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It is now less than 10 days until True Blood Season 6 and everyone is gearing up for the beginning of the new season.

Entertainment Weekly is joining in on the act as well, by featuring True Blood in a number of articles in their latest edition; dated June 14 and is out in a store near you!

WARNING: This post may contain some spoilers. If you don’t want to know – don’t scroll!

spoiler warning

Thanks to B and her subscription to EW – check out the copies of the digital edition below.

In case you want to buy this edition and are looking for Eric Northman on the front cover, you’ll have to look for Dexter instead. This cover is one of the bonus covers which are included in the magazine.

As for my two cents on these articles;

  • In the article where it shows a picture of Eric attempting to stake Billith…Buckner says, “Bill and Sookie always hold the center of the show.” – obviously Buckner doesn’t know this fandom quite as well as he thinks he does. From what most of us say…it’s ERIC who keeps us watching. It appears he has drank the same kind of Bill-lovin’ Koolaid as Alan Ball. I have a feeling this isn’t a good sign for us this season…just sayin’.
  • I’m going to need brain-bleach to get the image of Alcide being naked out of my mind because it isn’t enough incentive to get me to tune in…more like if Eric Northman promises to be naked…now THAT I can really get behind! (Haha, get it?)
  • As for what Buckner says about Niall being “…weird, but good.” – I hope this is a good thing for our telepathic waitress. We already know about Ben and Sookie’s romantic tryst…it probably won’t last much longer than hers and Alcide’s last season. Don’t worry…eventually his true colors will see the light and hopefully Sookie will have learned how to zap him back to wherever he came from.
  • In their flashback of past EW covers and to June 18, 2010, with Eric, Sookie and Bill on the cover…I remember that one. I think I have it buried somewhere deep in my collection. Wow, hard to believe it’s been 3 YEARS since that cover!
  • B was kind enough to show us the top 20 movies in the movie review section. We’re proud to say that Alex’s movie, “What Maisie Knew” came in at #19 which is really saying something because it’s not playing in very many theaters (like any near me).

You’ve read my thoughts…what are yours? Please share ’em below.

If you would like some brain bleach too – I’m more than willing to share. ;)

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30 comments on “True Blood Featured in Entertainment Weekly

  1. Thx for sharing Erika!!! Just have to say that Buckner def has drank from Balls’ theory of the show, that being Bill & Sookie. Ball didn’t think that the Eric character was going to be such a big deal. The fans proved him wrong and the “Eric Northman Show” was born. I wish they wouldn’t be so stubborn and just let Sookie & Eric be together…

    I. Can hardly wait to get this issue this weekend. If just for Alex’s cover inside. Come on the 16th I can’t hardly wait!!!!!

  2. Yep, they’ve all been brainwashed over there. How can these morons not know by now that most of us just watch for Eric? If Sookie and Bill were the core of the show, what’s the point in making him this evil power crazed vampire? No woman in her right mind would get back with someone like that, especially after everything he told her, but we know Sookie isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. I knew before and I know even more now, we’re in for another disappointing season. I just want it to be over with already.

  3. Bill and center hasn’t been the center of the show since Eric, Sookie and Godrick scene on the roof top in season 2….so I don’t know what show Buckner has been writing for or watching because it’s not the one we all have been looking at for 5 going on 6 seasons. Eric and Sookie are ratings gold…biggest ratings are season 4 and last season the 2 highest rated shows was episode 5 and season finale which not coincidentally are Eric and Sookie interacting with each other. I thought Buckner was an Eric guy but he is not very bright just like the rest of these writers.

    Even the Vampire Dairies changed the couple from Stefan and Elena to Damon and Elena… just to use an example of writers can change the course of the show for the better. Eric is by far much more interesting and popular over Bill, Alcide and Sookie and he is the leading male character on the show by the fans choice, no matter how much they throw Bill’s ugly ass in our faces.

    • I disagree about Vampire Diaries, I’m one of the few who prefers Stefan, but with True Blood, there’s no contest. Buckner claims he likes writing for Eric the most, but nowhere does it say he actually prefers Sookie with him. Let’s face it, we’re all going to be stuck with Bill being constantly thrown in our faces like he’s the best thing since sliced bread. They can do whatever the hell they want, it won’t change anything with me.

      • Tammy I like Stefan too he is no Bill, thank god for very small favors….but I was just making the point that the writers don’t have to stay on this they are meant to be together when nothing they have written or shown us in 6 seasons have proven that Sookie and Bill are each other’s soul mates actually just the opposite it was never a real relationship….Eric is the one that understands her and loves her period ….he is not about power or agendas.

        • Exactly, the difference is that I actually do like both Stefan and Damon, but I will never like Bill or understand why the writers are so fascinated with him. To me, he will always be a douche, the bastard calls her an abomination and says that she’s dead to him. If they make her go back with someone like that, they really know nothing about women and she is no one I could ever respect. I can’t believe any of the female writers on staff would agree to that, but they’ve all apparently been brainwashed over there.

          • I agree they are about as stupid and delusional as Bill lovers are because how does that show a young woman that cares about her and has self esteem issues to not only go back with him which would be the worst but to even have anything to do with someone that calls you an abomination and handicapped…..Buckner and these writers are crazy!!!

          • Pretty much, if it wasn’t for Alex, I would have given up by now.

