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True Blood Season 6 Trailer


HBO has another trailer for us and there definitely is a war brewing! WARNING: IT IS SPOLIERY IN NATURE!


Bill thinks he is a God, a mad God and can walk in the sun or so it appears! I don’t think any of us are surprised about that. It appears that Sookie is getting it on with another man, (I think they want us to believe it is Eric but I am not falling for it) my bet is a fairy!

My favorite line is when Sookie and Tara say:”Shut up Jason”. Yeah Jason shut up!



What did you think? Sound off below!

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About Nymerias

I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these two blogs that is what I am doing. I love Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods and many other shows. I am very much looking forward to the Outlander series that will soon be on Starz! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

68 comments on “True Blood Season 6 Trailer

  1. Looks like Eric tries to stake Billith at Sookies’ house.

    • I say do it do it! We know it won’t happen though. I hope Sookie does not spend her time trying to fix Bill….ughhhhhhh

      • Oh I would so love for Eric to stake Bill. I can dream. I’m hoping that Sookie is done with Bill after what happened at the end of S5.

        • I hope so as well, it would be boring but seeing as she seems to be getting it on with Ben the fairy, I hardly think she is pining away for him. I get a kick out of BL’s who can’t wait for Sookie to find out that Eric and Nora got it on. lol. It is funny because it is not like she had any claim to him at the time, same as when Bill was sleeping with another woman!

        • We hope for the same things too! DIE BILLITH DIE! LOL This is why there’s fanfics… ;)

  2. I’m sorry were there other people in the promo apart from Eric?
    All I see is Viking, shirt optional :)

    • LMAO! I was thinking after watching the promo more that Bill is not out in the sun, it is dusk out! I capped one picture where it looks like Eric is trying to stake Bill, DO IT DO IT!!

  3. OMG OMG OMG!!! Good Lord.
    This is going to be some Season!!!
    I still love the Show~ just wish that there had been more scenes of Eric Northman
    AND not so many scenes/Season’s devoted to William Thomas Compton

    I Will admit, that I have a fondness, and major Loyalty to The Sheriff.
    I’m praying that Eric Northman, comes out of Season 6 alive.
    AND that William Thomas Compton III/Bilith meets his Final Death!!!

  4. what makes me worry is the line : nobody lives forever……

  5. Definitely not Eric, I’m sure she gets freaky with Ben, but we know that is bound to end badly. These trailers usually always go by so fast, it’s hard to keep up with everything.

    • Yeah Ben is his name, I had forgotten

      • Yeah, it’s definitely Rob Kazinsky on the couch. I still lean towards the he is Warlow twist. Warlow coming through a portal and him turning up fits. Well, in my head it fits.

  6. Sookie is probably going to have a liaison with another guy who is going to be more trouble than he’s worth. Strangely I don’t seem to care right now, I just want Eric to appear at my bedroom window <3

    • Yeah, based on the description for that guy, he will definitely be trouble. I think she’s just a glutton for punishment, but we all wish Eric would show up at our bedroom windows;)

    • me too, i leave it right open……

  7. This promo trailer is Kitty Fangtastico!!!

    • Of the season 6 trailers…this is my favorite BY FAR. Lots of stuff to look over and speculate about…not to mention lots of shirtless Eric! <3

      We knew Sookie would be 'hooking up' with Ben the fairy…at least we know he'll be bad news, so this doesn't bother me much at all…yet.

      Thank God for small favors (no pun intended) Billith can dress himself. LOL I bet Eric doesn't stake him though…it would be too easy.

      Looks like it will be an interesting season that's for sure.

      • He won’t stake him but I wish he would. Sookie will probably stop him from doing so such as the pattern goes, probably with her fae light! lol.

        Jessica is the mystery to me, she is hugging on Bill but I find I don’t really care.

