DEA to DUD In Five Seconds Flat



Do you like my title? Do you see how I did that? The final book in Ms.Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series has come full circle….literally.

Not that I give a shit about about spoilers right now, especially since the book was shit and everything was leaked about two weeks ago! I just like the picture. It is now 3:30 a.m. on the morning of the 7th and I received the book yesterday. Originally, we were all set to write a pre-“Dead Ever After” post, as an ode to our girl Sookie but that plan went astray when the ending of the final book in the series was leaked early. Now, as you can imagine our hearts were just not in it and so we changed our plans.

After reading the book, this is how I felt except I have a PDF version so I had to settle for throwing it in the trash bin after reading it.

Sookie: “I’d changed in order to survive, and I was paying the price of survival. I had to be willing to change myself forever, or everything I made myself do was for nothing.” (DR)

As it turns out, it was all for nothing because Sookie is right back where she started from in “Dead Until Dark”. The only thing different is that she now has more money to spend. After 13 books, there was absolutely no character growth, whatsoever. I don’t, and will never condone with all the (alleged) threats the author received on her page because that is taking it too far, I just hope it was none of our followers. However, I do not blame those that spoke their mind on how they felt about the way the whole book went down.


I have not been in this fandom as long as some of my friends have but I have been a part of it long enough to have been able to discuss the series with people I consider dear friends now. These friends of mine have become like sisters to me and I am extremely grateful to have them in my life and this is the ONLY thing that this series brought me.

I have never voiced in public about the continuity issues that arose in many of the books, for instance when Clancy died in Dead to the World, only to be brought back from the dead, just to die all over again in a later book; DAG (Dead and Gone). I even defended the author in some of these cases even though I knew what people were saying happened to be true. I have gallantly defended Sookie as well from members of the author’s own forum and that only got me kicked out. Now I wish I had never done so, at least defended the author that is.

I ignored the fact that she let a fan write emails between two of her characters, I would have been territorial about this. It says a lot that this same person turned out to be her continuity editor (bang up job she did huh?). I never would have let a fan anywhere near my literary work……..EVER! There are so many things I could have said, but I was not going to be one of those fans that tried to tell her how to write her book series, or that she was writing it wrong and her characters were now OOC. I was being nice because I genuinely believed she was going to take Sookie to the place we all felt she was going and we ended up with shit for character growth because she had no fight left in her for what she truly wanted out of life. What a way to bring down your protagonist Charlaine! BRAVO!

I am going to let all of it out now because I still managed to read the last book in what used to be my favorite series, despite what had been leaked (which was a lot and not just the ending), I just had to read it for myself. I am getting my ‘entitled reader’ badge out and wearing it with pride.


As I was reading this book last night, I truly wondered who in the hell all these characters were – for I did not recognize any of them because they were all so vastly different from the other books in the series. I felt as if I was stuck in the Twilight Zone and could not make my way back out.

twilight zone


I thought hearing from other people in the books would be a great idea because it would be nice to get a different perspective from someone other than Sookie, but it was just wasted space. I would have loved to have known what was going on in Eric’s head since it appeared to be so much a part of what was on Sookie’s mind. Instead, we got Cope, Tyrese and the, well not THE Devil but A Devil! *rolls eyes* Cope wants to prosper, Tyrese wants his Gyspy Kidd to love him, (awww ain’t that sweet?) and Cope gets a bonus since he brought another soul. He wants the Cluviel Dor for the stupidest reason ever, to get his daughter back! Sookie already expelled it’s magic, sorry Cope you are assed out! Cope and Tyrese get theirs in the end, one with HIV and the other becomes a slave of some kind to vampires, notably Pam; the new Sheriff of Area 5. I cannot even begin to tell you how boring this part of the story was and it turns out it was just filler as well.


The prologue was really much ado about nothing in the grand scheme of things. Besides, the Devil that was not the Devil, there were two (supposed) mystery men siting on the beach in Baja having a mysterious conversation about one Miss Stackhouse. I believe the author described them throughout the book as the ‘medium man’ and the ‘tall man’ (until she decided to reward us with the information of who they really were as if it was hard to figure out) as if it were some big mystery. Arlene is bailed out of jail by ‘medium man’ and they get into a car with ‘tall man’. They want her to just simply talk to Sookie at Merlotte’s where people can see her and for her to steal a scarf from Sookie’s home so they can kill Arlene with it and BOOM Sookie gets the blame!

Arlene has never been more stupid in her life, R.I.P. Arlene, you were nothing but a bad plot device! Dumb and Dumber (Read Steve Newlin and Johan Glassport) were revealed to be working for…wait for it…DUN DUN DUN…..CLAUDE! It seems Niall knew a traitor in the land of Fae would let Claude out of the portal, back into human world where Claude’s punishment would truly begin. Well, thank you very fucking much Great-Grandfather Niall for putting my life in danger and I love you too! All three men get what is coming to them, death! NEXT!


Eric threw the equivalent of a vampire temper tantrum by Sookie’s use of the CD. Well, this is according to Bill ‘I can do no wrong’ Compton who Sookie all of sudden seems to trust over any other.


Sure, this was the Eric the author has written over the years, the vampire that has lived for a 1000 years by circumventing the vampire political system to give himself enough power to stay in his own little corner of the world. Sookie is summoned to Fangtasia by Karin for the divorce. The night before Eric paid a visit to her house (when he was left to his own devices for an hour) to warn her that “No matter what happens in public-no matter what, don’t doubt that I love you and care about about your welfare…as much as I am able”.

She was completely blindsided and this was the first major thing that the author did wrong to Sookie, she took her choices away, same as she did with Eric. After this is over, Bill is on her porch and she thinks about having sex with him to get back at Eric. I am not even going to touch that one with a ten-foot pole except to say WHAT THE FUCK?

Eric goes to see Sookie at her house after the divorce and it soon turns nasty. Sookie greets him with “What the fuck are you doing here?” and from there it just goes from bad to worse. This is where Eric is totally out of character and operation ‘Character Assassination’ begins.




Well, Sookie rightfully rescinds Eric’s invitation. Who wouldn’t? This particular exchange pissed me off because it goes against past narrative and everything we had read previously. When it comes to Eric saying he regrets his decision to not turn her against her will, I guess the author forgot that her character had this to say on the subject:

“But that’s not going to happen to me. And you won’t ever turn me.” I was absolutely serious.
“No. I won’t ever force you into subservience. And I will never turn you, since you don’t want it.”
“Even if I’m going to die, don’t turn me. I would hate that more than anything.”
“I agree to that. No matter how much I may want to keep you.”

What happened to “She won’t win”? I was hoping for an all-out; no-holds barred scene to fight for his freedom, with Sookie by his side, and instead we get Eric surrendering and acting like a dick. I wanted this: “Without looking at me, Eric reached back, and I stood to slide my hand into his. Time to close ranks”. Sookie (DL p 82). Why did I want this? The answer is quite simple, because the author put the idea into our heads.

