The Winds of Change

298011_10201273446625223_1464204682_nThis may not come as an absolute shock…we’ve been meaning to do this anyways only we were planning on informing you at a later date. In light of the recent DEA spoilers, we felt we should do this now and get it out of the way with – so you will know what to expect from us at Eric & Sookie Lovers in the future.

Since the Sookie Stackhouse Novels will soon be coming to an end, we will be shifting the majority of our focus in a new direction. This direction will have to do with Alexander Skarsgård and his projects – including playing Eric Northman; as well as Anna Paquin and her projects – including playing Sookie Stackhouse – who as you know are our favorite characters and couple on True Blood.

Don’t worry…we will still have our many popular features such as; Caption This, Bloody Predictions, True Blood Fangcaps, and Just My Fangpinions, plus many other features you enjoy.

Alex on Live with Regis and Kelly

However, we will be turning away from the books as well as the author, Charlaine Harris.

We will still have one final post about the book series because we were highly invested – but it won’t be in the same manner you are accustomed to seeing from us. We feel betrayed and let down on so many levels and we will shout that out to the rooftops.

In the meantime, you will still be able to navigate the blog as per usual, but since our focus will now change…links and features related to the books and Charlaine Harris will be taken down after May 7th. The forum will remain unchanged – for now.

We will always love Eric and Sookie together…and we always will. We are excited about this change because we will continue to bring you the same things you’re accustomed to – only missing certain things.


Hope you will still come by and visit us after these changes take effect!

*CHEERS* Here’s to a bright and new future!

About Erika

The owner/administrator of Eric & Sookie Lovers and All About Vikings. A writer, blogger and avid reader. Favorite shows and books include; True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Sons of Anarchy, the Black Dagger Brotherhood, the Night Huntress series, Once Upon A Time, Vikings and Game of Thrones. Motto is: KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)! Most people tell me I have a way with words. My second language is "sarcasm". Hope you enjoy your visit!

65 comments on “The Winds of Change

  1. So…not so much “changing” as “growing”, eh? Sounds good to me! Good luck with it, and I look forward to seeing what y’all become next.

  2. I will always continue with Eric and Søøkie Lovers, and am looking forward to the changes.

  3. I expected no less.. long live our Viking and Telepathic Barmaid! Kudos to all you guys!

  4. Once I found you and your awesomness, I will never go away. You guys are freaking awesome and I look forward to your information. I agree with you on the feeling of betrayal from CH. I think you are just giving us more of what we love. Here’s a toast to you and your future!!

  5. I’ve been so disappointed in the direction of both the books and the show, I definitely agree it’s time for a change!

    I know I haven’t posted on here in forever, but I have been following along with things. With all my disappointment in TB and the SSN/SVM, I’m highly invested in a new book series of my own and haven’t had much time to hang out around here.

    Long live ericandsookielovers.com and bring on more ASkars!!! ;)

    • *waves* Hi Mel! Long time to see! :) Yes, we haven’t had much to cheer about have we? We can’t go wrong with ASkars either. ;)

  6. Any chance we can get Deborah Court to give us a more deserving ending? I suggested it on her FB page, but I have never been so disappointed in an author before. In only one book, she managed to ruin the entire series. I really hope she’s proud of herself, but my love for this site isn’t going anywhere. Good riddance to bad rubbish, and all that rot.

  7. Yep I’m staying!! Apparently CH is just a little miffed that Germany gave her ending away **snort** She posted on her website and I read it on The Vault too… Think she’s scared of loosing a lot of her book sales? Hum….. one would think. This just saved me some money for sure. I love this site and WE ALL LOVE ASkars, so let’s get it on sista’s from other mista’s!!

  8. So disappointed with this site. You might have mentioned that people who hadn’t read spoilers for the book shouldn’t click on the post on facebook, because it contains the ULTIMATE SPOILER. Also, removing links to books we love and an author we love is outrageous and immature. There are 13 books in the series, not 1, and over 13 books Sookie and Eric grew together. Now that I (again, thank you) know for sure they’re not getting together, that doesn’t mean I love them less. I write tons of E/S fanfiction, reread the books, etc. And there’s the show to consider. No one wanted them together more than I do, but this is simply ridiculous. If only I could take back my last few clicks!!

    • I’m not sure what, exactly, this site has spoiled in terms of DEA. They mention being betrayed and let down, but that’s it. They don’t say why.

      Since spoilers to the book have been let out, I don’t think removing links to the books is immature. As a spoiler prude, I can tell you at this point I’d be avoiding ANYTHING and EVERYTHING on the interwebs having the slightest thing to do with Dead Ever After. For all you know, this site is doing the Spoiler Prudes a HUGE FAVOR.