      • I agree with everything you said I think thus Ben guy is whatever, I think by the end of the season Eric and Sookie will be together cuz I believe she still LOVE him we all know he still LOVE her😝

  8. Yeah that is Ben, Sookie is getting freaky with but he is has an agenda and it’s not a good one for Sookie…so that won’t end too good. Billith is crazy as usual and causing trouble and unfortunately Eric is not stronger than Billith anymore but he is Sookie’s protector as usual that’s why he is at her house trying to stake Billith. Warlow has long dark hair now but I still think he is a faerie/vampire type creature not just a vampire. Looks interesting but the vampire/human war is the main back drop of this season…at least Eric is still the hero whether he wants to be or not.

  9. We all know we see one thing in these trailers and they always turn out be be totally different than we think it is. Still it looks to be a wild ride. We will see in a little over a month!

  10. OMG!!!! I just got word of this new fully loaded trailer from Utube and after watching about 10 times, I opened my next email and it was this one.

    I just couldn’t keep up with all that was shown, i.e. nobody mentioned it, but wasn’t it Sookie at the end that someone is trying to drown????? I couldn’t figure out who, any ideas.

    The storyline looks to be better than what I expected, but, then again, TB is very deceiving with its’ trailer and makes alot of things look like something they’re not. So who knows?? I do know that now I can hardly wait until it starts in June.

    • Nymerias and I think that’s Laffy who’s trying to drown Sookie. Looks like he might be possessed again. What do you think?

      • Numerias???? hahahhhhahaha

      • Ugh, I was hoping we were done with Lafayette getting possessed, so over that.

      • Thx Erika!!! You and Nymerias are right. I just saw the screen caps posted by several sites on FB and there were a few things that I didn’t catch when I watched the clip. Check it out!!!! Thx again!!!

        • Also sounded like there was a Sarah Newlin’s V/O too so it could be a religious thing but I doubt Laff would convert to her crazy so yeah, probably possession. Is he possessed by Lillith though? Isn’t that the actress that played her telling him events have been set in motion?

          • I think so but not sure because I cannot tell without all the blood….lol! I have no clue what Bill turned into but it better make sense. Maybe he drank Warlow’s blood and that is what allows him to return from whatever dimension he was on.

  11. Well. this looks exciting – seems to me it will be the last season – hope not, but wouldn’t be surprised …
    First things first…Eric and that smile on the window…love it – I think this is him trying to seduce governor’s daughter – he probably brings he back to Fangatsia later for interrogation that we saw in the Eric promo…just a guess ..he must be using her to find out about those labs etc.. But what is this with shirtless Eric in some kind of ditch ..and you can see that girl again with the white dress??? cannot figure that one out
    I like Pam and Tara sticking together …
    Sookie with Ben – whatever – knowing how the books finished I expect anything at this point… I doubt that we’ll get E/S loving again..but at least I think they will stay on good terms no mater what ….as long as they don’t butcher Eric’s character I will be happy and I don’t think they will … If Eric dies (and they would do it only if it’s truly a last season) it will be epic
    Bill – just don’t like that pic with Jessica…and him interacting with Sookie again..he seems back to his old boring self, but just have more strength…but I like that Eric is there fighting him in front of Sookie’s house…I wonder will that scene end…hopefully not with two of them working together again..no way!
    And again….Eric on that window…..I would betray the whole the country and human race,, no problem …

    • I thought that might be the governor’s daughter he was peering in on, but it looked a lot like Nora to me. I can’t make any guesses of what’s going to happen from this, I’m usually wrong.

      • I think it’s the governor’s daughter. She does look a lot like Lucy Griffiths. Wasn’t she wearing a white billowy nightgown in the Eric ‘Waiting Sucks’ tease though? So looks like he kidnaps her for information I guess…and by kidnap I mean she obviously follows willingly drooling like a faucet. :)

    • Wait…there’s an ERIC promo?? Just him? How did I miss that??

  12. Looks to me like this will be the final season, and they are wrapping it up by getting rid of many of the most beloved characters. From past experience with this Bill-centric show my prediction is that the last ones standing will be SÞÞkie and Bill together again. At that point me, my family, and all my friends will be boycotting HBO.