In the end, Eric leaves for Oklahoma under some conditions, most of which have to do with Sookie. He agrees to marry Freyda and be with her for two hundred years rather than the customary (and required) one hundred years under the absolute condition that Sookie never be harmed by any vampire, “Not harassed, not tasted, not killed, not made a servant.” Karin, Eric’s other child, is to guard Sookie for a whole year to make sure that Eric’s condition is adhered to. Apparently, this was the only reason that his other daughter was brought into the mix, to be a bodyguard. This is just more filler.

I would not get too excited for Eric’s gallant move as Pam decides to tell Sookie how it is by offering her some advice.

Pam:“Sookie, take my advice,” Pam said. “I’m going to give it to you for free. This was not ‘nice’ of Eric. This was Eric protecting what used to be his, to show Freyda that he is loyal and protects his own. This is not a sentimental gesture.”

Eric could not bring his children to Oklahoma with him, he had to sever all ties with his former life. Sookie is banned from Oklahoma under penalty of death and Felipe banned her from Fangtasia. Eric is not allowed to be around Sookie, especially alone. Charlaine Harris tied up what could have been something good between Sookie and Eric with a nice, neat FUCK YOU bow and now Eric has to live out two hundred years as a SEX slave, the same way he began his vampire life, HOW FUCKING SAD! Eric deserved better than what he got. He basically ended up alone, losing everything he had gained and with nothing to show for it.

“Eric is unfortunate in that people want to take him down a peg…including his own Maker”.
Charlaine Harris, 2013.

You would know since you are his ‘Maker’ Charlaine.

Guess who gets to stay in Bon Temps and stalk Sookie’s woods for the rest of his immortal life? Bill!


Erase the image of Bill and replace it with Sam and you have the ending of Dead Ever After! If you think Eric was the only one who received a raw deal from the Maker, think again because Sookie got it just as bad. I have to be honest, I was wondering if this Sookie was the same Sookie I had been reading for 12 books. I needed to play a quick game of “Where in the world is Sookie Stackhouse” because she was not in Bon Temps.

I understand a lot has happened to her in the last couple of years but I was missing the fight in Sookie. She literally had no energy to fight anymore for what she wanted. In the beginning of the book, her mind is on Eric and her love for him but it feels detached and off base. I could tell it was time for another ‘Operation Character Assassination’ and it would only get worse from here. Sookie spent the first 1/3 of the book talking about her love for Eric and then poof, it was gone, just like that. I guess all one needed was a Cluviel Dor AKA DEUX TIME MACHINE, to turn off those feelings and start them up for another man.

Before I get into that steaming pile of shit, do you remember how Sookie barely had any friends she could truly count on? Oh, that changed as well and seemingly out of nowhere. She is no longer considered ‘crazy Sookie’ to anyone in the town of Bon Temps. Sookie is a loveable person but no one has every come in droves before to help her, the only people she could count on were herself and the vampires who helped make her what she is today.

Sookie ending up with Sam for any length of time is not fair to Sookie. I find it really OOC of Sookie in light of all her declarations of love for Eric. Where was the buildup for Sam? If the author wanted to believe in a Sookie/Sam scenario at the end of the series, she should have done a better job of convincing everyone. I felt as if everything that had been said and done was just filler. I feel as if Sam was nothing but a rebound and everyone involved deserved more than what they got. Sookie, herself said she wanted to take it slow and make sure it was not a rebound but that was how it felt to me.

I really got tired of reading about how Sam had always been there for her? I thought to myself, really? Are we talking about the same Sam who treated her like a child and yelled at her for things she had done, leaving her in tears. He was not in Dallas, Rhodes, New Orleans or when Neave and Lochlan kidnapped and tortured her. He was never at her bedside when she recovered from any of her injuries.

I am not going to go over the details of the sex with Sam, you can read that for yourself but I will leave you with this image and a quote from the book.

“The tanning lotion and the sweat meant we slid against each other like seals.”


Do you all remember when Sookie was concerned that the Blood Bond between her and Eric were responsible for her feelings? Here is the part in “Dead Ever After” that pissed me off the most because it goes against everything Sookie stands for.

Sookie: “Would we have ended up making the best love ever if we both hadn’t been altered by the magic of the cluviel dor, if Sam had never died and I had never brought him back? I don’t know and I don’t care.”
Charlaine Harris, Dead Ever After, page 311, Ace Books 2013

The whole Blood Bond business was spread out over 5 books and Sookie cared about that so much to the point that she sought magical means to find out her true feelings. We were overjoyed for Sookie when the BB was broken and Sookie knew that she loved Eric ‘all on her own’. It really mattered to her because she did not want to be manipulated by any magical means!

Now, after the use of the CD, she does not care if she has been altered. I felt bad for my friend Sookie as all her ‘Maker’ could find to give her for a Happily Ever After is a re-gifted crock up. In the end, it is ambiguous as to whether or not she will be still be with Sam by Christmas if at all but one thing is certain, Sookie Stackhouse deserved better.


It is true that it is a writer’s job to take the reader on a journey in the manner in which they see fit but it has to makes sense. If the writer takes readers on a journey that coincides with the past narrative, then readers would not have a problem with what Ms. Harris wrote. However, if certain things are said and done that go against an already established narrative (as in the case with this final book) then we have major problems.

I may not be not ‘entitled’ to the ending I wanted for Sookie but I was ‘entitled’ to a story that made sense. Dead Ever After did not deliver. It was not the leak that spoiled the last book for me, it is what was written that did it for me and that was the writer. This was character assassination at its best. We were all manipulated by the author, Bill, Eric, and Sam lovers alike. Sookie is not the only one who got the shaft.

In a world full of terror and horror, I read to escape from my world into another and if I cannot trust the author to take me away, then he/she does not need my money. It is for this reason that I will never read another book from this author ever again. Tell me, my fellow book readers, would you? There is a quote from the Night Huntress Series that I believe is very fitting for how all readers are feeling:

“See, Don, I have this question, and I hope you’ll be honest with me.”
He pulled at the end of his eyebrow. “I think you know you can count on my honesty.”
“Can I?” I asked with an edge. “All right, then tell me: How long have you been fucking me?” “That caused him to stop tugging his brow. “I don’t know what you’re saying—” “Because if I was going to fuck you,” I interrupted, “I’d get a bottle of gin, some Frank Sinatra music…and a crash cart for the heart attack you’d have. But you, Don, you’ve been fucking me for years now, and I haven’t gotten any liquor, music, flowers, candy, or anything!”

I have never felt this let-down by an author before – simply because I think she underestimated the power the characters had over her readers and she failed miserably to give them an ending that was worthy of a true Happily Ever After. With that being said, to say that we were disappointed with the book is a major understatement and we feel betrayed. Hell, there is always fanfiction. We highly encourage our readers to give the fanfiction a try, it just might help you get over this nightmare of a book.

