealed just the ending…is because it’s what everyone wanted to know the most. Everything else is filler…

  7. That is some fucked up shit! Why would CH do this to all the loyal fallowers of the Sookie books ….Eric and her had a great love affair he knew her better than anyone and they really loved each other so why would you do this Ms. Harris? People feels betrayed by this buying these books falling in love with Eric and Sookie and to end it like this is disgusting and I wouldn’t waist a scent on reading anout Sookie horrible HEA

  8. I had started preparing myself for this after reading Dead Reckoning and Deadlocked, but I am not prepared. I thought that at least Eric would leave Sookie for her own good, but it looks like he’s done her wrong. I am dissapointed.

  9. I’m with you guys!!! I will not waste another hard earned dollar to buy this last book if this is totally true either. Someone from this website has to read it first and let us know if this is true. If it is, I will not ever invest my time or money into any more od CH books.

    I am totally numb from shock right now. I will write more in the forum in a few days when I have my thoughts together.

  10. we sure this isn’t a hoax??? people like to be amusing like this……….

    • We’re 100% positive this isn’t a hoax, unfortunately. This comes from a very reliable source…sorry. :(

      • Well, I hope CH hides under a rock then, no one is going to bother reading her crap again. I feel like I’ve wasted so much time with these books, fan fiction is better.

        • You’re not alone, Tammy.

          Do you remember that interview CH had before DL was released? It was when she visited Canada…she mentioned then, that she was going to run for cover after the last book…I guess we know why now.

          • At least she knows she probably made a stupid mistake, all she did was screw herself over.

          • She did say she couldn’t please everyone. So apparently she decided to please the smallest percentage…and that’s behind Alcide in full on asshole packmaster mode and icky Book Bill. Way to burn the village to save it Charlaine!

          • I agree – and what a small percentage it is! Has anyone actually read ANYTHING positive about this ending at all? Anywhere? Is there a pro-Sam board somewhere having a party right now?

        • Seriously now,,,fanfiction is way better….atleast in those we don”t have to mess up the extraordinary and settle for the ordinary :(

          • I’ve honestly read fan fictions that are so much better than the books, good riddance.

          • Tammy, Do you know some good fanfiction authors. My favorite is queenhaq but I’m caught up with her at the moment and would like some suggestions :)

          • That is the reason I for one, will not be reading the final book….I do not want the characters butchered in this way and wipe out all the good times I’ve had reading about them…I really fell in love with Eric though…pity he didn’t get much out of the whole drama :(

          • I would suggest Makesmyheadspin, I’ve read pretty much all of her stories.

  11. I can’t believe a hunk like eric would be treated as a filter. This is f#ING SICK.

  12. I would really like to hear CH’s reasonings for this decision. I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut and CH is somewhere getting some sick giggle from letting her fans down this way.

  13. I have always thought that is how it would end because although she had grown throughout each book she was always at heart a small town girl who only wanted to lead a boring life. While I’m not totally disappointed I think I’ll pass on this book.

  14. for a series about vampires and focused on a vamp for so long, this is rather a kick in the face. i’m reading of people cancelling their orders all over the place. methinks this will not bode well. she’s thrown out hints about the HEA like ‘i thought it was obvious’ for a while now. has ANYONE thought sam was obvious???

    • nope. But you already know my thoughts on this…

    • It wasn’t obvious at all. I’m glad people are cancelling their orders, serves her right.

    • it didn’t surprise me, I was in such denial. But realizing that she would do anything for sam,( go to his wedding, use the CD etc.) this really sucks. Now she wants us to buy a small book that gives more sookie/sam info. NO THANK YOU!!!

    • No, to me the build-up between Eric and Sookie was obvious. Sam was always just the scurfy/scruffy friend-slash-tool in the background.
      CH spent soooo many books growing Eric’s character from ‘monster” to “lover”….and then goes and pulls THIS shite? Srsly? Geez.
      Punch in the gut.

