Alexander Skarsgård on Conan – 6/5/13


For those who missed it or want to watch it again and again…here’s the video of Alexander Skarsgård’s appearance on Conan which aired on TBS on Wednesday, June 5, 2013!

In this video, he talks about Eric Northman and True Blood, how he deals with his female fans, his father and “The East”!

With special thanks to skarsjoy – you can watch the video below!

Alex on Co 6-5-13 W from Jody Moon on Vimeo.

Of course, there’s some gifs going around too…here’s just a few!

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I thought this interview was one of the best interviews I’ve EVER seen! I laughed the entire interview and this was the reason (at least that’s what my excuse is when my husband asked me about it) why I had to watch it again and again and again. LOL

tumblr_mnyi9oKe3O1qk4jbqo1_500.gifAll women please take note: Alex likes AGGRESSIVE women!

Do you think Eric is a bad guy? I don’t think so…but I loved Alex’s response to Conan’s comment and how he said the TB makeup artist “dips them in white when they show up”.

I will never think of Sweden and polar bears the same way again. And I can’t imagine what his dad is going to say about Alex’s story about him being naked all the time.

I liked “The East” clip they showed too.

What are your thoughts? Please share ’em below!

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17 comments on “Alexander Skarsgård on Conan – 6/5/13

  1. Seriously the best interview ever, it had me cracking up. I don’t consider Eric to be a bad guy, but I loved how Alex was all ready to defend his character…lol!

  2. I just watched it and my cheeks are going to split because of the wide grin i had on my face all the time :) :)….
    My husband did not feel so good about that though :P ;)

  3. The interview was wonderful, I laughed the entire time. And his comments about his dad walking around nude and he and his brothers begging him to at least put on a robe when they started bringing girls home was hysterical. He just comes across as such a sincere down to earth person. He isn’t just drop dead gorgeous, he has substance as well.

  4. I can’t believe I forgot to watch this last night! Hubby was watching The Crow (or sleeping in front of it) and I forgot all about it. Thank you for posting…it’s probably his best talk show interview to date. So adorkable! :)

  5. I think he was great on Conan . He seemed more relaxed . It was funny His dad is a average plus . I can’t stop laughing . I hope Stellan won’t get mad about that .

  6. This hands down, was Alexs’ best interview on TV ever!!! This is the first time he appeared so relaxed and loose. I just enjoyed the whole thing. He is just soooooo precious and adorkable!!!! First time he talked about such a wide range of subjects, just don’t have anything else to say to describe his appearance except, it was priceless!!!

  7. Hubby awoke to find me watching Conan and began making cracks.
    I told him SHUT UP, I loved what I saw, Alex and Conan both were hysterical.
    A Swede & a Irishman both tall but I think that Alexander won the height contest.
    Loved his stories about his Dad~It was hysterical when a girl screamed
    “Alex I love you” and he how he reacted was hysterical.

  8. BEST INTERVIEW EVER!!Wish it was much more than 12min….

  9. Agree with everyone – that was a great interview :)
    Thanks Erika!

  10. Erika thank you for posting the interview so we all could see it. I agree with every one that it was the best I’ve seen. I still can’t stop laughing!

  11. thx sooooooooooooo much for posting it. as i’m from austria i wouldn’t have had a chance to watch it…. and yes, it was fab!

  12. […] case you missed it or just want to watch this hilarious interview again…Alex appeared on Conan on June 5th! I still think this was one of the most entertaining interviews I’ve watched in a […]

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