This stunning painting below is how we believe “Dead Ever After” should have ended because it is where the author was leading us before she appeared to get amnesia…

es sunset

*Image above made by none other than KittRose @KittRose*

Thank you for your beautiful artwork, it was still well worth it!

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I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

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  1. i am so disappointed that sookie ended up with sam.. she should of ended up with eric… what a load of old rubbish.. what a disappointment after all those books, building up to the crappiest ending ever… i love the books and was really looking forward to this… really think that a better ending if she couldnt be wither eric.. would of been she died… good grief.. thank goodness the Tv series isnt following the books to the letter… i feel very let down by miss harris indeed

    • dear nymerias, i agree with everything you wrote above
      HOWEVER please please please google “deus ex machina”
      deux time machine, hahah, seriously? that really made me laugh out loud!

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    Truth in written form!

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  4. I’ve been so disgusted with how the last book turned out that I feel like I should tear out all of the pages from the other books that gave me my beloved Sookie and Eric moments and then burn the rest as the garbage that they are.

    • In light of Eric’s future as Oklahoma’s plaything for two hundred years, I view book# 4 and the amnesia storyline completely different now: everyone is using Eric for sex, including Sookie. I will not be able to think about their relationship in that book as a beginning of something special any more. Just lust for a handsome man. The rest – that Eric gave Sookie some peace and sense of being appreciated an’all – is all crap. Romantic crap CH hates to write but writes nonetheless to fuck with us in the end. Thanks, CH, I won’t forget that – and rest assured, many of your former fans won’t either.

      CH began destroying Eric’s character in book 11. I have feared since then that she would completely discredit him so that the reader would accept better Sookie’s breaking up with him. Unfortunately, CH could not avoid NOT destroying Sookie’s character along with his. Sad ending for a very promising series. Alan Ball’s bull shit was contagious, after all.


  5. Amen!!! thank for that post, it sums up why the readers are mad in a nutshell. Now, as one of those FanFiction writers, I need to go and write to make my readers happy. They need something after this farce of a book.

  6. Reblogged this on Kittyinaz and commented:
    This is just saying what I wish I could so eloquently. Yes there are spoilers. So don’t click if you don’t want to know. I, on the other hand, find it very well written description of why the readers are upset.

  7. My goodness I love Kitroses work, I’ve reblogged this on my blog: http://vicvega66.wordpress.com/ and linked to the facebook group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/237967843014032/


  8. Thank you for your take on DEA nymerias!!! I greatly appreciate your bravery in order to read that mess. I still will not buy it and I will never read it!!! In my heart, Eric and Sookie are still together and very, very happy. Now if that makes me cra-cra, so be it!!!!

    I enjoyed your levity and you were much more kind to Ms. Harris than I would ever be. I hope someday she will realize what she did and not write her books in that disjointed and lack of character continuatity and not to write character just to assasinate their souls at the end like she did in DEA.

    Thanks again nymerias I really appreciate you and the rest of the ladies her on this site!!
    Eric is still my Viking King and always will be!!!!!

  9. Yes, I am very disappointed that CH would bring fans and the fandom to fall in love with the romance between Sookie and Eric for about really 8 books and then in 2 books the last one and this one destroy all the great love affair between the two and for what? Eric and Sookie fit like a hand in glove and more fiiting became romeo and Juliette only they both died from a bored and uncaring author instead of suicide. CH had to destroy Eric and make him a lying uncaring person because that’s the only way to try to justify why Sookie wouldn’t want to be with him forever, like she always wanted to. Character assasination is what CH had to do to Eric to try to say to his fans that Sookie could’nt love a man like this not when old reliable Sam is always there to not judge you and stand by you no matter what.

    The passion for Sam is still not believable by any stretch of the imagination, no matter how many times CH tries to twist it that Sookie HEA was always Sam, majority of us will never buy into it! We know better, we know who Sookie’s real HEA has been and always will be: It’s Eric so I don’t get how Eric should be banished to Oklahoma as a sex slave to a disgustng queen but Bill who is a low life, creepy, rapist vampire is allowed to be unscathe and talk stuff about Eric that makes no sense to anyone that has ever read these books.

    I feel sorry for us fans that poored money and emotion into a lie because the author that we thought actually cared about Sookie and Eric and the integrity of her work really just cared about money and fame in the end. I hope we all boycott anything that CH ever will do in the future…..i don’t care if its written on a napkin, toilet paper or pile of shit! which is what this book basically is ……she doesn’t deserve our time, our emotions and for sure our money because she just deosn’t give a damn! so why should we.

    I hope True Blood gives us something that CH would’nt do…. give a damn about your characters stay true to them and maybe have Eric and Sookie at least love each other a little bit ….I know Eric loves her…I just want to see some love from her to him.

  10. It’s like Charlaine harris wrote this book to purposely piss off all of the Eric fans. It’s like she thought I’ll show them.. they don’t get anything they want. I am beyond disappointed.

    • Yeah, except all she did was lose a lot of loyal fans in the process. She screwed herself more than us, good riddance.

  11. This sums it up for me. I would have understood Sookie not ending up with Eric. Sometimes you Don’t get what you want. But why the character assassination? Why use the CD that way? Why lock up Eric for 200 yrs away from his children? Why have Sookie end up with Sam and at the end of her journey still stuck in podunk? I don’t get it??! What was the point of it all???

  12. Oh I forgot to comment on Kitt Rose’s beautiful spectacular piece of art. It is truly lovely! Thank you for showcasing it!

    • I thought it was beautiful too. I love the hint of a little smirk on Sookies’ face as she’s looking over her shoulder at you LOL…I’d be grinning ear to ear if I had the Viking offering his hand to me like that!!

  13. Thankyou for saying what we have all been feeling cheated and ripped of , CH basically made fools of us all. I will never read another thing she writes and I feel like throwing my whole collection in the trash, I have not read this book and i will not, I will read fan fiction dissapointed dosen’t even begin to cover it, I just cant believe what she did to Eric, she obviously hates him and all his fans, Eric and Sookie were nothing more than cash cows to her, A great writer such as Anne Rice would never treat her characters so badly

  14. I have taken the books off my shelf and buried them in my closet, I’m sick of having to look at them. I have no intention to read this one, nor will I ever read anything else she writes again. I am a huge fan of the Night Huntress series, I recommend those for anyone who isn’t familiar. Those books are ten times better, CH can just go to hell for all I care.

  15. *****STANDING OVATION********
    I had a last minute change of heart and re-ordered the book last night. I woke up at 5, as usual, made coffee and dug in. I actually had to keep stopping because I thought maybe they sent me the wrong book! It was unrecognizable to me. Everything felt off! You put into words very eloquently much of what went through my mind all day and I couldn’t wait to see what this site would treat us to. Those that are name calling, and by name caller’s I mean the folks calling disappointed fans names just don’t get it. Whether they are sycophants,financially invested in a good outcome, disgruntled BL’s who got their ABE HEA or the 10 people in the world who were rooting for Sam, it’s still not nice. The possibilities of how this could have been wrapped up are endless and I’m sure will be seed for fanfic writers for years to come. I never thought I could care so much about fictional characters but you are right….the world is full of terror, horror, mean people and disappointment. This is why I read to escape into worlds where these things do not exist. I sincerely hope after this the author stays far, far away from material intended to attract my type of reader. I do not want to be heartbroken, sad or even angry over a book. I hope she goes back to her comfortable genre where her fans will get what they signed up for . In this case she “ran home to mama” at zero hour, returning to her murder mystery roots leaving legions of fans with their mouths hanging open and bad words on the tips of their tongues. For the last damn time………it wasn’t the ending, it was all the pages of crap waded through to get there!

