Video of the Week for June 2 – 8

Video of the Week

With 11 days left until True Blood Season 6…we’re wondering if you’re having fun yet? We’re sure this season will bring us many things to talk about around here.

In anticipation of this, one of our dear friends and fellow Eric & Sookie lover, Tammy shared this video with us and we LOVED this version of the song she chose!  We loved it so much – we felt it would be perfect as our pick for this week’s Video of the Week!

Song: How you remind me

Video Editor: TammyDevil666

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Watch it below!

Congrats Tammy! Correct me, if I’m wrong…but this sounds like Avril Lavigne singing, which is pretty cool since she’s married to the lead singer of the group Nickelback, who originally recorded this song. If not, please let us know who sings it.

If you would like to share what you think of this video, please share your thoughts below! (Tammy practically lives here, so she will definitely read it. ;) )

Thanks Tammy for making a great Eric and Sookie video for us to enjoy!  Hope we have more scenes like these in season 6.

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10 comments on “Video of the Week for June 2 – 8

  1. LOL, yes, I practically live here because I have no life. It is Avril, as much as I love the original version, I knew this one would work better with our favorite couple. I’m glad you liked it=)

    • Whew! I thought it was her but I wasn’t sure. LOL As for having no life…ME TOO! LOL

      • Having a life is highly overrated, and I totally didn’t even think of the fact that she’s married to Chad Kroeger when I first heard it. Now this version is even more awesome…lol!

  2. Tammy, Tammy Bravo!!!!! What a super great video!!!! I just wish it was longer. Perfect song choice too!!!!! I just don’t know what else to say but, keep making videos, cause I really enjoyed this one. As far as having a life, I also join the “I don’t have one” club…LOL.

    Just wish that TB would give us more E&S moments like season 4, but I truly feel that we won’t see anymore for a long while (if at all ever…..) I can’t believe that season 6 is almost here, we’ve waited such a long time I hope they don’t screw it up too bad this year.

    • The song wasn’t long to begin with, but I shortened it even more by taking out the first verse because I didn’t think it worked. You do enough of these things, and you actually get tired of using the same scenes over and over that you welcome shorter songs…lol! I do hope we get something in season 6 that I could use next time.

  3. i enjoyed it, thank you Tammy for sharing Kristie

  4. I love the video Tammy! Thanks for sharing it. I also belong to the “I have no life” club! At least we have great company!

  5. […] started this week off right with our Video of the Week, where we picked a video which has even more meaning than the video maker, Tammy originally […]

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