Video of the Week for May 26th to June 1st

Video of the Week

I don’t know ’bout you…but we’re feeling  tickled P!NK about bringing you this week’s pick for E&SL’s Video of the Week!

Did you know I once tried getting P!NK tickets for her latest tour and it was all sold out? :(

Let’s just say…I love her music and when B found this video of one of my favorite artists, featuring my favorite couple…we were excited. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Plus, it’s a REALLY good Eric & Sookie lovin’ video too!

Here it is…this week’s pick for Video of the Week!

Song: Try

Artist: P!NK

Video Editor: Ashley Brucker

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What did you think? Please share your thoughts below!

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7 comments on “Video of the Week for May 26th to June 1st

  1. Thank you for sharing this one Erika!!! I totally loved it. I know that we probably won’t have any/much Eric and Sookie together this season either, so the only thing I am looking forward to is “reliving” the past through these videos and season 4……..

    I, too, love Pink so I thought this song was very fitting of this video!! Can’t wait til the new season begins.

  2. Good video, even though it kind of depressed me. It sucks to know that we may never get moments like that between them again. I was actually thinking of doing a video with this song myself, but I’ll probably never get around to it.

  3. that was awesome, i loved the end when he tells her he loves her. I know we dont know whats ahead but we have our memories.

  4. I love this video! God they so belong together! Dammit!

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  6. Thank you!!!! You made one of the best fan videos of all time. I’m totally in love with all things True Blood especially Eric and Sookie the hottest tv couple ever, and then to use Try by the AMAZING Alicia Moore aka P!nk was genius!!!! I loved it.

  7. […] tickled pink bringing you this week’s pick for our Video of the Week! Hope you enjoy it […]

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