    • Oh Peecan, I am sorry you had to pay for it. I wish I would have known, I would have helped you out. ;) Thanks for the standing O!

    • “”10 people in the world rooting for Sam”” :D :D :D

      • Only 8 gave this book five stars in Amazon so far, but even if I wanted her with Sam, I’d probably still be pissed with how it was handled.

    • I totally have to agree with you. I bought the book just last week wanting to find out Sookie’s final chapter for myself. I had seen some of the comments before, and had been disappointed with the DR (CH was more in depth with what Sookie was cooking for dinner, then the storyline), but decided to fork over the money anyway. The writing style, character assassinations and the HEA made me regret my decision immediately. Throwing in POV for other characters was a totally waste of space and a complete move away from the style of all the previous books. Then taking all these minor characters, Steve Newlin, John Glassport, Cope, etc. and suddenly making them all gang up on Sookie. It was like CH really had no idea how to end the series outside of the HEA with Sam and just cobbled together a, honestly, half-ass story line. Nothing made sense! It was just a disaster all around! I think someone needs to come up with a completely new DEA with a way better story line and much better ending.

      • From the beginning to the end, the whole story was one big HOT MESS. The characters and the fans deserve better. It will make the best-seller list and that is partly because Anne Rice said she would order ten more copies. I bet she orders more. It won’t change the fact that the book sucks!

        • She would, but Anne Rice has said in the past how she’s a Bill fan, I’m not surprised by her reaction to this book. She seems to like crap, her books are honestly not so great either in my opinion.

          • I asked her what she hoped to gain from commenting on all the negative reviews. It won’t change their opinion of the book. As far as I can tell, she has not answered….lol

  16. MY ERIC,Vampire Sheriff,King of Area Five will Forever live on in in my favourite
    FANFICTION, “LATE”, the story of Eric,Sookie,their twin SONS, and their daughter
    Sunny~ I can’t beleive what Charlaine Harris has done to her loyal fans.
    She kicked us in our stomachs,trashed our dreams and force fed this copout
    and thought that we’d forgive her for it. SORRY, BUT NO WAY,NO HOW.

  17. It is bad what CH did to one of her best characters….. It seems she was in a hurry to finish that final book…. and from now on, whenever I see seals, I will imagine Sam and Sookie sliding against each other….But even though I’m not happy with the ending of these books, since I’ve started to read them after season 3 of TB, my image of Eric will always be Alexander Skarsgård, because he brought Eric to life and neither Harris or Alan Bola Loca won’t take that from me… I’m an ASkars fan who learnt about the books by his interpretation of my favorite vampire.

    • Amen my Viking Sister! All hail the Viking!

    • Yep, I didn’t start the books until season 2 of True Blood. Alex will always be my Eric.

      • Hi! Newbie here. I found this review while googling for info about all this DEA mess.

        I just wanted to say that Alex is my Eric as well. Initially, I just watched TB and had no intention of reading the books, but I was literally lured into reading by Alex smoldering at me from the cover of the Dead to the World TV Tie-in. :D

        • I only read the books in the first place because it was recommended, someone told me I would fall in love with Eric. I actually didn’t like him on the show at the time. While that did happen, I really wish I never got so invested in them. I should have known they would come back to bite me in the ass.

    • You are so right sis :) ….To think that CH actually said in an interview that Alexander Skarsgard was no Eric for her!!!….That is downright blasphemous !!

      • Proof that she really doesn’t have a clue at all, he’ll always be our Eric. I now prefer the show over this fuckery, hell, even Twilight is the better series. If that’s not a slap in the face, I don’t know what is.

  18. Brilliant summation of this catastrophic failure. And a slap in the face to those that she misled into thinking that the way vampires were treated was comparable to racism or homophobia But the message from this book, stay with your own kind, go back to what you are comfortable with. I read one reviewer compare Eric & Sookie’s relationship to a mixed race marriage in the bad old days of overt racism enforced by law. Well obviously it can work can it? They are too different. I was prepared for her not having them end up together (how many times did she seem amazed that her fans LOVED Eric, obviously we weren’t reading what she was writing, we must all be stupid). What I wasn’t prepared for was the horrible way she ended them. Eric loses everything, sold into a “marriage” where he has no rights and is basically muscle to protect a young queen, and of course her arm candy.

  19. I nearly puked on my desk at office when I read this “sookie sam seal suntan” BS. If this is the sort of lines we are getting from the immensely knowledgeable CH, then I can safely say that I do not need this kind of writing polluting my mind.

    I have felt for quite some time now that she is trying to be Magarette Mitchel and thinks this is modern equivalent of Gone with the Wind. With all the hardships/war/multiple unsatisfactory partners/manipulation/heartbreak. However, I can’t believe CH was so deluded and actually tried her own spin off on Rhett leaving Scarlett and Scarlett being left alone but undefeated.

    Coming back to the book at hand, I am a very emotional and sensitive reader and for the time a read a story, I become the characters in the story and soak up everything. This here is not fit to be soaked up. This is something no one in my knowledge will do. When a girl loves someone with so much intensity and goes through so much with that person, she does not give up on him. I can’t believe how pre-puberty Sookie and Eric’s serious relationship discussions have been. Even a teenager will act more grown up here. I will never read any other of CH’s work. If only it were possible to return kindle books. :(

  20. Well said, I agree completely.

  21. Excellent, nymerias! *thumbs up*

  22. Ohh and I forgot the burning topic again….CH f***ing thinks that she is giving Sookie a normal life with a f***ing shifter!!!!! And she will have a f***ing normal family for the rest of her stupid life !!!!
    Does anyone here think that 1/16th fae, telepathic, shape shifter children will have a normal life???
    I can’t believe no one thought about that !!!!!!!!

    I am really sorry for cursing and I never curse but this is getting too much for me now and I don’t know how to put a handle on this :(

    • Yeah, it’s ridiculous, she’ll never have a normal life. There’s also the fact that she can hear Sam’s thoughts, which are bound to drive her crazy at some point. I think they might be broken up by the Coda that comes out in October, based on what we saw, I got no indication that Sookie was with Sam. I still don’t plan on reading it, though.

