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True Blood is featured in this week’s (May 31st – June 7th) double issue of Entertainment Weekly in their article on “Your Summer Must List”! There is even a review of Alex’s movie, The East in this issue as well!  Our B was kind enough to share the scans – but was unable to post – so I’m doing it instead.

This article features each one of the main new characters we’ll be watching this season!  This may seem spoilerish to some.

Remember…if you don’t want to know – don’t read below!

spoiler_alert_300_wThese scans are from the electronic (iPad) edition of Entertainment Weekly.

Check them out below. Please click image for larger view.


Let’s start with Ben. I’m not crazy about hearing he’ll be naked most of the season because we know Sookie will be involved with him.


It’s interesting that we still don’t know what Nicole really is – except a vampire activist. Will she have special powers after all?


Contrary to some speculations I’ve seen…it looks like Willa (the Governor’s daughter) will be nothing more than a human, instead of being a vampire. How long will that last? We’ll have to wait and see. We do know she will have some scenes with Eric…


Not surprising to us – Govenor Burrell is going to be this season’s BIG BAD. It’s funny that even Buckner is afraid of him. LOL


Niall, our favorite fairy prince. While it looks like his wild hair is only temporary, we’re sure he’ll probably drag Sookie and Jason into his crazy hair-brained plans – whatever those might be – something to do with Warlow more than likely.


While this was but a small taste of what the newbie’s will bring to the show, the countdown is on till June 16th with Sookie and Eric and the rest of the crew from Bon Temps.






Lastly, we have EW’s review of “The East”! It’s really great to see they give the movie a B+! I know many of us are looking forward to seeing it!

What are your thoughts? Please share ’em below!

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  4. […] True Blood is featured in Entertainment Weekly’s Summer TV Must List and we have the digital scans to share with you! There is also a review on Alex’s movie, “The East”. Check ‘em out here! […]

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