      • Precisely! Sam’s been so one dimensional and Eric’s been the one she took pains to define and have grow. To create a character that’s popular to the point of beloved and become kinda iconic and then go “Uhm, sorry but I don’t quite know what to do with you so I’m sidelining you. Buh-bye.” Ugh! 

    • No it was not obvious to this reader. If CH truly believes this then she her narrative is far too subtle for my teeny tiny mind to comprehend

  15. That’s suck. I was hoping she ends up with Eric in the last book,but I have to read book 6 to 9. But I am going to skip last books.

    Don’t give up on hope, there’s always there True Blood. There’s might be hope for us Eric and So okie fans,because we all known the show and books are different.

    • I have even less hope with True Blood.

    • Bill will be the HEA on True Blood. We all know this.

      • I think so too. It doesn’t help that Stephen Moyer is directing a lot of the episodes going forward either. Plus with him being martied to Anna you know they will sway the show in their direction.

        • Not necessarily. Now that Allan “oh my God I have a crush on Bill” Ball is no longer running the show, there is a more friendly Eric writer in place I believe. I have a feeling we’ll have a Sookie dead or alone ending personally……

        • If that was the case, I doubt they would have given us Billith. I still say there’s no coming back from that.

  16. i doubt TB will give us what we want’ they’ve bypassed other good stuff before…….

    • On TB Sam will not be the HEA but I still thiink the writers will end Sookie up with Bill….because the actors got married in real life still shapes the show. Eric is the best one for her and he loves her the best but I don’t have faith in the writers to do the right thing ….like we hoped CH would do! Instead she just lost alot of fans for her books

  17. I knew from the last book, it would be Sam! She’s really disappointed me and I know that there’s a lot of you are too! I’m just so disappointed that it’s Sam, that really SUCKS!

  18. I’m so disappointed, I can’t believe that it’s Sam! This totally SUCKS!!!!!! It should had been ERIC! What a disappointment!

  19. -I am so angry I’m a big fan of the show and I literally bought the first seven books TODAY to get started and I am team Eric all the way! But now I don’t want to invest time in readying them if that is how it ends. I have heard so much praise for the series with Eric and sookie but I’m not going to entintionally cause pain to my self if that’s how it goes down!

    I’m very disappointed.

  20. FU CH. jsyk, I usually buy the ebook, hard copy and audible versions and I am canceling ALL OF MY ORDERS. That’s over $80 of revenue loss just from me. So go hide under your rock because I will NEVER buy another one of your books!

  21. Well, money talks , at least to CH, as I guess she just built up E/S to prolong the books, since she’s stated she has know the ending since book 2. So she had Sookie take the easy way out and made Eric an ahole that wants to keep Sookie on the side! Outrageous! I guess CH got her HEA, but poor Sookie certainly didn’t get hers!
    CH will never get 10 cents from me again
    I don’t think she’ll end up with Sam on the show-that would be too expected and they won’t end it the same as CH just for that reason, if nothing else.

    • I am hoping you are right Trubie35! I am seriously hoping you are right….

    • I agree with you Trubie35! but I just hope its not Bill she ends up with on TB.

      • I’ve always thought Sookie would end up with no one on the show or they would kill her off on the last show, or maybe end it like AB did 6 feet under and show how everyone finally dies. Hopefully it wont be some crazy ending , such as this has all been a dream, or the thoughts of a crazy person. Maybe they’ll surprise everyone and she’ll go off into the sunset with Eric!
        I can dream…….

        • HBO should learn from the fallout from this. I hope so. I suspect the show finale will be left open ended though, since I think there’s still hopes of a follow up movie. Hopefully E/S will be together at the end of the television series, or at least there’s still potential for them to end up together, in case a TB film never happens though. 

    • Sookie was done wrong as well I agree. Ending up with Sam for any length of time is not fair to Sookie. I find it really OOC of Sookie in light of all her declarations of love for Eric. What was Sam doing in the second book? I believe he was letting his little doggie tail chase after a Maenad in the woods of Bon Temps and having sex with her. Sookie got the shaft and so did Eric because they were both OOC.