    • I am worry this season’ll be the last season and I heard they`ll might up for 7th season. But I watched the preview,it says “the beginning of the end”. I don’t even like the last song for ep 10, “We will go All Together when We go”, it sounds like the song used for the last ep of “Six Feet Under”. It sounds so eerie and singing about people dying.

      I really afraid the rumors are true about Eric`s true death and they’ll might cancel the show because of that. I really hope they didn’t kill him and come back for 1 more season.

      I’m really confuse,because Alex says he is going to back to wrap up the season on Jimmy Fennel ,but they got five ep left to do for the season. But I don’t known he meant he`s going to wrap up Eric`s story with the flashback (I really hope not ) or do scenes from last 5 eps of the season.

      I am really hoping Eric and Sookie ends up together at end of the season,but I am really worry about Eric in the future eps.

  13. I was just looking at the screencaps at skarsgardfans and Warlow looks like he is coming through a portal.

  14. Lots of Viking in the promo. That surprised me. Nice surprise though. Liked Sookie getting fairy training too and Lala being possesed by Lillith was interesting.

    Not so happy about Emma being kept around, Bill still being all ‘waaah, ahm a tortured soul’ and the werewolves full stop…but I can deal since the rest looks like some high stakes (no pun intended) action.

    • I was wondering if it was Lilith possessing him but I thought she already took Bill over but that might not have been what happened. That might not have even been her blood, it might have been another vampires blood. I speculated on that last year.

      • Yeah it could be tricky editing. Might be Bill seeing that, since he still seems to be taking up the Lillith message still. Least he’s showered though. Stephen Moyer did look good in a couple bits of this trailer I thought. Not as good as AS but for having two tiny babies to be looking after he and Ann looked pretty amazing…if that was me I’d be looking more like Warlow.

        I wonder if the blood was Warlow related. If it was vamp/fairy hybrid blood with all the tripping that went down. Guess we’ll see. I think Bill may be projecting what he was told and what he wants to believe *cough god complex cough* onto it.

      • @Nymerias – Totally agree that “Shut up Jason” said in unison is the best line. Gives me some hope for the Tara/Sookie friendship.

  15. I am (cautiously) excited. I think I’ve finally let go of my expectations and am going to watch this next season with an open mind. All I hope for is; plots that makes sense, tighter writing/smarter dialogue and lots and lots of Viking!

    Oh, and I love the fact that Jason is in a car full of Vamps (and one fairy) and still mouths off. IMO Ryan Kwanten is one of the best actors on TB. Loved the “shut up Jason” choir :)

    • I am in the cautious stage as well Sheldon. I just want everything to make sense and I hope we do not get any stupid side stories that have nothing to do with the main. Ryan is a very good actor and I love his Jasonisms! Alex and Jason are my favorites.

  16. Getting this video was a pleasant surprise during a fairly grim week for a lot of fans of these characters. I watched it a couple times and can’t seem to separate it from the “other” Sookie universe, which is probably why my take is a little grim. It seems like we are led to believe that Eric and his entire line are wiped out, especially looking at the screencaps. The fact that Billith is now showered and dressed and interacting with Sookie and Jessica( who is showing him lots of love and loyalty) tells me that their story is far from over as a couple. His character has been elevated to greater and greater heights of power over the last couple seasons ending up as a GOD of sorts. It all feels pretty religious, and kind of campy/silly, and sets up a perfect opportunity to put Sookie and Bill back together and HEA. Warlow could represent the ultimate evil (devil), Eric and his line are gone (maybe) leaving the ultimate good (GOD) to defeat the ultimate evil. I’m going along with Sheldon on this and may be able to let go of any expectations at this point and just see if my theories are right. The thrill is long gone and I’m willing to be surprised but don’t expect to be very happy come mid season if I’m right in my current observations. We will find out if both of Sookie’s worlds are wrapped up together.

    • I really can’t see them killing off Eric, Pam and Tara. I just can’t even contemplate that, it would be commercial suicide for HBO :(

      • It sure would end the show for lots of us and make no sense whatsoever. Between the rumors, the overall bad feelings going on from other areas and what we are shown in this clip, I think we are supposed to be nervous. But still, there is no better way to get me watching than to show some Eric on screen!!! Now, back to the attitude adjusment center for me and I refuse to come out until Eric and Sookie (and me) are happy!