  4. I take no pleasure in being right but I knew Sookie would be back to kissing Bill’s flabby ass before too long. Buckner is only telling the truth kind of – it’s really the Bill show. It wouldn’t surprise me if the show concluded with us learning that Bill didn’t drink the kool-aid to rule the world but was really making a sacrifice for all of humanity. The show is absurd. I’m only watching the show out of morbid curiosity – to see how much of a train wreck True Blood ends up being. I used to watch it for Sookie until I realized that she really is that stupid- must be a Stackhouse thing because Jason is even dumber. Book Sookie is’t stupid at all.

    • No, unfortunately Book!Sookie turned out to be pretty stupid in the end.

    • Unfortunately a lot of people seem to think that girls like damaging relationships and cannot get over their first love :(
      If all the drivel going on about not being able to unlove your first love were true, i shudder to imagine where would we all be by now….

  5. With this statement from the new producer I think we pretty much get the picture ..what a shame…cannot believe how so many book and show fans ended up on the wrong sinking ship :(

    • We can’t believe it either. :( I like to blame it on the writers…for writing it one way or preferring it one way, but how it comes across to readers and viewers alike, is completely different. I chalk it up to poor story telling.

  6. Alan Ball NEVER for one second got Alexander Skarsgard’s appeal.
    AB he has/had a major mancrush on Stephen Moyer.
    So he gave all of the good scenes/lines to him and gave Alex the shaft.
    Alexander had to show he was the better actor and that’s when the fans
    broke off into camps ERIC VS BILL.
    Most fans watch the show just to see Alexander Skarsgard SHINE.
    He’s why I watch the show,I don’t really care about Bill.
    Only thing I’m praying for is William Thomas Compton’s Eternal Death.
    I want to see Alexander coming back for Season 7.

  7. When Alex goes i go . I am only there watching for his scenes . True Blood is not a good feel anymore .

  8. Honestly, even though the fan base is crying out for Sookie and Eric, I think they are going to hook Eric up with the governor’s daughter this season. Bleh……………

    • Even if they did, it wouldn’t last. That girl will end up driving him crazy, she just seems like a fangirl to me. Not exactly the type he goes for, there’s no real challenge.

  9. I hoped to get some reprieve after the book fiasco, but the show doesnt seem to go where i want it to go….Vampires are right you know,,, this is what I get for trusting humans :P
    I guess I’ll stick to writing and reading fanfiction, just to feel good in the company of like minded people.

  10. I totally agree w/ much of the frustration here, especially the propping up of Bill. He’s a relatively young vamp and it’s laughable that he’s so powerful and important. From his season 3 smackdown of several wolves at once (when Eric acted like 1 wolf could be challenge)–indeed, it’s obvious the writers have tried to make Bill more interesting than he is.

    However, I just want to remind everybody that it is definitely these SAME writers who have made me love Eric more and more. Since season 2, I have loved the development of his character. That is not just because Alex is a wonderful actor. That is also because the writer’s wrote him in a magical, intoxicating way. Look at how many times he WAS the hero in ACTION, while we had to be told Bill was TRYING to be. There are so many examples of Eric as the romantic lead on the show since season 2, it would take too long to list them here.

    It’s no accident that Eric was the only one to snap out of the Lilith fog. And that last episode of season 5–wow just thinking about how Eric did everything so right, so perfect–even getting how Sookie wants to be understood (‘she’s a waitress”)….

    c’mon you guys! I think the writers are giving us exactly what we want. They just aren’t saying that’s what they are doing. I think they expect the audience to get it….don’t listen to what we say, look at what we show you…just like Sookie needs to learn, the audience is on the same trajectory w/ her.

    I think Bill and Sookie are the center of the show in what they represent–the yin/yang of how you cope w/ facing your demons, your dark side, your pain, your very identity. She is the Light. He is the Dark. Buckner didn’t say they are THE couple, that’s totally different.

    And frankly, I think Stephen Moyer is great and I’m relieved he will be basically a new character. I couldn’t take another season of moony eyed, good intentions on his way to hell Beeehl. Bilith is a fresh take and at least after drinking that vial, he cheated and actually does have some true power, instead of just lip service.

    I hope my ideas comfort somebody, but I get why they don’t. Every time I read about what a good man Beehl is, I do sort of want to rip my hair out. Ever since serial killing w/ Lorena scene was shown, I can’t understand it. Talk about rose colored glasses.

    Nevertheless, I’m actually excited about the new season and I think it’ll be very rewarding to all Eric lovers–I guess we’ll see soon enough.

    • I appreciate your positivity Kristen because it is hard to keep being like whenever we hear from the showrunner and they say Bill is the center of the show when to a lot of us he is a douche character that is not interesting to me at all….he is power crazed character that’s what he is about. Eric is and has been the hero since season 3 and I hope he will get to be with sookie as real Eric because he really does love Sookie for who she is and knows what the real Sookie is about.

    • It is hard to be very optimistic, but you are right that they say something different than what we’ve seen on screen.

  11. I agree with everything Kristen said, I really think bye the end of the season Eric and Sookie will be together, I thing Sookie need to grow up and I know this Ben guy and this girl whatever her name is nothing to Eric and Sookie they both need this to grow together. They will be together by the end of the season I’m happy for season 6

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  13. Thank you for the pics. As for Bill, honestly I don’t get the Bill appeal I’m sorry for those that do like him but I’m truly baffled and trust me I’m from the south as southern as it gets I just think the character is a douche. Easy on the eyes I guess but if Eric’s in the scene I tend to forget Bill’s there unless the writers have Sookie shoving him down my throat. If they can bring him back from sludge for goodness sake why cant they lose some of the cast of thousands and bring back Godric quality for quantity..

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