      • It feels like she’s trying to tack on an original ending that just doesn’t fit any more. If she wanted to use an ending she decided on so long ago she should’ve plotted it better and had it feature as more than just a background nod. Even Sam fans can’t feel pleased because it’s so rushed and indifferent. She basically let Eric’s character and the Sooric relationship take over, and the books get away from her, then reverted back. It’s just badly executed writing. If she thinks it’s a twist it isn’t. It’s just lame. 

        Kick in the teeth to loyal fans too, who’ve invested time and money and heart into these books. We evolved with the books but apparently CH didn’t and just went with the cop out, pat ending that she decided on in book 1 it seems…’cause that’s the last time I remember any real Sookie/Sam romantic potential. 

  22. I still wonder if this could be a prank. Let us hope so. If it is true then it is a death knell to the entire SVM/TB world. Nobody cares about Sam and Sookie but I can’t see people writing FF indefinitely about Eric & Sookie now. I also don’t know where this will put TB. It was never very book centric but it is so Bill loving that I can guess where that one will go. If true the pre order wil be cancelled and I am also sending a message to CH’s own website letting her know how disappointed I am if this is real. I’m just really bummed right now. I think I need some Askars/Viking time.

    • As a writer in the FanFiction, This is what FanFiction is for. There will be stories still. Shoot. There is one Shipping in another area that ended up getting it’s own site for it’s FanFiction because the shipping was more popular than how the series ended up. It’s what FanFiction is for. To write your own version. I expect that there will be more stories to correct this stupidity. Shoot, there are stories out there that are better than hers from what I hear! I got into it from TB FanFiction. I hope no one gives up, this will be more of a big fat finger to her on what the fans really wanted.

  23. Extremely disappointed and not because I am a ES shipper. I’m pissed because it just doesn’t make sense. I feel betrayed in that I was led down a certain path for the better part of 8 books, only to be completely blind sighted in the end.

    There had been no romantic inklings between the two since book 5, so this just doesn’t jibe. Also, Sookie truly loves Eric and that just isn’t something you get over in a few days.

    Bad bad bad.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to make that, which I think appropriately expresses how everyone is feeling today. I found out this news yesterday but it has only really hit me this morning. There is so much more I want to say right now but most of it would be totally inappropriate and I don’t want to tarnish the reputation and all the hard work our blog owner, Erika, has put in over the years. TEAM ERIC!!!!!!!

  24. OMG!!!!!!!!! What a waste of a series….. She’s had no great love affair with Sam. I won’t buy it. I’ve made up my own ending. How boring and ridiculous. Feel robbed and cheated. Don’t care what people say about it being too hard with a vamp… Sookie could have handled it. So wrong!!!!!!

  25. Hi and Good Morning. My name is Beate and I am from Germany. As far as I can see it: DEA will be released in Germany in English on May 7th and in German on September 1st…. ?!?

    • The girl who shared this with us ordered from a small bookstore. It arrived at her house 2 days later…not sure where this is exactly, but that’s all we know at this time.

      • Ah okay. This is very unusual… Normally there is no exception from the rule – launch nationwide or no launch. I’ve been working for many years for several publishing houses… Could you give me some more detail?

      • see that makes me raise an eyebrow even more. major bookstores don’t even have their stock yet. how can a tiny random bookstore have it?

        • It was an independent book seller who obviously did not follow the ‘do not release’ rule!

          • Yes but most places don’t even HAVE stock yet. And big chains get theirs first with teeny ones following later……

          • Sorry but I do believe this to be true.

          • i found a shop, which seems to have the book in stock. i just ordered it. i will see, what happens, but most likely, i presume, they send me an email to inform me, that it takes a few weeks to ship the book. do you know german booksellers? i can’t believe it, really, because germany is very restrictive in many ways.

          • It is unfortunately true, CH basically confirmed it on her page.

