“What Maisie Knew” Press Day and Premiere Pictures


The official Press Day for “What Maisie Knew” is taking place today in New York, along with the movie’s Premiere. Alexander Skarsgard was joined by his co-stars, Julianne Moore and Onata Aprile, along with the directors, Scott McGehee and David Siegel.

Photo sources – Getty\Twitter (@justdancebz, @rockthelook) \instagram (millennium_ent, skinyny, marlnails)

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15 comments on ““What Maisie Knew” Press Day and Premiere Pictures

  1. Just adorable! Miss Onata is growing up! Is it just me,or is this man getting better looking day by day? :)

  2. Yep, I was just thinking that it looks like Onata hit a growth cycle, she looks like she grew about 5 or so inches since they filmed the movie. almost looks like Alex was having an akward time holding her up in the one shot. He is, of course, the most handsome man I’ve seen and then sitting with a child, makes my “long ago” removed ovaries still ache even tho’ they’re long gone……………..LOL.

    He needs to find a level headed non star women and get married and start his family now, so he can still be young enough to enjoy them while they’re young. I know, I know his Dad is still producing babies at his age, but I still think Alex should get crackin’ and start making some beautiful babies of his own……………………….(sigh, as I wistfully look out the window and chide myself for sounding like his mother).

  3. Being that I work in NYC I’m heading down to the premiere @6pm to see if I see him! I will post the pics if I do!

  4. Ladies:
    Alexander,get’s better looking with each day/month/year that passes.
    Just like his daddy Stellen, who’s 62nd Birthday is 3 days before Season 6 debuts.
    Alexander, completely STOLE our hearts when he was filming “What Masie Knew”
    BY playing with little Oneata, he let her use him like a jungle gym!!!
    And she just wound him around her heart & we know he’s going to make a
    wonderful day when he sets down someday???

    When it comes for him to begin having a family~ it doesn’t matter if he starts now
    or LATER when he’s ready~ but I think being around kids is making him want his
    own family in a few years!!!! NOW he just has to find the RIGHT GIRL.

    Marlnails~ we need photos IF you get any!!!!

    • The pic in my profile is when he was filming What Masie Knew on east 19 st and Park Ave. I believe it’s the bar scene we see in the promos. He was dressed all in black!

  5. Where is the exploding ovaries video that is usually here? LOL!

  6. Marinails:
    Black IS Alexander’s best colour, next to dark blue.
    When he’s in Black, he’s OUR BLACK VAMPIRE,Prince.
    Who’s really a KING, thanks to Russell Edgeington’s killing his father.

  7. I got photos but how to load them up here from iPhone?

  8. hope it shows here in South Florida
    he looks happy

  9. You can tell how much little Onata loves her some Alexander!! The movie shoot is long over and she still wants to be by him or in his arms… SO EFFIN ADORABLE!!

  10. Beautiful photos !! Everyone looks amazing . Love Onata she is so cute.

  11. […] Alex appeared in NYC for the premiere of his movie, “What Maisie Knew”! Check out the press day and premiere pics, red carpet videos, and an interview with Inquistor.com, where Alex talks about “What Maisie […]

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