      Check out Goodreads if you don’t believe me.

      Nothing in this post suggested that Sookie and Eric weren’t getting together (thank you for suggesting that to this spoiler prude). If that is, indeed, the case, then YOU, June, have just released the ULTIMATE SPOILER.

      If only I could have taken back my last few clicks and avoided this information…

      • Thanks Veronica – we debated for hours about how to post about the book leaks and in the end felt that our visitors should be given the option to read them if they wish. We put a huge spoiler warning on and then it is up to the individual. I actually believe that Ms Harris posting on her own FB page about the leak caused many more people to search them out than if she had just sat back and waited it out. Oh well, what goes around comes around as they say …………….

    • This is in reply to June, apologies as I’m not the first to reply ,it won’t sit directly under your comment.

      We are sorry you feel that way June, but like you, we have to do what we feel is right for us. The spoilers are all over the internet so you had done very well to avoid them until now. The books are over anyway so we would not have any new stuff to post about them and we are still following whatever happens to characters on the show through our TB recaps and news posts. We will always ship Sookie & Eric!

    • I am sorry that you fee that way June but we have given nothing away about the ending of the book in this post or any other. We just said we were highly disappointed and we feel betrayed. We have (especially Bee) invested a lot of time to celebrating the SVM. We already planned this before the ending of the book was revealed so I am not sure what you are on about. Once the series is over, why talk about it anymore? There is nothing to discuss. We will always love Eric and Sookie, no matter what.

  9. I have so many favorite Eric and Sookie scenes that I don’t want to read DEA for fear it tarnish the Eric I see when I read them in the future. I do, however, look forward to your take on the book when you get to it.

    Thank you for making waiting suck much less.

    Whatever you post, I will follow.

  10. Good move guys

  11. so happy to hear you say this….would hate to lose this site.,. this site has been our backbone for a long time now …i will love the changes. we deserve this….CH has betrayed us….let’s keep the focus on AS….thanks Erika for all your hard and wonderful work….i will always be a member of this site.

  12. So glad to hear that this site isn’t going anywhere. I love getting my daily fix of Viking goodness to keep me going. I was already dreading DEA to come out because of the series ending, but now I just don’t want to know about it. Happy to live in the world of fanfiction where Eric & Sookie will always be together. All the best to you all and keep up the great work of bringing us all things Askars!! xx

  13. I applaud and welcome the changes. Thank you.

  14. I support you all till end!

  15. Welcome to the changes :-)

  16. The focus changes make perfect sense. And after the DEA revelations, continuing a link to an author who apparently has no respect for her readers or the characters she created would be illogical. Your followers are like you, we will always be lovers of Eric and Sookie..

  17. You have a fantastic site and I will continue to enjoy it in the new direction. If the show can change and the books end up ina completely different direction, then your change of course is right on. Not going to bother getting the last book and not even sure I want to watch the new season, if only that I would miss out on the gorgeousness that is Alex.

  18. well i feel a sense of sadness but given all the crap i will still use this site for my news may the viking live on!

  19. Completely understandable ladies. Its been a great ride so far despite the gloom of the last few days. Looking forward to the new direction. There can never be too much Alex/Eric :)

  20. Erika:
    I LOVE that I’m going to still be able to talk about the Viking Prince!!!
    the more I think about what a certain author has done the more I get
    upsett~ thank god I won’t have to think about her with him.
    I LOVE the idea of talking about the Viking and his works.

  21. Looking forward to the changes. I hardly post here but I’m always on this amazing site.
    I wont be getting the new book.

  22. I agree with the idea of not supporting CH by dropping links to the books. But a lot of what we know and follow is based on them. Right now on the right side of my screen I am seeing Eric and Sookie Quotes. I don’t know if we can do w/o Yikes, Yahoo, Yum, Angelic Sookie, vision of love and beauty . . ., Yield to me . . ., Sookie my little bullet sucker . . . etc. These are the core of what and why we have loved them. I hate what that woman has done but I don’t think that we should deprive ourselves and any new site readers the opportunity to see why we cherish these two the way we have. Not referencing her is going to be like taking an American history class from the British point of view.

    • Thanks for your comment twtawny. I’ll pass your thoughts on the quotes to Erika as she is site owner.