          • With as much respect to the Maker as I can possibly give at this moment, she cannot be that clueless as to think that the reason people are upset is because it was ruined by being spoiled early, The reason it was ruined was because she her self ruined it with all the OOC. You see I handle Eric and Sookie not being together but what what I cannot handle is the way it went down. I have so much more to say but it will have to wait for another day.

      • Beate,
        It’s available at Thalia.de which is not a real small retailer. Thalia released the Sookie books early in the last years as well so this is not really a surprise to me. Amazon Germany also sent out JR Ward’s latest Blag Dagger book approx. 2 weeks prior to official release date and it almost always happens with the new books from Jeaniene Frost as well.

  26. Yep it sucks and not in a good way. Its just makes no sense to me. Obviously I haven’t read the whole book (and base on the HEA I don’t know if I will), but Sookie’s HEA is lukewarm and unappetising. CH won’t be getting another $$ from me. Plenty of other writers out there who deliver much more satisfying narrative. She’s shot herself in the foot and given the fans the finger. Honestly…..

  27. now i’m really curious. why should the book be released in germany first? i’m from germany, and i know nothing about an release, on every page i’ve found the release date may 7th. i truly cannot believe this!

  28. I highly doubt she’ll end up with Billy boy,because I think HBO knew what we want and don’t want to disappointed us fans,not like Gay Al and Charlene Harris did. That’s why HBO fired his and his progeny Mark`s a**es,because they were f**king kissing Anna and Steve`s a**es. So HBO replaced Mark with Brian Buckner,he`s a mega fan of Eric and probably he got a mega plan for what store for Eric than instead they didn’t kill him off. But as Long they didn’t make him as a**hole to Sookie,I will be ok with it.

    Let really really hope we’ll get a Eric and Sookie HEA on the show.

  29. what a slap in the face to the fans!! I don’t plan on buying this book or any other book she plans to write. I feel betrayed and stupid…because obviously I just read 12 books and didn’t understand any of it!! I am done with CH.

  30. I am in a minority but I am extremely pleased – I was always going to buy the book as I have such love for Sookie even though I thought I knew her HEA was Eric. I went off Eric after Dead And Gone and never liked him since – hence my absence from this site for quite a while. Sorry if my delight ruffles feathers here but I am ecstatic!!!! :)

    • For me John,it is not what was done but the manner in which it was done. I am glad you are pleased but as it is appears to me, Sookie was done wrong and she deserved more than what she got in the end. It was all too OOC for me,just like the last couple of books but this was so much worse. I withheld my true thoughts back but not anymore. I love Sookie but she got shafted in certain areas and that is where my problem lies.

      • You mean shafted by Charlaine Harris? I do agree with you that despite me liking her HEA she deserves better than she has had and I’m not just referring to her love interests – her life was shit before Bill walked into the bar and nearly all the nasty shit that happened to her can be traced back to his arrival in Bon Temps – one person that did fuck her up big time is Bill and I still hate the fucker.

        Maybe it’s because he’s just an ordinary guy that gets the girl for once or because he’s a shape shifter I don’t know but I’ve always liked him and I don’t think anybody will dispute that he loves Sookie.

        In the unlikely event that you feel she was shafted by Eric then I have to agree with you. You’ve seen my posts on Ms Harris site so I won’t bore you again with my reasons for disliking Eric.

        Thanks for your gladness in me being pleased – I’m very sad that people are saying they won’t now buy the book having followed Sookie’s journey from the start because of the ending. That is a sad state of affairs.

        • John,yes she was shafted by her own maker. To be honest even the semi-HEA she gave to Sam can be taken away, *snaps fingers* just like that. It is one of them, will they or won’t they really be together type of things. It is not the way it ended that bothers me so much as the manner in which it was done. She did not give Sookie a choice in what happened, it was all done in the blink of an eye and Sookie just had to accept it. It is in this way that Eric got shafted as well because most of his choices were taken away as well. He was literally powerless and Sookie and him deserved better than that, given that past narratives the author gave about them.

