HBO to show Season 5 Recap


According to HBO.com, a 15 minute recap of True Blood Season 5 is to air on the channel at 9.45pm (ET) on Friday May 24th.


This seems a little early to me, but hey, I’ll take what I can get, and with a little bit of luck it may include a few moments with the cast of the show to talk about their character’s development.

So whether your favorite moments included this:


or this


or quite possibly this


You can tune in on May 24th (or check it out when it uploads to Youtube later) to see what the recap includes.

(Pam/Eric gif by pam de beaufort/tumblr)

(Sookie / Eric gif by sooric/tumblr)

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10 comments on “HBO to show Season 5 Recap

  1. Evie:
    I’m going to need for TRUEBLOOD to be released in a full box set.
    I’m not talking the 5 that have been released~ I’m talking WHOLE SERIES
    with out takes,bonus reels, actor/actress comments.
    I can’t explain what this series,how it capitavatied me and how I wished that
    Eric Northman is a real person. I”M Super Obcessed with it.
    I’ve got to copy every ERIC/Sookie video ever made!!
    I’ve stayed up many a night watching the videos.
    I’ve seen every episode,Season & repeat ever shown.
    And I’ll watch the next repeat of Season 5.

    My very Favourite Season~ Season 4 when Eric announced his love for Sookie.
    Favourite line of Season 5?
    When Eric tells a guard “The Blond is MINE!!!” FINALLY he staked his claim to her.

  2. Thanks for the reminder Evie. Although I might just forget since thats’ almost a month away still……LOL. I was very suprised that HBO didn’t replay the last season as its’ done with every season before. I guess they figure that if we want to rewatch any eppys we just have to go to HBOGO. But I would have enjoyed it if I could have watched them again on the bigger screen and not my computers’ monitor. Oh well, I like you, hope that they have a few glimpses of the cast in this recap, especially of one tall, good looking fella named Eric/Alex. Its’ always good to see him on screen.

    • Hey Red :)

      HBO has been reairing the 5th season on Saturday nights on HBO2 around 11ish (depending on where the schedule falls). This coming Saturday will be ep 5.06.

      They will also be marathoning the entire season on June 16th on HBO2, leading up to the premiere.

      • Thx B, I was going to mention it, but they’ve been playing all sorts of TB eppys the first week it was on it showed the first two eppys of season one, then it showed the following week an early eppy of season 4 and then this last week they showed a eppy from season 5, but it wasn’t even the first one it was “Boot and Rally”. Yes, on HBO2 here too. So who knows what they’ll show us this Sat nite. I watch, but would of rather liked it if they could have played the whole 5th season from 1 – 12 like they’ve done every other year. I swear the whole situation is baffling…….LOL Thanks I’ll have to see if I’ll have the time to watch on June 16th!!!!

        • oh, they’ve been very consistent since 3/31 with the reair on hbo2 at the 11pm is hour… Ive been watching it then. Last Sat it really was the Boot-n-Rally epp.

          I know the week leading up to GoT they were taking part in the Xfinity On Demand marathon contest…

          Of course the only thing that matters is we are 48 days away from s6… not that Im counting much :)

  3. Those are definitely up there as my favorite moments, I hope this recap is as funny as the one for season 4 was.

  4. I’ll watch the recap, but I really don’t think I could sit through a whole 12 episodes of season 5. The only episode I liked was the last when bill melted. I was jumping up and down and screaming like a fan girl until Bill came back out of the pile of goo…

  5. Reblogged this on chasseressevampire and commented:
    for all of us that need a reminder as to how much we DISLIKE KING BILLITH!

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