      • Oh but Sam can block her and now she can’t read him clearly! *rolls eyes* This book sucked, it lacked any kind of direction and plot. It was all over the place

  23. I won’t be receiving any BADGES for reading this book!!! I read up to the part where Eric shuts his office door in Sookies face & Pam kicks her out of Fangtasia then I skipped to the last chapter (its what I do). Anywhoes. I can’t bring myself to read the entire book now. I would rather imagine my own happy ending. WHY?!?! WHAT WAS CH THINKING?!?! The past 9 books led us to believe that she was of the same mindset as us then BAM! She does a complete 180 & FRACKS everything up!!!! I think she did it to mess with our heads! What other reason could she have?!?!? I don’t know? I’m gonna stop thinking about it now. Maybe I’ll read DEA in its entirety one day in the DISTANT future when I’ve settled down. Then again… Maybe not! One thing I do know for sure. I WILL NEVER AGAIN READ A BOOK/SERIES WRITTEN BY CHARLIANE HARRIS!!!! THIS I SWEAR!!!!!

  24. I remember a group of us debating endlessly about the HEA on the Sookie Tangler forum (may it rest in peace). I remember making the argument that it couldn’t possibly be Sam because Sam was barely a character. He wasn’t fleshed out, had demonstrated no emotional or character growth over the timeline of the story, banging the maenad (Ew!!!!) , repeatedly picking up with the worst girlfriends, not learning from mistakes etc.

    Well, I was wrong. CH didn’t play by those literary rules. Damn.

  25. Slid together like seals?! I’m not even going to bother to read this book. I was so hoping for a Sookie/Eric ending but I had a feeling that we weren’t going to get it. This series was all about overcoming obstacles and fighting the odds and figuring out ways to get what they wanted and it’s like they just gave in, Eric especially! So pissed off! I’m just going to go live in my happy Sookie/Eric fanfiction world.

  26. This was the first book series that I became invested in. Loved the characters especially Eric for his creation I will be forever thankful, but after reading what CH has done with this beautiful heroic character is destructive, vile and unnecessary. To say that I am utterly disappointed is an understatement. She has lost me as an avid reader. “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” ( of course it won’t happen because I will never buy her work again. Ever!)

  27. “In a world full of terror and horror, I read to escape from my world into another and if I cannot trust the author to take me away, then he/she does not need my money. It is for this reason that I will never read another book from this author ever again. Tell me, my fellow book readers, would you?”


    This is a farce. I have never seen an author, especially one with a following like this one, collectively give a group of her loyal fans the finger in such an obvious way. She has voiced problems in the past with having to continue to write this series, but she continued. In that continuation, she changed established facts and went backward in terms of character growth and continuation for many characters and previous storylines. What that says to me is that this is a vindictive, selfish person who does not care how she affects hundreds of thousands of people in the world. No author is required to give their readers exactly what they want. Creative license with your own work is everything. But you would think with such an established following as this series had, she might have thought of us, just a tiny bit. But no, she thought of her own weariness of this series and its characters, and her own apparent wish to make a negative statement about it. This was nothing more than a cop-out and a great big F-U for us.

    Thank you, Ms. Harris. I hope you can feel the sarcasm dripping from that sentence.

    I will not read or buy anything from this author ever again. She has no integrity. She has no care for her characters, or her fans, only her pocketbook. I urge you to do the same, beginning with this book. The anticiption of the end of this series makes it almost guaranteed to become a best-seller. Let’s reduce that as much as we can.

    If you’re waiting for a preorder, cancel it.

    If you’re planning to buy it, don’t.

    Please. Let’s send her a message. The only message we can send a person like this is through our money, which she doesn’t deserve. Boycott this book. Remove this author from your future purchasing considerations.

    I’m a nobody. Just a single person. I can’t do anything alone, but as a group, we can. Thanks for reading.

    • It’s already started, people cancelled their orders after the ending was leaked and the reviews in Amazon are pretty horrible. I will definitely not read anything she writes again.

      • I’m certainly glad to hear that. I know it won’t happen, but I’d enjoy it if this stupid decision on her part were to reconcile Charlaine Harris to bankruptcy. It’s too bad that there are people who actually enjoy the other series she writes, and that there are a few who probably liked the way she ended this one. You can’t account for some people’s taste.

        • Few, but not nearly enough. She chose the wrong fans to please, this is the only series of hers that I’ve ever read. I’m officially done with this woman now.

          • I think Ms. Harris needs a stronger message sent. I think to show her that her readers won’t stand by while she insults their intelligence, anyone who has paper copies of her books should send them back to the publisher … or her agent. People are sending Abercrombie & Fitch clothes back to the company in droves. Tell Ms. Harris that not only will we not buy anything else written by her, but we won’t keep what we already have. If you donate the books, some poor unknowing innocent reader might stumble across the series and think they’re getting a good deal getting the whole series. Send them back. Give her her fucking crock pot back.

  28. I read DEA with hope the spoilers were not true, but there was no such luck. I cannot believe this book was in the same series that captured my interest so quickly. The first twelve books I could not put down, and I endured many sleepless nights because of it!! After an hour of reading DEA I fell asleep:(:( Charlaine Harris states this was the ending she planned all along, but I did not see it and I read the series twice! My final words are SHAME ON YOU Charlaine Harris for building a story that people fell in love with just to tear it apart.

  29. Can anybody name anything about Sam that stood out? EVER? He’s as memorable as wallpaper. Somebody please put a dress on him, close the door and turn the key.

    • Ummmm….ummm…sorry. I can’t think of anything. He’s as boring as Alcide was.

    • All he ever did was make grumpy faces on Sookie’s relationships….The poor sap didn’t even have the guts to pursue the girl he apparently loved. Added to that, he was never ever there for her in any bad spot she found herself in, other than giving her days off from work :P…..Some life partner she chose !!

      Step down for a minute from your high horse Charlaine and please be gracious enough to explain that if Eric had not sold himself off to the queen, would Sookie be still alive to do the gross seal stunt and think that she chose the right person in Sam? Eric’s character was so firmly in the right that she could not kill it off however much she tried…..How many men/vampires/shifter/fairies will do that for someone who has left no stone unturned to reject them?

      You call that a f***ing end ??

  30. I agree with everything you have said. why is it that everyone forgets how cynical and hurtful Sam was to Sookie all the time. Out of all the males in Sookies life, Sam was the one who disparaged her the most vocally and mentally.

  31. You are right sam didnt have any growth during the books and apparantly neither did sookie because she ended up right where she started and erick whos the most amazing character in the series would spend 200 hundred years of misery i agreed askarsgard is my eric forever <3 i hope they wont kill him on the show cause i would stop watching that too

    • I have to hope the writers will see the backlash from this and not be as stupid.

      • The writers of True Blood are idiots. I think they enjoy antagonizing us. They probably laugh when they see the backlash that comes after every bad decision they make. The books and the show are two separate entities, but those of us who are fans of both don’t split into two. I won’t count on anything different from True Blood. As a matter of fact, this insult from CH has probably encouraged them to become even more outrageous in their Bill worship and systematic teardown of Eric, whom they have to know is the hands-down fan favorite. Either that or they are operating from underground bunkers in Siberia without internet, TV, phone, or radio. I reconciled myself a long time ago that I would watch the show without thinking of the books, and it’s been a great help. But now I know that CH has joined the evil TB AB writers anti-Eric-keep-Sookie-a-beatdown-redneck league. They’ll probably put her on staff next season.