          I will not buy the book because I can not longer trust the author, it appeared to be lazy, sloppy writing that was thrown together at the 11th hour and we as readers deserved better. I never understood your dislike of Eric but I do respect it and I would be glad if you can respect my opinion. Believe me when I say it was all too OOC for me.

  31. If you say that you 100% trust the source, then I believe that the source is being honest. What I don’t trust is what they actually read. Somehow the details sound sketchy and the situation unlikely. Look at some of the quality fan fiction out there. There are several FF authors who are very skilled at writing just like CH. More and more I’m wondering if someone has created knock off DEA’s as an epic prank/sceme.

    I’m not going to stress until there is some sort of official confirmation/denial. That said, I’m still concerned enough that I’m also not going to buy the book until you guys review it! That “hide under a rock” comment is giving me a sick feeling in my stomach now. Worst case, I just keep reading FF and treat DEA (DL and bitegate too while we’re at it) like I treat X-Men 3, IT NEVER HAPPENED.

  32. I got to meet Mrs. Harris two years ago and I asked her if people would be happy with this ending and she said I don’t think so! She went into a little detail about how this ways the right way for the book! Also if many readers remember Sookie always said that she would never turn Vamp so Sam was the only other smart choice! Now with that said I’m not happy at all I wanted Sookie to be with Eric like everyone else! But I’m not mad that I got to read all the books from this series and she made me love the whole world of Sookie Stackhouse! Sad to see it end sad to see Sookie with Sam! O one more thing there is a book coming out later this year and you get to see what happens to everyone after the last book! It called After Dead out in Oct so maybe it gives more detail.

    • We read a little from After Dead and it gave no indication that Sookie was with Sam, so this leaves me even more confused. I think I’m just done, anyway. With her responses, she’s made it very clear that she just doesn’t care what we think. Sam is settling, they’re not in love with each other. She gave Sookie a very boring ending if you ask me, one I have no intention of reading.

  33. Sitting here staring at my screen in a state of shock. I’m hoping that this is in fact some type of scam, but have a sinking feeling about it. The prologue that was released was so good, but this latest information feels just like being kicked in the stomach. So at a minimum, I’m waiting for your review. And if what has been reported is true, I won’t be buying this book. And I imagine a lot of fans won’t.

  34. I am just hysterically laughing at this point….what a kick in a ball…I wasn’t expecting romantic E/S ending, sailing into the sunset thing…no…but I wanted it to make sense..maybe have it open ended and let a reader make up their own mind…like Gone with the Wind for example ….this really sucks! Don’t think I’ll bother reading this book now and will never recommend this series to my friends

  35. BTW …I don’t think there is any doubt now that the spoiler is not true….I read comment from a reliable source by a person who hadn’t many pages left of the book and it’s all true and disappointing

  36. CH is deleting all the comments from her FB page that have anything to do with the spoiler. Especially the comments that say they cancelled their order.

    What a freaking sell out! I guess it’s all about the $$$. Spread the word so that sales nose dive. She doesn’t deserve our money!

    • If it’s all about the money, you’d think she would have been smarter with the ending. I guess my comment got deleted over there.

  37. i’ve emailed several gossip websites and even ET. see if an answer can’t be found if this is truly a hoax or not…………..

  38. I cancelled my book order I’m DONE, SMH

  39. It’s not that I dislike Sam as a character, but I just always thought they were good friends, like brother and sister without any romantic spark there. In real life, I suppose that kind of relationship could evolve into something more, but after all the years they’ve known each other and the situations they’ve been in and through together it seems like it would have happened before now if it was going to happen for them. Also, I’m questioning whether or not I wanted the HEA with Eric because he’s the one that I like and not that he’s the best one for Sookie. She is not my favorite character and I’ve questioned her decisions for a few books now. Maybe we should look at this from a different perspective and say that Sookie didn’t deserve such a complex and wonderful character like Eric, and he needed someone who was worthy of him. I think he was too much for Sookie to handle, and he deserves someone that can keep up with him, She obviously cannot. I don’t mean to Sookie bash, because I have enjoyed the stories, but perhaps Sam is all she’s capable of dealing with in her life. Eric is WAY out of her league and always has been. Maybe Eric should have his own spin-off series – now THAT is something I would stand in line to buy when it came out!