        • Yikes peecan, you might be in that AA center for a looong time. I just have this creepy feeling that Eric and Sookie will not be making it back together the way we all want them too.

          As far as it looking like they’re going to shoot Eric, Tara and Pam. I don’t think that HBO would be that stupid to commit suicide for TB, although maybe this will be the last season for it. ‘Cause thats’ the only way they’d be able to do that. But still, MHO, if they do that I for one (and I think I speak for millions of fans) will not even consider finishing watching the series to the end, the end to me would be the moment Eric dies, plain and simple. So I do not know.

          It seems that all of their trailers are deceiving and always appear to be something that they aren’t, so don’t worry too much, (Keeping my fingers, toes and whatever else I can crossed).

          • I totally agree with you redthang914. I have been keeping my fingers and toes crossed for at least the last two seasons. All I’ve got for doing it is cramps in my toes and fingers.

      • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…NOBODY had better be messing with Pam!!

        As for Eric, I’m willing to say that he’s safe. If that is the Governor’s daughter’s window he was tapping at, it seems to me that he’s going to be playing an integral part in the whole season’s story arc. Of course, there’s always Alex’s contract. Someone had told me that he’s signed on until 2014. I know that his movie career seems to be taking off, but a contract is a contract.

        I’m excited to see how it’s all going to play out, and there’s a tiny faerie in one corner of my brain that’s telling me that this MAY be TB’s last season. However it goes, it’s going to be an interesting and fun ride.

        • I think they’re all signed on for 7 seasons, so we know the show likely won’t go beyond that. I guess it depends on ratings to see if this will be the last one or not.

    • I am still feeling the effects of the major let down the last book provided me with as well. I don’t have many expectations for the show, I just want things to make sense and that there are less side plots that have nothing to do with the main.

    • I agree with you about them setting the stage back for Bill and Sookie – as much as I hate the thought of it – I did not like Bill’s tears and emotional moment with Jessica…he will be f back and smelling like roses when he saves the day from Warlow as he will have all super powers …I don’t think there will be HEA with Bill he will probably die protecting her. I am still numb after DEA letdown…so maybe I am being too negative..I will try to enjoy it and watch Eric and his gang and if I am positively surprised along the way..great..but I think it’s wise not to expect much with E/S…but we cannot help it, can we???

      • I’m still believe we will see Eric and Sookie get together and no Eric will not die and thry will be a 7th season. Eric really has become the hero or anti hero of the show where he is always protecting Sookie and his vampire family. He has shown the ability to love deeply and has evolved from season 1 thru now.

        • @esw45 I agree with you I still think by the end of the season Eric and Sookie will be together, I also think that there not going to give us any spoiler on it cuz most of the fans want Sooric so they going to make it look like there NOT, and I know Eric not dying NO INE WOULD WARCH IT THAT HAPPEN!! Alex is the STAR of the show

        • From your fingers to the powers that be eyes. The only way I will accept Eric not being on the show is if it is Alex’s choice and even then he should not be killed off.

  17. Hey, you guy’s has anyone seen the Netflix original show Hemlock Grove? Alex’s bother Bill stars in it. He resembles Alex some what.

    • I have seen the first four episodes and I am reading the book right now before I finish the episodes. It is very very good and they do resemble each other!

    • I just finished watching it on Friday night. I thought it was really funny that they dressed Roman (Bill Skarsgard) in the black pants and black tank top…just like his big brother as Eric. Both were very handsome in that outfit :-)

  18. do you really think they kill off eric? don’t want to think on that – but how possible is it really.

    • I really don’t think that they will do that, he is far too popular and too important to the show. I’ve seen no signs that Alex wants to leave. I’m pretty sure Eric (and Bill) will be with us to the very end.

  19. thx for the cheering up – makes me feel a tiny bit better

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