Videos from the “What Maisie Knew” Premiere


You’ve seen the gallery of pics…now it’s time for to see Alexander Skarsgård and his “What Maisie Knew” co-stars in action – thanks to Millennium Entertainment!

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get the embed players working. You can check ’em by clicking on the links below instead.

What Maisie Knew Red Carpet – Alex

What Maisie Knew Red Carpet – Alex, Julianne and Onata

What Maisie Knew Red Carpet – Alex and Onata

Image courtesy of alexanderssskarsbrow.tumblr.com

Other than drooling…all I can think is, “How can Alex stand all of the flashing lights from the cameras?” LOL

What are your thoughts? Please share ’em below!


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6 comments on “Videos from the “What Maisie Knew” Premiere

  1. I could imagine Alex would great with kids, as he comes from a big family….

  2. Thanks! He is sweet!

  3. As Alexander is the eldest of 8 boys & 1 girl, he’s going to make a wonderful dad.
    The way he looks at little Onata is “I can do this, I can be a dad”
    Now just let him find the “right girl”, one who’s NOT with him just cause of who he is
    BUT because she really loves him!!

  4. LOVE the video of Onata & Alexander!! he really loves being with her.
    And Julianne looked beautful. loved that dress.
    The suit that Alexander was wearing was Tom Ford, in his best colour.
    BLACK, He looked really sharp.

  5. i love he is whispering to her and makes sure her dress is down while he is holding her. it shows he is a considerate man …. we need more like that ….

  6. […] premiere of his movie, “What Maisie Knew”! Check out the press day and premiere pics, red carpet videos, and an interview with Inquistor.com, where Alex talks about “What Maisie Knew” and […]

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