  40. Charlaine Harris KNEW what/WHO everyone SOOKIE to end up with.
    Most fans wanted her to end up with the Viking Prince,Eric Northman.
    Having her end up with Sam is like saying she’s going to fuck her brother
    Jason~ if this was the ending she gave us then she should have kept
    Sookie a spinster & not had her end up with ANYONE!!!
    I’ve been ROBBED~ I’ll stick with my FANFICTION “LATE” at least there
    I can dream & envision Sookie living happily with Eric & their Children!!!

  41. IF I ever met Charlaine Hatrris I’d TELL her to her face what a stupid fool she was
    FOR ending the series/books THIS WAY. She knew what & WHO the fans wanted
    She said she wrote a “Mystery”~Mystery my ass, the books were a LOVE STORY
    between a Vampire Prince & a Fairy Barmaid!!
    Give the fans what they want!!! Having the book end this way like throwing a huge
    vat of ice cold water on a raging fire!!!! IT”S STILL SMOLDERING.
    AND BURNING~ Sookie & SAM will NEVER be really happy!!!!

  42. Not surprised one bit. Always had that feeling. I’m not mad, I understand it.

    • Mad is now the word to describe how we all feel and by we I do not mean Eric Sookie shippers, I mean most fans feel duped and I cannot blame at all. Sam even getting a shot at Sookie would have been understood of there had been a set up but there was not. It is not about who she did not end up with, it is more about the manner in which everything was done. There is more to this than the man she is with. Sookie deserved better than what she got in the end.

  43. It’s supposed to be about Vamps!!
    The southern vampire mysteries???? Neither Sam nor Sookie are Vampires!!
    I feel like I wasted all my time reading this crap! If it weren’t for Eric Northman character, I would be setting all the books on fire!! No vampire ending??? Wtf???

  44. I knew it was Sam but hoped it was Eric. CH did the same thing in the Auroura Teagarden series. Auroura married the Eric equivalent (older, dangerous, had hot sex), then he died, and her HEA was a friend/former love that saved her in previous books.

    • I can see what you are saying but fans were not happy with that outcome either so why would she do it again? IMO, this was worse than that because of the how of it. She is mad that it was leaked and sorry that it was ruined for people she is not realizing that she is the one who ruined it.

      • I agree. Auroura went on to “unexpently” become pregnant when the whole time she written as a women who couldn’t have children. See the paralels? I had a feeling Sookie would have the same type of “what?” ending. Another hint was in the Sookie Stackhouse Companion book, pg 290 “Charlaine outraged many readers with the death of the heroine’s husband. This was the first of many indications that Charlaine would write her books according to her vision and her vision alone.”

  45. CH facebook page has a post regarding leak. It is not a hoax.

  46. Well, I’ve wreaked enough havoc on CH facebook page; I think I’ll call it a day. I’m sure it will all get deleted but it was fun for a while. Geez, and I was soooo looking forward to May 7th. :( :( :(

  47. I will still read it, but with a bottle of wine to help with the hearbreak. In a way I am glad I found out now, because otherwise I would of probably broken a window with a flying book. I have a two copies coming my way: A Nook copy and the expensive ‘collector’s’ edition. I will put the last copy SSN next to the other books and say goodbye, right nexted to a signed copy by CH for a Auroura Teagarden book.

  48. Hey guys, just saw a post from Skarsgardfans on tumblr that made me stop and think…hey, what a great idea!! She says why don’t we all channel our rage and disappointment into good by donating the money we would have spent buying the last book to the charity of your choice. Could be one of the charities the TB actors supports or something like Sandy Hook elementary. Just thought I’d mention it.

    • What a great idea!! Thank you for sharing :-) I know several animal shelters you desperately seek money for so many cats and dogs in need. That will turn things into something positive :-)

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