JMFO:True Blood, Rock My World….I Dare You!


Since the Season 6 premiere of True Blood is right around the corner, we thought we would start it off right, with a ‘Fangpinion’! Before I go any further, I just have to say that I really have no expectations for this upcoming season of True Blood. With that being said, on with the post!

As I said, I really have no expectations that are specific in nature in regards to Season 6. However, I would like the show to ROCK MY WORLD! I want to be shocked and blown away by the story they are going to throw at me. I want to not be able to look away from my Big Screen for a minute. This show is certainly capable of doing all of the above, the only problem is that they don’t make it stick. I don’t want to be saying “what the fuck was that for and calling bullshit”.

Every mystifying thing that has happened and left us screaming with either a ‘HELL YEAH’ or a ‘HELL NO DID THAT SHIT JUST HAPPEN?” was taken away with a simple explanation or none at all. The RAT REVEAL comes to mind here and the witch war HOT MESS of season 4, which could have been so much better than what it was. The RAT REVEAL,which could have made a HUGE lasting impact on the characters, was brushed off as if it was nothing and it might as well have never happened.


So at the end of Season 5 when Bill essentially died after having drank the Kool-Aid, I screamed ‘HELL YEAH’ and “DID THAT SHIT JUST HAPPEN?”! It was extremely satisfying to see. I was shocked because I did not think they show had it in them to be that ballsy but yet it happened.

Here lies the problem though, YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT STICK Buckner and Company, otherwise it was all for naught. I think it would be advantageous for your show to finish what it started with this whole ‘Billith’ thing, don’t be afraid to go there with this character. We don’t know yet where they are going with it but I do know that with whatever happens and whatever he does during this period, it should not be brushed off like it was nothing.

Don’t start something that could be great and then make it all go away without a second’s thought with a simple stroke of a pen. I want the show to make all the storylines mean something in the end. DO NOT JUST BRUSH IT OFF AS FILLER (Jason were panther storyline anyone?) BLOW ME AWAY!

The Jason ‘you ain’t gonna be a werepanther’ Stackhouse still baffles the mind. Poor Jason, chained up to a bed and repeatedly raped and bitten and for nothing at the end of the day. There is no way that wrong can be righted now. Let me leave this season thinking about it all winter long and jonesing for the 7th season to begin. EARN MY WANTING TO VIEW IT!


I would love for this show to truly shock me and leave me mesmerized in the wake of what they just accomplished. I want to be left with a “What the hell do they do now?” feeling. I want something that will leave me with my jaw hanging on the floor, kind of like what this scene did to me.

or this one…… finding out Roman was the Angel…woah!

I would like Sookie to do some real soul-searching and think about everything that has been done to her, some of it she willingly put herself into danger for but really examine what she thinks is true about herself and others and what is the actual truth. Look deep inside yourself Sookie, really grow up and mature this season.

I would like Buckner to live up to what he said in this regard and not let Sookie be played for a fool again by ANYONE! In short, I would like Sookie to save her own ASS with her super duper fae powers that she should embrace and learn how to use properly. Don’t make Bill or any other man/vampire in Sookie’s life be the hero, let Sookie be the hero in saving her own ASS!

Do you think I said the term ‘ROCK MY WORLD’ enough? Well, if this season does not, I am positive that Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman will. I see Eric as a very caring vampire when it comes to those who loves and he will be ruthless in his efforts to protect them.

Eric is supposed to be doing evil things this year and I have no problem with that whatsoever. It is not like he won’t have a reason, based on what we have seen anyway. His fellow vampire species are being subjected to some very cruel things at the hands of humans. This is not a selfish act he is making here. I know the Viking is not perfect by any means and I have never made excuses for him so if he does something I think is FUBAR, I will call him out on it.

Well, it seems I told a little, white lie for I do have some expectations after all. I want True Blood to ROCK MY WORLD to the point where I have goose bumps because my need for a great story was satisfied. What’s your ‘fangpinion’? Sound off below!

About Nymerias

I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

44 comments on “JMFO:True Blood, Rock My World….I Dare You!

  1. I’m thinking if this show was ever going to be awesome, it would have happened by now. I have no hope that this season will be any better than the last, but we shall see.

    • I know but I just wanted to share my thoughts and get the first fangpinion out the way. I will not get my hopes up at all for something great but I do want the showrunner to take notice. If there will be a season 7, then he knows upfront what I and others would like. It may not do any good but at least I got it out there.

      • I just want to feel like I did at the end of season 5 when we finally saw Bill die, only to have that be entirely ruined when they brought him back, or whatever the hell he is now. This is why I now tell myself to wait until the last second, I might think an episode is awesome, but they always find some way to ruin it.