    • Very true bwtawny…it would be like taking away the reasons why we love them so much. Not to mention, they’re a great way to introduce Eric and Sookie to new fans. I’ll tell you what…my staff and I will discuss it and see if we can come to some kind of solution. In my heart of heart’s though…I don’t want to give CH any more money, but we’ll talk about it and see…

      • hi erika,,, i just read the spoiler on book 13 on what ch does to eric….i went to a book signing a while back when i liked ch….she is arrogant and money hungry….she said to the crowd that AS is no eric northman and that she didn’t know what all the fuss was about that he was just a guy….you knew then that her deal with AB had somehow turned sour…she also mentioned how tb made her a lot of money and that is what it meant to her…..i walked out of that book signing disliking the women very much…it is like she is punishing the fans for loving e and s…..after that i became a fan of fanfiction and there are many wonderful better writers out there that do e and s justice….what about a segment on good fanfiction with a much needed ending to our beloved couple… ellie

        • Ugh, that just makes me glad even more to be done with her. I’ve never cared for the woman, there are much better authors out there.

  23. I love this site and always look to it first for new news.So thankful you are continuing on and I really don’t have any interest in CH activities anymore… but I sure do for AS!!

  24. I will not be going anywhere. I’m staying with you ladies and this site. I have come to think of all you at Eric and Sookie Lovers and all that comment as friends. I could never quit this. I look forward to all that is to come. Thanks for all the happy times in the past and I look forward to many more,

  25. changes are good… growth is good and i applaud you for not leaking anything. As for the leaks yeah it was tough for a few days not to see a post about it… Am i happy about it, no, will i read the last book, yes, because i want to read everything for myself. Am i unhappy with the outcome, most defiently but that does not mean i would spoil it for another. I will follow you girls until the site is taken down… there is a lot out there to post about so continue with a positive outlook and all will be fine. my respect and hugs Kristie

  26. I agree with what you are doing. Though I don’t always post, I do read and get your updates on my FB.. I am done with CH because I feel completely betrayed by her. When I think of all the years I took up for that woman after all the TB Bill lovers trashed her books all over the internet….it was always the Eric fans that took up for her. And all we got was a knife in the back..
    Anway, I am glad we will get a final post about DEA that will allow us to vent a little more.
    Eric and Sookie will aways be together in my heart and mind, but onward to the Viking!

    • well said emilyriene, totally agree with you. we kept her alive. the last few books in the series were boring as hell…but we stayed with her cause of eric and sookie…well that is over now….the worse part is …i have met CH…she doesn’t care she has made her money…and she will tell you that to your face…we, the eric and sookie fans made her rich..thank god for this wonderful site and all the work erika has done and fanfiction…the writers there will write a better ending to the series as they always have..good bye CH and good riddens.

      • Just wanted to let you know that I found an alt ending already on FF. Its’ by Texanlady (The Arrangement, etc.) and its’ called “Dead ever after the Right way”. Only 3 chapters so far, but I’m diggin’ it! I hope that now that the books are done, FF won’t die too. I enjoy reading the stories oh so much!!!!!

    • That is another reason I think a lot of us feel betrayed because we defended her when her books were trashed by that lot. They trashed her hard and it was the Sookie/Eric fans that stood up for her. In a way, I kins of regret it now because it makes me feel like a total arse. I remember it being as her books were dead boring and she did Bill wrong. How ironic!

  27. You have my undead gratitude for being my lurking place for the Sookie World. You all have done a great job. We will not forget.


  28. Yessssss, Thats’ the spirit!!!!! I am soooooo happy that all of you have decided to continue on and change with the times. Thats’ what life is all about anyway. Glad that all of you including all the rest of us loyal fans feel the same way. Askars 4 eva!!!!!!!

    I like, the others, Thank all of you for growing and changing and we will stick by you guys. Thanks for making my day brighter!!!!!!

  29. Not sure if my post went thru. I’ll check back later.

  30. I do agree about advising readers who don’t want to be spoiled to avoid all sites. Every year there are spoilers to be found and always get out. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t know the outcome a few weeks before the books. Maybe its childish on my part to love spoilers, but having said that I would say that if you truly are a person who doesn’t want to be spoiled, protect yourself because it is inevitable it will happen intentional or not.

    • I have always avoided spoilers in the past, but I couldn’t do that with this book. I needed to know what happened to decide if I was going to read it or not, and I’m really glad I did.

  31. I will always be Eric & Sookie no matter what . I really enjoy this site . I know you will be the best in whatever you do . You all are so totally awesome .

  32. Thank you all for everything you’ve done with this site. It will only be Eric and Sookie or me, no matter what happens in the books or the show. I hope the fanfiction world responds with lots of new and awesome fanfiction. There’s nothing better than some great fanfiction that ends the way it’s suppose to!

  33. Thanks you for this site and I will always follow you ladies on whatever site you have the one thing we all have in common is our love for Eric and Sookie so I love Eric and Sookie I hope TB does something good for them but we do have fan fiction and you guys if nothing else.