  32. I just finished the book and it was bad. At least we have Leila and Vlad from Jeaniene Frost.

    • Along with all of the other wonderful characters Jeaniene Frost has given us, that series is ten times better.

  33. Thank you so much for this perfect and amazingly hilarious review!! I’m encouraging everybody to RETURN THE BOOK FOR REFUND!! If Ms. Harris is controlled by the all mighty dollar, then as a consumer–you have the power to take yours back from her

    • I absolutely agree! In addition to my plea to people not to buy this or anything she writes ever again, I enthusiastically encourage you to return the book. If it hasn’t arrived yet, mark it REFUSED – RETURN SENDER.

      And this recap thing apparently coming out in October? Forget it! Don’t buy it. Even if I hear that she retracts everything and this was all just a bad dream, I won’t forgive her for breaking our hearts this way. I’m not giving her anything else, ever.

  34. THANK YOU!!

    Very succinct response you covered everything I felt thoroughly. I frankly haven’t been happy with the well the last few books. DEA left me feeling I had been screwed coming and going and I didn’t even get a good dinner not even from the McDonalds dollar menu. I forced myself to continue frankly because I’m stubborn about finishing what I start and truth told I didn’t know if the author was just a piss poor writer or she had grown tired of her own characters the last four books but needed the money.

    If I had paid for them I would have stopped long ago. I think this comment from you says it all.. In fact I have yet to speak to one soul I know that also reads them that didn’t have a WTF comment.
    ‘I may not be not ‘entitled’ to the ending I wanted for Sookie but I was ‘entitled’ to a story that made sense.’

    And that my friends is the most cut through the ALL the BS statement and justifications out there in regards to loyalty and commitment to an author or a series there is.. Because it is the TRUTH!!! I hated the ending of Gone With the Wind but it fit it made sense.

    I recognized NO one within the books NO ONE anymore she sabotaged her characters the journey and pulled this crap out of a hat from left field I cant for the life of me understand the bipolar mess that was created as a finishing statement to the series. But live and learn I had never read CH before and I only started reading the books because I liked Eric on TB so I am happy to report whether she really is a good writer or not no longer matters not reading this author again will not cause me a moments regret.

  35. i refuse to buy it and give CH any more of my time and money….she clearly has made a mess of a what could have been a great series…the fanfiction authors are much betters writers with much better storylines and do justice to some great characters…CH won’t get another penny from me.

  36. Thanks so much for this Nymerias. I haven’t read it yet – I will just to close the circle. But I am not looking forward to it which is kinda hilarious considering I have followed this series for the last 5yrs and steadfastly believed that CH would honor her characters and their journeys and by default her fans with this last book. Boy was I stupid. It still boggles the mind that she thought this final installment was consistent with her previous characterisations, because from the spoilers I’ve read, this trainwreck seems at best lazy, at worse deliberate and contrary. Its a very weird and surreal thing to be witnessing.

    In my better moments I feel sorry for her. I’m not sure she truly gets it (the fans outrage). Maybe after some time and space she will. But I won’t hold my breath. I figure if we’re entitled readers, she’s the epitome of an entitle author.

  37. […] of all, after we finished reading the book, Nymerias gave us ESL’s review of the book titled, “DEA to DUD in Five Seconds Flat”! As a result of all of this…we wanted to reassure you and let you know what our future plans […]

  38. Thank you for showing me what is it in the book because i can’t read it! The end is so bad and i see also the writing is so bad that i want to kick Sookie and CH. I agree with all comments above and i am quite pleased that i am not the only one having these thoughts. In fact, i am curious to see what CH has to say about the unexpected low selling, amount of bad comments and yeah…less money as expected! And definitely she is racist! And also i liked imagining Sam in a dress..suits him very well..now i understand why i never was attracted to him:P
    True Blood i never liked that much, but also made me watch every episode and decided to read the books. But, as CH loved that much Sam, TB is on to Bill..i always assumed they are doing it cause they got married. So, unless they realize they can lose some money, they will go on with that.
    So, I’m just keeping my fantasies as they were and care no more about what they are selling! But,hell! I won’t buy any book of CH!

  39. There is something to be said about expectation when reading a final book in a series but another entirely when those expectations are not met. From the beginning to the end, this book was a huge disappointment and it failed to satisfy this reader. It felt like it was rushed and had no real point to it. What I read was character assassination to obtain the author’s original intent and all involved deserved better than what they got in the end, especially Sookie.

  40. after having read all the comments on the last book – i’m sure i won’t read it.
    maybe someone can help me: why has eric to work for 200 years as a sex slave – which deal was this.
    that’s the only thing that matters to me – after knowing that he and sookie aren’t together :-(

    • Eric agrees to marry the vampire queen for 200 years and Sookie is left alone by all other vampires as part of the deal.

      • thx for your help. so after not knowing the book – i think that’s rather nice from eric.

        • According to Pam and so according to the author, it was not ‘nice’ it was Eric proving to Freyda that he protects what used to be his! It was character assassination, not thing more and nothing less.

          • ok, as i don’t know the book and i’m sure i won’t get to know it… that really sounds like character assassination…. very sad that all this happened……

          • The author played a little game called ‘Operation Character Assassination’ lol

          • What Pam says makes it to the most fucked up things said in the whole series !!! Sookie is taking relationship advice from Pam and Bill, a cynic and a rapist !!! Fascinating !!!

          • I’m so thankful for every one of your comments here, it’s a relief to read them all! Beautiful work by KittRose as always – Brava ragazza!

            I have one thing I wanted to add to the discussion after analyzing everything again, after I cooled down a little. Pam’s reasoning is crap. And it changed how I have been fuming about Eric’s questionable character growth. Here’s why.

            Only a cruel idiot could have written those lines for Pam, because they are so blatantly untrue, and our OOC Sookie just takes them at their face value, again (what a surprise.) Really, CH’s true explanation for Eric’s vamp marriage with Oklahoma is just another slap in the face of Eric/Sookie fans the author delivers through Pam, because the sole reason Eric would practically sell himself into the matrimonial slavery is to keep Sookie alive and safe from vamps (so that she could play wild life with Sam – eww!), and he would only do that because he LOVES HER MORE THAN ANYTHING! Who cares what he used to own? Who cares if he protects what once was his? It is not his now, so fuck it, right? Sounds right to me. I can’t accept that CH was so stupid to write this part and expect the reader not to see the hidden message between the lines. She tells us Eric has feelings for Sookie, but Sookie is rejecting him and his way of life. She tells us he sacrifices his freedom for her, therefore putting her above his own well being. Maybe, she was hoping to appease us in a small way? I don’t know, but she keeps twisting his character over and over. And as it stands, now I have more respect for this version of Eric who finally has the guts to give up his freedom for what he loves than I have for the spineless Sookie who betrayed the man she claimed to love and went for a mediocre existence with a shifter. I hope she and Sam breed lots of puppies. As far as the Viking is concern, I’d look at the silver lining here: his character has indeed grown. To me, he is the real hero of the series, not Sookie, because he did change. He is not the selfish cold murderer anymore CH tagged him to be. He will exist through Oklahoma marriage, and he will only become stronger. And the next time he falls in love, I choose to believe he will do so with the person who deserves him. So, off I go to write more fanfiction with that in mind. Thanks for letting me rant here.