        • You are so right Tammy. For about a whole minute, in the last episode when Bill melted, I felt so “Blown away”! Didn’t last though.

          • Which is why I wrote this post, TB needs to see that they cannot start something really damn good and then take it all away with no consequences whatsoever. Not that they will listen and take heed but I will be heard. You hear me HBO and True Blood………….don’t make this shit stupid and all for naught.

  2. well who knows whats gonna happen i mean the trailer sneak peak baffled me a lil bit first with governor burrell basically saying vamps r a “no,no” i hope eric rips him a new one :/ then bill we leave off after he gets into a pool of goop and who knows what screwed up descions he has goin on (jessica u better watch out,just sayin) and etc…soo lets see :)

    • I am worried about Jessica. I think she’s going to get sucked into his craziness and end up getting killed, just by what I’ve seen so far of the trailers.

  3. It could be the effect of multiple writers and multiple directors for each show in a single season….There are a lot of times when the story or characterization doesn’t match up. I hope the writers all sit together for some time and really agree on a single direction and not run around in different directions like a BIG BANG!!

  4. I use to feel excited for TB but that hasn’t happened in awhile I continue to watch for Eric plain and simple my hope is he gets out of this season alive. Your opinion sounds wonderful and the things you want I would love to see I hope that happens for us al. What I do know with a certainty is if he doesn’t survive…. I’m done. TB can continue to try and distract the remaining viewers with the thinly veiled Sookie porn as they have her leap frog from male to male without me.

  5. The show began it’s decline into a slow death once Season 1 finished. I expect nothing good this season. On the subject of “Sookie Porn”, it has to be said that for a show that has a reputation for being sexy there is very little sex in it unless you are into guys which I am not. Sookie Stackhouse hasn’t been seen naked anywhere near enough :)

    • poor John has not seen enough women folk being naked…lol. You are aware they show women naked more than men it is sexist HAHAHAH

    • I do have sympathy – my partner complained all the time about the lack of naked ladies – Jess & Pam in particular – but it seems a lot of the girls have a no nudity clause in their contract, which is strange on a show that markets itself on being a “sexy” show. I’m sure we’ll see Sookie naked again as Anna isn’t quite so shy. My partner has now stopped watching the show and says it is only appealing to “heterosexual ladies”.

  6. I will continue to watch the show . I love the characters.

  7. They missed the boat by not having Jason turn into a werepanther?
    Could you just imagine what that scene would have been like?
    Something akin to the photo above? would have been outrageous.
    And Bill Compton isn’t really dead~ YET??
    Also I want to see more NAKED ERIC/Naked Jason to more of naked Sookie.

    • Woman don’t get to see men naked lol We get an ass shot but nothing more. I am not saying I want more than an ass shot, it is just sexist that they always show more of the woman but not the man. I wish True Blood would have their shifters and wolves change like Peter did in Hemlock Grove, I thought it was cool and it shocked me as well as grossed me out.

      • I agree nymerias, but I think the reason why TB doesn’t do the transitions with the werewolves like Peter in HG, is cost prohibited for TB. That’s all done by CGI and since TB invests more in hiring high paid actors (i.e. Arliss Howard, Rutger etc.) and a “cast of thousands” they seem to have been tighting their budget by cutting eppys and also their FX.

    • That is actually one of the things that the show got wrong as opposed to the books. At least in the books, Jason changes a LITTLE BIT. He goes out on the full moon with the other werepanthers to run the woods and do a little bit of hunting…he just does it on two legs with a teeny bit of fur.

  8. You know nymerias, it would be great to get that blown away feeling again. It’s been a long time in coming. Maybe with Ballsack not doing the everyday running of the sshow things will get better? I’m going to say it GOD I HOPE SO!

    • I would love to have that feeling back. The season finale of TVD gave me that feeling as well as Supernatural because I know those finales won’t be pissed away at in the next season.

  9. Wow! after reading all the comments here, it looks like most of us (including me) are very disillusioned with TB this coming season. I agree with nymerias fangpinion, and I wish they’d do some thing to blow me away and make it stick too. Who knows??? They made this show “jump the shark” after showing season 2 with all that Maryanne crap in MHO and the ONLY reason I continue to watch the show is for Alex. If he goes (or they kill him off ) after this season. I’m like everyone else and I’m jumping ship and won’t watch TB anymore.

    Heres’ hoping that we are all wrong and that in two weeks they will show us the greatest season yet, at least that is my wish, that I want to like TB again too.

    • Yeah I would love to be in love with this show again. I really hope that they can wow me but I won’t get my hopes up at all. I will wait until the end of the season to give my overall opinion.

    • Yes redthang914, here’s to hoping for the best season yet. Just give us our Bad Ass Viking kicking some ass and not so much lapping after Sookie. Maybe she will miss him and start lapping after him for a change instead of beehl!

