True Blood Cast Looks Back at Season 5


As we’re counting down the days until True Blood Season 6… True Blood HBO wanted to remind us what happened during Season 5 (as if we could ever forget?) by interviewing the cast, while they talked about the season.

We figured you might find some of it interesting (especially when they talk about the Eric and/or Sookie’s scenes).

You can watch the series of videos below.

This first video is an extended recap of the entire season without the cast interviews.

This second video includes BOTH the recap and the cast interviews. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get the embed player working on here, so please click on the image below to watch it over at HBO.com.


Lastly, if you want to watch the parts where they talk ONLY about Eric in Season 5 – watch the video below.

Special thanks to skarsjoy.tumblr.com for uploading it to YouTube for us to enjoy!

I do love how Alex apologized for releasing Pam and hearing what the actors thought about their storylines in Season 5…even though most of the storylines sucked. LOL

Love it or hate it…one thing’s for sure…we’re excited to see Eric and Sookie in some NEW scenes in Season 6!

What are your thoughts? Please share ’em below.

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4 comments on “True Blood Cast Looks Back at Season 5

  1. I watched this on Friday night after it aired, it was hysterical.
    All of the actors telling about Season 5 and what went on during the filming.

  2. I always love cast interaction, but I thought the season 4 recap was funnier. I’d like to hope for more E/S scenes in season 6, but it’s not seeming very likely that they’re going to have much.

  3. You are so right Erika most of the storylines sucked.

  4. […] As we’re counting down until the True Blood Season 6 premiere..the cast of the show talked about what happened during season 5! We shared a few videos where you can find out what the cast said about the season. Check ‘em out here! […]

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