          • Wasn’t it Pam that confronted Sookie earlier in the series about Eric’s feeling for her and how he’s never been at such a disadvantage? I just feel like the Pam’s statement that it’s not Eric being nice is a contradiction to all the action’s we’ve seen Eric do for Sookie.

          • Yes it was Pam that made that statement. She also said that Eric has not felt that way about anyone for a long time. Everything that happened in this final book went against all past narrative. The CD blew it all away or it might as well have for as little to no attention the author paid to it. The Eric she originally wrote about for most of 12 books would have fought to stay in his own little corner of the world and to stay with Sookie.

          • CH took away Eric’s zest for life, his fire and all the fight and canniness he has had for 10 or 11 books. What happened with that elation and amazing energy he was glowing with after he drained Colman in the end of book 10? Such a promising storyline! Instead, he gave up and gave in to Freyda – in that lies the core of the contradiction between the Eric we all came to know and love and the Eric CH wrote in the end. It’s beyond me how she did not/was unable to/refused to create a better ending to the series in which at least Eric would get to safe his face and be happy, just a little, and Sookie’s being with Sam wouldn’t make most of her fans want to puke. Seals?! Brrr. I bet that sex scene will make it into the list of this year’s worst sex scenes (CH has been there before, if I’m not mistaken.) And poor Sookie, all the hurt, broken heart, torture, rape, learning the hard way – all for nothing.

          • @ AlphaEN: i am sure you will manage to clean the diseaster with your fanfic and make us all happy again….. I’m looking forward reading it. Good luck

          • @ratthy thanks, hon! Smart, independent Sookie and Eric who’s not an abusive and controlling a-hole are a winning recipe for all, even if CH doesn’t want to give it to us.

  41. First off, if you’re looking for fanfiction where this fuckery doesn’t happen, you can check out my As Good As Dead: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6737868/1/As-Good-As-Dead. Not only does Sookie NOT end up with Sam in the end, but Eric finds out about QSA’s plan to procure Sookie and gets to her before Bill. So we don’t have to deal with THAT crap either.

    On to my reaction to this farce. My first inclination is was to defend the writer. I’m a writer. I am not now, nor will ever be, guided by my readers. I do not write by committee. I have a story to tell, and I’m going to tell it the way I want to. HOWEVER, I would never completely fuck over my universes like this (my original universes and my poached ones). I would not do my characters a monstrous disservice as CH has done. It is imperative to me that my stories be not only consistent, but honor the integrity of the universe I have created. Ms. Harris did not honor her universe.

    Moreover, I believe she was pissed off at readers’ obsession with Eric and him absolutely having to be Sookie’s HEA that she did this to just to spite them. She took out her “I rule this universe” wand and waved it blindly. There are two stories involved in any writer’s piece of work. One is what they’re consciously writing; the story they are intending to tell. The other is what they are SUBconsciously writing. It’s what has emerged without their conscious intention of it. CH has insisted she was writing a mystery series and not a romance, but subconsciously she wrote a romance story as well and refused to acknowledge it. She didn’t see this building and then spend a few books endeavoring to diffuse it, which is what she SHOULD have done. She went ahead with it and wrote herself into a hole with it. The result was her complete destruction of one of the best characters ever created. In Eric, she created a multifaceted anti-hero who had style and flair, who readers loved. Technically, Eric is hers and she can destroy him if she wants to. But it didn’t have to be that way. She could have him go with Freyda and not be such a dick about it, but that was un-Eric. And Sookie was un-Sookie. That wasn’t even Sookie dealing with a broken heart. It was just out of character.

    She didn’t walk anything back. She didn’t change the direction of her subconscious writing when she saw what road it was going down. There are different theories of literary criticism, one is interpreting what what the author subconsciously wrote as well as the plain reading of their text. CH subconsciously wrote a romance and rather than acknowledge that, she annihilated her most popular character merely out of malicious spite. In the process, she lost a large portion of her reader base. She could have told the story she wanted to and not have done this. But she got her panties in a wad and threw herself a little fit.

    So good luck to you, Ms. Harris. What took years of your hard work, crumbled in the blink of an eye. You can write YOUR story without screwing over your reader base, but you chose not to do that. And so now, you are right back where you started, only you’re a little worse off now. When you first started, you relied on word of mouth to promote your work. You relied on people loaning your books to build your reader base. Now all those people are going to do just the opposite. They won’t recommend the series to anyone. A new writer faces a long, slow uphill battle to get to where you were. A blackballed writer hits nothing but insurmountable walls. I hope you invested all that money well.

    • You get a standing O. Bravo, very well said. What she intended to tell did not come off on the page, instead what came off was Eric, who was a fierce, loyal and loving vampire who was not afraid to go after what he wanted. He was happy in his own little corner of the world. Sookie became a fierce, bad ass who did not take any shit and could protect herself. What we got in the end was two people who could not stand up for themselves and let other people over take their life. Where was the fight? They turned out to be wimps and that was against the narrative. She destroyed her characters in the blink of an eye and for what? So she could go back to her original intent. So FUCKING FUBAR!

    • So very true, I’ll be checking out your fiction as well.

    • I just finished your fic last night. I loved it! (Couldn’t comment on the site then because I read everything on the go). My favorite character is Liam; he’s adorbs. :)

      • I’m only on chapter 8 so far, I wish I could just read a fiction nonstop. Sometimes I need breaks…lol!

        • I had some downtime yesterday, so I took advantage of it. I haven’t read a fanfic (in any fandom) in a long time, and I figured this DEA mess warranted one. :D :D :D

      • Aww thanks! I had wicked fun writing it, in case you couldn’t tell! I loved obnoxious Liam. I left a few things open so I could revisit that universe again one day. :D

    • I’m reading your fic now and it’s AMAZING!!! It’s SO well written and the characters are SPOT ON. Your Eric has made me fall in love with the character all over again. Thank you for sharing this with us!! BRAVO!!

  42. I am sorry, but I think I like Alan Ball better than Charlaine Harris right now. SORRY! He did give us Godric.

    Shame, shame on you CH. Such a character disappointment. The last four books seem to slowly go to crap. I originally laid blame with True Blood as I felt that it was rubbing off on her. I honestly think she started out caring about her characters and fans and in the end she cared more about $$$.

    Sookie sucked it-big time. And that is all I have to say about that!