  10. When I got a great price for bundling phones, internet & TV, HBO was NOT included without ponying up an extra $60/mo for the next bundle up. Guess what – strictly based on how horribly disappointing the last 2 True Blood seasons have been, I decided it’s just not worth the money. If there are any jaw dropping moments, they will show up on You Tube. The show is on it’s last legs anyhow. It’s time Alexander Skarsgard starts concentrating making some decent movie, not the “phone it in” kind he has been doing because of obligations to Bon Temps.

    • I would not put movies like The East, Disconnect and What Maisie Knew in the ‘phone it in’ category. At least they are not the same run of the mill movies that are made every day that you have seen a million times over. To each their own I suppose

      • I think what Little Shirley is refering to nymerias is that these Indie films don’t play everywhere and I know, I for one, is majorly disappointed, as I was only able to see Disconnect out of the three films. I thought most Indie films played bigger cities like where I live (Atlanta) and I wouldn’t have a problem. The way its’ looking, I’ll have to wait until they come out on DVD and buy them, so that I can have them to watch. Its’ a bit discouraging when you have to read all the hype about these pics and then you have no access to them…………… Yeah, Alex needs to try and star in a major movie that plays at all the theaters. Hopefully, his time will come before too long, cause right now he is at his peak hotness and before people (not us) forget who he is, he needs to get serious with his career.

        • I’m agreeing here. Even though I live in a bigger city (Riverside, Ca), NONE of A Skars’ movies came here, not even “Disconnect”. I have to drive to LA if I want to see them, and that’s a pretty fair distance, especially with traffic.

          I think he is serious about his career. He’s said in several interviews that he’s now financially stable enough to be able to do the movies HE wants to do, and he can pick and choose. Obviously, these last three movies really meant something to him. Surely, he’ll be in more blockbusters like “Battleship”…just, hopefully, not dying halfway through.

          I have such high hopes for season six of TB. I have tried not to because I was let down last season (I gave up after Christopher Meloni went up in a pile of goo. I really expected more from that character.). The trailer gives me the idea that there will be a lot of real action and drama. No matter what, in for a penny, in for a pound, as they say. I’ve invested five years of my life, on the way to six, in this show. I’m in it to the very end now.

          • Battleship was really nothing to me, sure his character was good but it was from a board game for crying out loud. It was too bubble gum but his character was great I think Alex is very serious about his career as well and the way he portrays all his characters show it, especially Eric and his Michael in Melancholia and I could name more. Movies like Melancholia, Disconnect, What Maisie Knew and The East are going to put him where he wants to be, which is why them not being shown nation wide allowing EVERYONE to see them is sad. The man has some natural raw talent and some studio would be lucky to pick him for something HUGE!

        • I see and I think I said it the way I did is because to me these movies are big to me because they actually have meaning and depth. These movies should be released nation wide. I know he loved filming Battleship but that movie is the same humdrum shit we see everyday. The real good movies are the ones that should be shown. Who care about yet another Hangover or Fast and Furious movie.

          • Yeah, I agree, I’m just so glad I was finally able to see Disconnect and What Maisie Knew, really hope I’m able to see The East as well.

          • I have not been able to see any of them. It needs to come here to my hometown, it is not like I live in small town. I live in a big city just not what the movie industry considers big. I do not want to have to go to Chicago to see a movie when I have 6 movies houses here that each have 14 cinemas in them. LOL

          • Yeah, that sucks, I actually thought none of them would come here, so you never know. Maisie is by far the cutest movie ever, it really makes you feel for that little girl and love Alex even more, which I didn’t think was possible.

          • This is what I keep hearing and it makes me want to watch it more. I want to see the East and Disconnect as well.

          • Disconnect was also very good, but I’m more looking forward to The East. I went with my friend to see Maisie, who is very aware of my Skarsgard obsession. She likes him, but not nearly as much as I do. As soon as the movie finished, I did like a girly faint in the seat next to me and was all, I love him…lol! Seriously, I have never been this obsessed with a celebrity before.

  11. I never get to see his movies either… they never come to to my town.

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  13. I agree with your Sookie comments. I want Sookie to be strong and to learn how to use her powers to save herself. I also will be totally pisses if she is played the fool by some man again. It sounds like her new fairy suitor is not going to be who he says he is. Hopefully, she sees through that right away…

    • I sure hope so for I am so tired of seeing her be stupid. Ben sounds like trouble to me and I would like to see her have the upper hand for once. If she continues down the same stupid path she has been on then I call bullshit on the writers saying she is growing.

      • She’s obviously stupid enough to sleep with him, or at least fool around. I was hoping she would have figured out the truth before it got to that point.

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