  34. Thanks everyone for your support and encouraging words! :) The reason for this post was to reassure you that whatever happens…both in the books and on the show – we’ll still be around. We will ALWAYS be for Eric and Sookie in case I didn’t make myself clear.

    I realize now, I didn’t mention our favorite telepathic barmaid or Anna Paquin in this post. Oops! Of course, we’ll still post about her too. Sorry for any misunderstanding…

    Besides, it’s not like we’re going to keep you from talking about these things either…after the book comes out, even though we’ll no longer post about them on here…you are always free to talk about any of them, as well as CH in the forum. We aren’t going to stop you from doing that.

    As my staff has mentioned…the series will be over, so there will be nothing new to talk about – so what’s the point of continuing to post about them?

    Hope I made myself clear now…and thanks again! You have no idea it helps knowing we have so much support! :)

  35. So glad you guys are staying around. Love this site and really admire that you’re taking the professional approach and being loyal to your fellow E/S fans by keeping going but just refocusing away from CH. Even if the book’s had had a decent ending the book talk would have wound up soon anyway, so no great loss.

    We’ll always need a place to keep Sooric alive. I for one don’t intend to stop shipping them anytime soon (read that as ever). :)

  36. I love this site and I’m onboard no matter what. And who couldn’t do with a little more ASkars in their daily diet? ; ) Will you be changing the name or leaving it “Eric and Sookie Lovers”?

    • We have talked about the possibility of changing the name of the site, for now it stays as it is, but the final long-term decision will be made in the summer. I will be lobbying for it to stay as “Eric & Sookie Lovers” as that is what we all are, whatever happens to them in the books and the show :)

  37. I’m glad you guys are focus on the show and Alex more. :) I feels really bad for you guys by investing those books but it turned a big disappointments.

    That’s why I like Alex’s Eric a lot. I really like him that he`s Sookie`s male counterpart and I also luv he`s the one who telling story more than Sookie and Alex explain things to fans what’s going with Eric . I am glad he’s nothing like the book,he`s very different in his unique way and Alex did a wonderful job as playing Eric. I always think Eric and Sookie are destines to be together,because they’re damaged souls and they shares the same problems. I think there`s always be hope for Eric and Sookie. We’ll might get shed light on True Blood.

    I am really happy that you guys are not giving up hope on them. I’m always supporting of you guys` site matter what. ;)

  38. Your discretion and diplomacy speaks highly about your integrity re: your announcement on out come of DEA. Having said that I’m glad you wont be going anywhere. I came late to the book series and only because I like AS which is turn made me curious about E&S in the books so while I didn’t waste my money the books were given to me I must say I feel cheated as well when a author pulls a bait and switch as I call it. But then it is her story her characters and I doubt CH cares or will loose sleep that I wont ever read another one of her books again but truth told I wont loose sleep not reading anything from her again either. I’m just glad your staying I don’t post often but I do enjoy reading others thoughts regarding the fandom.
    Thank you.

  39. I see no point in continuing to recommend her books. IMO, she deserves to get exactly what she gave. NOTHING. For my money, CH can take her fat, arrogant ass back to Arkansas and spend her days pondering the fuck up that killed her writing career. What’s to miss? There are loads of sites devoted to Eric and Sookie, plenty of better written, and steamier, fan fiction to keep us entertained for years and True Blood. She needed us a hell of a lot more than we needed her.

    This is what she posted on her facebook page.
    By now some of you know that a reader in Germany obtained a copy of DEAD EVER AFTER and decided to post the ending online. While this is unfortunate, I wanted to say this to all of you: Even if you *personally* are unhappy with the ending, please don’t spoil it for other readers. DEAD EVER AFTER goes on sale on May 7th; after that date, you are more that welcome to come here and tell me how much you like – or don’t like – the choices I’ve made for Sookie. But from one Sookie fan to another, I’m asking you all to please not spoil the book for other readers. Thank you so much for your continued support.
    Charlaine Harris

    • I commented to her post, it’s ridiculous to think that the ending being leaked is what pissed us off. If anything, I’m glad for that, it saved me from ever buying another book from her again.

  40. […] Now, let’s switch to a VERY hot topic the past 2 weeks at ESL…”Dead Ever After” – the final chapter of the series. We shared the prologue from the book. We spoiled you (and hopefully saved you some money) by revealing the HEA in DEA. And most of all, after we finished reading the book, Nymerias gave us ESL’s review of the book titled, “DEA to DUD in Five Seconds Flat”! As a result of all of this…we wanted to reassure you and let you know what our future plans are when it comes to the books and Charlaine Harris in “The Winds of Change”. […]

  41. I don’t post often, but I’ve been here a while. And guess what? Not going anywhere! Looking forward to the changes!! The more Askars the better! :)

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