  43. I wouldn’t say that DEA takes us all the way back to DUD. Sookie had grown as a woman. She doesn’t see herself as a lonely freak who has to cling to a scary, violent, psychopathic vampire anymore the way she did in DUD. She accepted that she has family and friends who will stand by her in times of trouble. She’s a business owner and financially independent. She’s learned that her happiness is not contingent on finding the perfect man. That she doesn’t have to suffer and sacrifice for true love, and that nobody–not even Eric–has to the right to ask or expect her to. Now Sookie can take Bill, Eric, Quinn, Sam or leave them. Unfortunately, to get Sookie to that revelation, CH had to give Sookie an emotional lobotomy and shit all over all the men in her life (including her great-grandfather Niall). This book is so unlike all the other books in the series in terns of style, voice, tone, language usage, character descriptions and behavior, and so lacking in emotional authenticity or subtlety, that I don’t believe CH actually wrote it. No, CH didn’t do right by Sookie at all.

  44. I have never posted a review for any of the SVM books until now (on amazon). This book was the biggest disappointment and it was like it was a different series with how different the characters were. Sookie has done a full circle and is right back where she was when the books started out, albeit a bit richer. Totally disappointing book and what a shaft to Eric’s character. I kept waiting for the Eric we knew and loved and sadly, he never showed up. Pam didn’t even sound like Pam and where the hell was Bubba?! The Sookie who was there thru the book was so different from the normal Sookie that I agree in that I don’t think CH wrote most of this or if she did, she had a major bit of memory loss herself.

  45. Thanks nyms ~ needed a good laugh :)
    When I watched Silver Linings this past weekend I thought about changing that to one of my siggys
    Loved your summary – never did like crock-pots!

  46. Is there a way to get (like with movies) a sort of sales listing to see how much money has been made off of a book so far? I’d be interested to know how CH has done on this book so far as compared to other books.

  47. For Alpha EN, *jumping and squeeing* yay! I can’t wait to read it. Seriously, people her stories are very good. She have more respect for CH’s character than CH herself.

    I am so glad i follow Amazon forum and find out about the spoilers. All those storyline from previous books just forgotten in the next book. All speculation about the marriage, FDC, I mean everything is just fillers. I think we give her too much credit by discussing the books deeply. I feel stupid thinking that she’s just being humble when she said her books are not that deep. Now I read that all her books have the same unsatisfying ending and the characters(some) ended up with a brother(step) or someone considered family. That’s icky! I was waiting for reviews for this last book to see if I should buy it plus DL. Now, I don’t even want to look at the books I have. I am very grateful to those German readers and OY for saving me lots of money. I don’t know CH personally but it’s hard to separate the books with the author’s own ideology and value because it’s impossible not to write a little bit of yourself in your character. She said so herself that she’s a little bit of Sookie herself and some people who met her said she’s like that too. Is it too rude to surmise that she is bigoted as well like Sookie is in this book? Is her smile to fans at book signings as fake as Sookie’s? Is it true Nymerias, that she hammered this message to readers that you should stick to your own kind/people? Humans are better than vampires? Does she forgot that she was tortured by faeries not because of vampires. The only vampire who physically and mentally abuse her is Bill and she remains friends with him. Sure, she got attack by Charles because her association with Eric but she was attack by weres as well. Her worst injuries was caused by Bill, weres(because of Bill in CD) and faeries. How is it justified that Eric got all the punishment when he is the one who’s there for her almost all the time and the least responsible for Sookie’s abuse, torture or what not. What does CH have against strong, worldly, powerful, smart good looking men? Honestly, i’m fed up with Sookie and I hope someone write an ff where Eric says, “Honestly, I don’t give a damn Sookie” She’s very unlikeable since DR. Pity, we were suppose to be in her corner. I’d like to thank Erika and other staff writers for this site and good luck for your future endeavours.


    • You are right on this one—Sookie is really not a likeable person any more. All she does is fly off the handle and bully people in her power. She has serious self worth issues/complexes and insecurities. Like hell,,if a person cannot recognize the good in themselves, how would they see good in anyone else? So just like she thinks telepathy is a curse, she also sees Eric as the cause of all her issues. The stupid imbecile !!

  48. I just finished this book. I just had to read it to believe it, and I can not begin to find the words to describe how devastated I feel. After 12 books and so much time, I really feel like the author just threw it all away. Nothing in this last book makes sense, nor do the characters seem like the same people. It’s like all the characters were played by different people. Eric was certainly not the same Eric readers loved and neither was Sookie. Heck, I don’t even think that was the real Pam! What a way to tear down characters that have grown and changed throughout the series. For me, it wasn’t just about Sookie ending up with Eric. That is what I wanted and hoped for. However, I respect the author’s right to write her own ending, but I do not support her blatant assassination of two of the main characters. I could have respected an ending where Sookie and Eric aren’t able to be together even though they love each other and Sookie decides to be with Sam just to have a chance at a normal life. What I can’t respect is that the love they had for each other was not only questioned but thrown away so easily and that they parted so badly. Was it too much to ask for them to part on good terms with their love still in tact? And the whole relationship with Sam just is thrown together. He was never on the radar for Sookie. You can’t just take everything you have built in 12 books and throw it away in a little over 300 pages. Well, I guess you can because that is exactly what she did. I just feel let down as a reader. Sookie is stuck in the same place. Yes, she is a little more independent and sure of herself, but I am convinced she did not get her happily ever after. She herself isn’t even sure about her future with Sam at the end. I feel like she just settled, and Eric is trapped like he was when he was first made. The author must have really hated the Eric she created to take him down like that. How can she not end up with a vampire anyway? The book titles all include the word DEAD, and it is the Southern VAMPIRE Mysteries. And what was with the book cover? She had on her boots and the shifters were behind her. I think that was totally misleading to just get people to hope for an Eric/Sookie ending and buy the book. I feel like I have been played.

    • We all have, it is such a betrayal to the fans and makes no one even want to bother with her anymore.

  49. Very, very disappointed with this. It felt like badly written fanfic – you know the ones – where the writer hasn’t ‘got’ the characters properly and it just feels off when you read it – if I hadn’t invested so much time reading the rest of the series I wouldn’t have finished it. I’ve followed the series since the beginning and I kept hoping CH was going to pull something out of the hat and give her many fans the ending they wanted – with a strong Sookie whose life was better for her experiences instead of this pathetic, passionless excuse for a life she’s ended up with. I can’t believe what CH has done to Eric – has she come to hate her own creation? Is she jealous of Alex Skarsgard’s success? – She’s made quite a point over the years that he’s not her Eric – seems his Eric has become more popular. Is this her revenge? I hope the writers of the TV show have the courage to come up with their own ending and don’t feel constrained to stick to this frankly ridiculous, senseless finale to the series. Hope the current rumours that are circulating are wrong – though as Alex’s career grows I suppose we have to expect that he may need to go. This has been a great series and TV show and deserves to go out with a bang not a whimper.

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