Caption This!

With the 6th season of True Blood just over a month away, it’s time to take a look back at moments that caught our eye.

Unless you happened to have blinked and might have missed something when it aired.

Luckily for you all, I caught this one … and now I can’t wait to see what Captions you will come up with for it.


So let the creative juices flow… and Caption This!

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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

6 comments on “Caption This!

  1. Just wondering if anyone can confirm if its truth that A. Skarsgard is really meeting his true death in episode 6…. Please tell me this isnt true!!!

    • No, it’s not true. The rumor is that a main character will die, but they immediately assumed it was Eric because they knew that would piss people off the most. There’s really nothing to base that on, so I’m going with it being just a rumor at this point.

  2. Lacey:
    Don’t know if this is true or not? Haven’t really seen anything that says he will.
    Some friends speculated that if he does, that he’ll come back in 3 days.
    sort of like Jesus?

  3. ‘Back off or you will be the next pile of blood goo”

    ‘You don’t scare me, I’m coming for you!’

  4. […] better than the True Blood writers, and most definitely better than CH? Put that to the test and Caption This moment from Season […]

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