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Well it’s been a completely crappy week but thanks to True Blood’s Eric Northman we can at least end it with a smile on our faces.

Here is the newest “Waiting Sucks”, and yes, it’s The Viking!

This scene is from episode 3 and Eric is on a mission to find out what his newest nemesis,  The Governor, is up to, and he’s going to use his daughter to get  information. Did he kidnap her from the Governor’s mansion in her nightdress? Who cares, as long as he gets what he needs and comes out on top of the situation!

Seriously could he be any sexier ?




Screen caps courtesy of Skarsgardfans

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100% Truebie & Team Eric until the end.

28 comments on “Waiting Sucks – ERIC F%&KING NORTHMAN

  1. That’s our Viking, calm one second, and then bringing out the fangs the next. I knew that wasn’t Nora, she would not have worn that dress.

  2. Thanks Evie for kinda cheering me up by posting this. I’m still kinda numb from the crappy book news of this week. I’m glad to see that Eric is up to his ol’ self, bringing the badass out to play. I was also glad to see that the scene played out in Fangtasia ’cause we haven’t seen Eric in there for a long time it seems.

    I hope that season 6 of TB isn’t going to end as badly as CH’s books, cause what I read is true, I’m not reading another word of what that woman writes, last book included….

    • It’s so good to see Eric being Eric, and I’m very happy he is back at Fangtasia.

      I think an entire fandom is in mourning right now – I wish they hadn’t released this today actually, I don’t think Alex’s hard work and amazing portrayal will be fully appreciated in the current climate. And yes, I suspect everything you have heard about the book is true, every time I think it can’t get any worse, it does!

      Let’s all try to relax in June and watch Alex be awesome as Eric, it’s all we have left and I’m be damned if I’ll let them take that away from me :)

      • Alex’s portrayal luckily has nothing to do with the books, it’s very easy for me to accept them as two different universes now. I have no doubts that he will be awesome as always, and it is great to see him back at Fangtasia. The only thing to make this clip even better would be Pam standing behind him being her usual bad ass self.

      • Thanks Evie, I’m glad there are others who feel like I do that the ONLY thing I have left of Eric Northman is what TB is going to give us and to me, Alex will forever be in my heart as that character. I can separate Alex from him but EN is what totally convinced me to full in love with him even more so than when he played Brad in GK.

        I agree, its’ all we have left and damn them if they try and take him away from us!!!!
        Now looking forward to June more than ever……….

  3. I heard it`ll might get renew season if it gets really good ratings. I don’t known. I really hope so.

    I am really certain about the book will effect the ratings of the show. Or this season will draw more viewers because rather watch true blood than read a cr**py last book of Sookie book? Do you think it’s might help the show a lot because people turns down Dead Ever After?

    As long as the tb writers didn’t kill Eric or a bad guy.

    P.S. You guys should donate you guys` book money to help tb actors with Hurricane Sandy Animal Shelter. I think it’s really good.

    • I meant season 7 in 1st paragraph

    • Yes some of us are donating the money we would have spent on the book to charity. I believe Barbara at Skarsgard Fans came up with this great idea :)

      I don’t actually think the book will affect the show very much as the show is so different and also only 5% of people who watch TB also read the books, so a lot of viewers will be oblivious to the book storm.

  4. NOW this is INTERESTING!! Who is that girl? AND what does she know?
    What kind of experiements are they doing and Who’s doing them?
    Could it be other Vampires? Or is it FOTS Members?
    I’m getting really itchy~ this will help me get my mind off of Charlaine’s betrayal.

  5. This was the antidote I needed after that poison I swallowed from CH….as Evie said,,..Watching Skars as Eric Northman is about the only thing I have left….

    So who is this girl and what on earth is she wearing to Fangtasia :)…I agree it seems that Eric kidnapped her..bad boy that he is…
    .I am actually curious to see Bill’s clip ..I hope he is not the one leading the Authority ……Nora will probably play a big role in reorganizing vamps after last season’s carnage – her being ‘ political genious’ and all

    • We believe the girl is the Governor’s daughter, Willa. It looks like she was probably on her way to bed when she got somehow distracted and ended up at Fangtasia. Not a bad place to spend the evening in your nightie :)

      Yep ,the Bilith clip will be interesting……(Let’s hope at least he’s had a bath and put some clothes on).

  6. Looks like the Viking is gonna be fighting some tough battles, but I know he is up for it – Eric Northman is BACK!!

  7. It wouldn’t matter if she had a dozen sitting at the publishers. THIS piece of sh!t was absolutely her last. I haven’t heard anything positive about it. The scuttlebutt is, no one will ever buy any thing with her name on it again. I’ve bought everything she’s written, recommended her books on social networks and groups. I prayed for Bill to meet the final death. Well, that didn’t happen. It was a stretch but I hung in there still a devoted fan. As goofy as it sounds, I feel totally betrayed. I doubt if she will ever see this but if she does …. I’ve read fan fiction a hell of a lot better than ANYTHING she turned out. Ya think the old girl realizes she FU?

    • She has to know by now, but the woman is obviously very stupid.

      • I wouldn’t say she’s stupid…she just doesn’t care what her largest fan base thinks and she will write her story her way. Unfortunately for her…it will mean losing lots of money, which we know she greatly enjoys earning.

    • I most definitely think CH knows what she did to us and she doesn’t care.

      • I bet she’ll care when that bank balance starts going south. I mean really, what would it have hurt to give us an ending with Eric staking Bill, take a VERY LONG shower afterward, lay some kinky pipe and ride off, shirtless, into the night with Sookie. Hell, I wouldnt care who it was.

  8. The man in pure sex. LOL The Eric waiting sucks promo couldn’t have come at a better time! A sight for sore eyes that’s for sure.

  9. Doh! I just realized episode 3 is called “Abducted”, Double Doh! I am very slow this week :)

  10. I love this man more and more. I believe in season 7!

  11. Thanks Evie
    Woohoo, Viking Vampire God is back!

  12. This looks good. Can’t wait to see my viking in action again.

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