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Alexander Skarsgard at the Met Gala

'PUNK: Chaos To Couture' Met Gala 2013

Last night Alexander Skarsgard attended the Costume Institute Gala for the ‘PUNK: Chaos to Couture’ exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Check out our gallery below as he posed for pictures on the red carpet in a Calvin Klein suit. (Also pictured is designer Italo Zucchelli )

Pictures: Getty / Wire Images / Fan pics

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10 comments on “Alexander Skarsgard at the Met Gala

  1. Alex is one fine specimen. He looks amazing .

  2. Now what can I say? Alexander looked wonderful as usual.
    Love that he was “Clean shaven” instead of his usual goatee.

  3. I agree with you Marlene, I prefer my man clean shaven too! hummmmmm, I can feel that soft skin right now (sigh, time to take a cold shower I think) LOL. Anyway, he looks great as usual, but my motherly instinct is taking over once again and that boy needs about 24 hours of straight sleep!!! He looks utterly exhausted!!!!! I wonder when hes’ heading back to LA? He did say that he had to be back to be finishing up for TB (so, therefore, I don’t believe the rumors that Eric is dying this season)…..

    He needs to take a rest, otherwise, he won’t be good for anything not even a trip home after filming, as I know he doesn’t rest when he goes home either……. I worry about him, I can’t help it!!!

  4. It doesn’t matter if it’s tee shirts and jeans or designer suit, THE MAN IS AMAZINGLY GOOD LOOKING! I prefer him clean shaving too! However I would take him either way. Just saying!

  5. This man is fine as fuck!!! Dayum…
    I’m getting scared though….. he hasn’t been back to LA to film true blood for a week or so and I sssssooooo hope they didn’t kill him off the show…. Sorry, I mean shouldn’t he be in Los Angeles……**crying ova here**

  6. I know but he won’t ruin it on TV… Or at least I wouldn’t think he would give up the information. I went to The Vault a moment ago and some site said it’s true that a popular or whatnot character is goin to die….

  7. The last photo is going to give me a heart attack :D

  8. […] order to give us pleasure once again…Alex graciously stepped out at the Met Gala and gave us new Skarsporn to drool over. Lookin’ mighty fine, Alex…you almost (not […]

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