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Anna Paquin is featured in the latest issue of Modern Luxury Magazine: Angeleno. In the article, she talks about True Blood Season 6 and her upcoming movie, X-men: Days of Future Past!

You can check out the images from the digital magazine below.

Here’s what the article said about Anna, Sookie, and True Blood;

“I read the books and obviously that was very helpful, but [TV’s] Sookie was created by Alan and our writers—the way she has grown has felt like a natural and collaborative process,” says the starlet, who loves the character’s fearlessness and strength.

True Blood followers will be comforted to know that things remain as harrowing as ever for Bon Temps’ leading temptress in the new season, which picks up from a cliffhanger that left Sookie and her onetime blood-sucking suitor Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) discovering her other vampire paramour, and possible true love Bill (hubby Moyer), transmogrifying into an evil-incarnate ubervampire. “Things left off in a pretty serious place in regards to where Eric and I leave Bill having just turned into this creature of the blood with these monster fangs—and who the hell knows what that is?” she poses, chuckling. “So obviously, that situation has to [play] out. And we have new cast members this year, and that’s always fun to have fresh blood, if you’ll pardon the pun.”

Among the new faces is Brit actor Rob Kazinsky as the charismatic Ben, who helps Sookie and her brother Jason delve deeper into the mystery behind their parents’ death and is, perhaps, yet another magical entity looking to get into her short shorts. Plot twists aside, expect a more introspective Sookie.

“This season, the writers and I have been making a concerted effort to help Sookie grow up, become a little bit darker, more accepting of her fate, more self-knowing,” says newly minted True Blood showrunner Bryan Buckner, further revealing that the character will explore her attraction to vampires head on in a soul-searching journey made exponentially more compelling through Paquin’s subtly nuanced performance. “She is able to tell us so much with her eyes… I don’t think there are very many actors out there who could pull off what we’re asking of her this season… Her performances literally hold [True Blood] together as a show.”

Paquin sees Sookie as a “danger magnet.” “[This] translates into something pretty dramatic happening to her most of the time, which means it’s pretty much impossible to ever get bored on the job,” says Paquin, noting the series’ compelling horror trappings. “It’s entertaining to watch, and it’s really entertaining to do. Because [the show falls] under the umbrella of what I guess you could call ‘genre,’ we get to kind of make up rules for our universe and you’re not just limited to what actually exists in reality.”

If you would like to read the entire article (in case you can’t see the digital edition)…please click here.

I have to say…Anna is looking positively STUNNING in those photos! As for what they are planning for Sookie this season about Sookie growing up…I like this idea very much. I just hope this new Sookie will be one Eric likes too.

What are your thoughts? Please share ’em below.

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20 comments on “Anna Paquin in Modern Luxury Magazine

  1. Holy crap, those pictures are hot.

  2. I have to read this whole article. I love what Anna says about upcoming Season 6.
    I also so love the top that she’s wearing.

    • If you click on the link Marlene…I believe they have the fashion info next to the pictures at the top of the article.

  3. Gorgeous pictures of Anna!
    Thanks for posting.

  4. I’m so wondering what Anna’s feelings are about the Final Book, Dead Ever After??
    And how she feels about who Sookie ended up with?

  5. I want to see Sookie grow because its been too long for her to be growing so I want to see what she is growing into. If you watch the show at all how can you think Bill is her true love?He has been horrible to her most of the time they had a relationship by lying and scheming and what he said to her at the end of season 5 was disgusting and she didn’t deserve that from Bill ….but it showed his true colors and what he really is about …power.Eric seems to be her true love in season 4 they connected on a level neither one had ever connected with another person before that’s more of a true love than the bullshit we get about Bill….

  6. Well, my first thought is, “it’s about time Sook grows up”. I definately like this and hope they follow thru on it. Although I wasn’t too keen on Anna’s remark about Bill being Sookies true love BS. Oh we’ll, just don’t kill off our Eric and I’ll be happy,!!

    • I don’t think that was Anna who said it…but the person who wrote the article for the magazine. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she said it too.

  7. Oh have just read the accompying article, really cute piece.

  8. Bill’s only true love is himself.

  9. I just hope Eric will love the new improved Sookie . I hope they get back together. Anna Looks Fierce in the photos .. Love her . Thanks for posting this article . I love it.

    • He’s not the problem, he always loved her while she could care less. I don’t think she’s going to be improved at all. Obviously if she takes up with Ben, she’ll just be making the same mistakes all over again by trusting the wrong person.

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  11. She is such a stunning, beautiful woman. Wow!

  12. I don’t think it was Anna that said bill true love I think the writer of the magazine, anyways I am happy Sookie is finally going to grow UP!! I do think that this Ben guys is BAD news and that Sookie will be playing him, she need to fine out what happen to her parents and why warlow. I just don’t think he a new love tat everyone think he is, by the end of the season ERIC AND SOOKIE I think will be together

    • I was kind of hoping that Sookie was just pretending to get close to him to find out the truth, but that’s probably just wishful thinking. She unfortunately isn’t so smart, but I do hope she can be someone I like again.

  13. […] Anna Paquin is featured in Modern Luxury Magazine! Check out the stunning photos and read her interview here! […]

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