True Blood Season 6 Episode 8 Title & More Casting News


True Blood has released the episode title for 6.08 and are looking for some more characters. We also have some updates in previous casting calls you should know, unless you always check our True Blood Season 6 Episode Guide.

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t read below!


First, we’ll share with you this meaty episode title from episode 6.08 – thanks to SpoilerTV;

True Blood episode 6.08 is called “Dead Meat” and 2 co-star roles are being cast: a guard and a bottling plant foreman.

In a roundup of casting news…they have cast the role of the “crazed vampire” who will be shown in episode 9.

61b78d3e-4e71-4046-add3-dca33b6165a9VICTOR OF AQUITAINE will play the role of “Crazed Vampire”
in episode 6.09.  He’s a classically trained musician, he first began acting at a young age. He’s best-known for his work in “Fame”, “Get Rich or Die Trying”, “Oysters & Pearls” and will appear in an upcoming movie with Lindsay Lohan titled, “The Canyons”.

In more casting news…Brianne Davis tweeted she is playing a role on True Blood.

briannedavisShe also shared this picture of True Blood Episode 6.09’s script – showing which episode she will appear in.


Brianne will play Belinda, “a flirtatious trouble-making new waitress at Merlotte’s”, according to her reps.

Of course, neither of these characters will probably have anything to do with our favorite couple, but it’s interesting that True Blood keeps adding characters when the show already has enough, IMO.

As for the episode title…”DEAD MEAT” – well I could think of MANY characters I hope end up this way. ;)  I can’t imagine any song title which would fit this title though, unless they aren’t basing the title off a song which is featured in this episode…?

What are your thoughts? Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

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5 comments on “True Blood Season 6 Episode 8 Title & More Casting News

  1. Something tells me Luna won’t make it thru this season and this waitress will probably be s love interest for Sam …..crazed vampire I have no idea where they are going with thst character. ….dead meat is where I like to see Billith be but I know he won’t

    • I figured Luna wouldn’t make it past the first episode, but I don’t think this chick is supposed to be a love interest for him. Sookie obviously won’t be working much again if he had to hire someone else, I don’t see her lasting long if she’s a troublemaker.

  2. I just can’t bring myself to care about the cast of thousands they bring to the new season. They do this pretty much every year just so they have a lot of characters to kill off by the end.

  3. Ditto luv, I totally agree!!!!! Although I must say when I saw the pic of the Victor guy, I said to myself, He could be playing the crazed vampire, Warlow……….

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