Alex talks “What Maisie Knew” & “True Blood”


During the promotion for “What Maisie Knew ” our favorite Viking, Alexander Skarsgard, took time out for an interview with inquisitr.com.

He and Onata Aprile talked about their friendship:

THE INQUISITR: You and Onata had a great relationship in this movie. How did you two strike up that chemistry you have?

SKARSGARD: I had been attached [to the film] for four months. It was a role I hadn’t done before so it felt like an interesting challenge. I was excited about the project, especially with Julianne [Moore], she’s one of the greatest actresses we have. But it’s all about Maisie and it’s not easy finding a six or seven-year-old girl to carry a film like that. One day they called me and had a meeting with this young lady and sent me the tape. There was something very strong but vulnerable, and she had so much presence. We met up at David’ [Siegel]‘s house and drew a castle. [To Onata] What were we doing that day, do you remember?

APRILE: We made a castle with a moat and then we cut out people and we made it so that they were standing up.

SKARSGARD: It was a big day, and a big moment, because I was very excited about this young girl, but I also felt like, “This is it.” It’s so much about the chemistry. You can’t fake that with someone that young. It’s got to be real. It took about three seconds and I said, “I think we’re good.”

The opportunities brought on by True Blood:

THE INQUISITR: As True Blood gets more and more popular there’s opportunities to do other projects like this. What are you interested in?

SKARSGARD: It’s all about challenges and doing things that don’t feel repetitive. It should be and hopefully it is a creative profession. The creativity is in the discovery. You first sit down with a script and you start to think about the character, “Alright, this is something I haven’t done before and I don’t quite get who this guy is, but I’m curious and I want to discover who he is.” If I don’t feel that when I’m reading it, it’s not a fun process. If I have all the answers then there’s no discovery there. Reading Maisie after I shot True Blood for six months was great because I thought, “Oh man, this is something very different.” There’s got to be some question marks. Moving forward I want to keep pushing myself and to find those challenges, and to learn and grow as an actors.

And the show itself:

THE INQUISITR: Do you feel like the True Blood books are following your character’s arc well?

SKARSGARD: At this point I think we’ve kind of gone on a different path. It’s based on the world and the characters, and in the beginning we follow book by book. The season would be based on that book, and the third season would be based on the third book, but now it’s taken on a life of its own. I think it has to because otherwise what’s the point of watching the show if you can just read the books? It has to have its own identity.

THE INQUISITR: There’s this terrible rumor going around that your character on True Blood is going to get killed off. Is that true?

SKARSGARD: I obviously can’t say [LAUGHS]


You can read the whole of this completely charming interview here

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13 comments on “Alex talks “What Maisie Knew” & “True Blood”

  1. There’s deviating from the books and then there’s committing the unforgivable. I continue to watch the show, even though it’s strayed way far off the book reservation. But if they kill off Eric this season, the show WILL be dead to me.

  2. I’m glad they don’t follow the books now, but killing Eric off would be show suicide for sure. I have to hope they wouldn’t be that stupid.

    • Tammy that’s why I don’t think they will kill him because they aren’t that stupid about losing ratings and therefore money and he is one of the leads and has a contract for 7 seasons and they would have to pay him his salary because he didn’t say he wants to leave the role this would be them writing him out…..so no I don’t think there is any validity to the story of him dying this season.

  3. AS IS Going to be on Jimmy Fallon Tonight. AAAHHHH!!!!!!!

  4. China:
    Thank you I would have missed it!

  5. Yep, Alex is definately “the man”. I agree, if they get rid of him, I quit watching, just like I quit the book series after what CH did. Plain and simple……………….

    I don’t think HBO would be that stupid, but who knows? I just hope that Alex makes a whole lot more movies so I can stockpile them and watch them all the time. I am soooo obssessed by him its’ not even funny.

    Yep, I can hardly wait to see him on Fallon tonite, hope that Jimmy will have Alex play a game with him. I’d love to see that!!! I am also recording it so I can rewatch it often!!!!

  6. They damn well better not kill him off. They should kill Beehl!

  7. They wont kill him off. That runor came out on April Fools Day from what I remember.

    Anyway, I hope Alex comes to the UK for an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show or Alan Carr: Chatty Man.

    • On second thoughts, I think it was Lafayette that was said to be killed off on April Fools. Anyway, I still say it’s a load of crap about Eric being killed off.

      • It was Lafayette’s Facebook page that made a joke on April Fool’s Day about this being Alex’s last season, which means it likely won’t be happening. It could be everyone’s last season for all we know.

  8. I think the laugh meant no. :) There`s no they kills him off

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