True Blood Season 6 Premiere: Red Carpet Images

TB Season 6

True Blood Season 6 premiered at the ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome on  June 11th 2013 in Hollywood, California. The entire cast showed up – looking amazing!

Of course, our main couple, Eric & Sookie – played by Alexander Skarsgård and Anna Paquin were one of the last cast members to arrive at the event.

We won’t bore you any further…check out the gallery of pics below.

Please click images for larger view.

Thanks to various sources: GettyImages, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram

I can’t say enough how great the cast looks when they’re all dolled up!

We will be adding more pics as they become available, so please keep checking back for more!

What are your thoughts? Please share ’em below!

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32 comments on “True Blood Season 6 Premiere: Red Carpet Images

  1. Nice photos.. Hated what Anna had on, she looks to thin…..Alex always looks good…..

  2. Love most of the photos, do agree that Anna is a bit on the thin side especially in her
    arms~ otherwise everyone looks wonderful~ and what can you say about
    our Viking prince? He looks great, just wish the suit was a different color?

  3. I don’t wish to appear catty…. but, does anyone else think Anna Paquin is looking “old”. I actually liked what she was wearing. Maybe she is just tired like the rest of us working mothers.

  4. Anna has lost too much weight….its not the dress she has on…look at her stick thin arms and her sunken cheeks…..She does not look healthy.

    • This! I love her, but being so thin makes her look like a bobble head doll…giant head on a stick-thin body. Of course, chasing after twins and working full time probably doesn’t leave much time for eating…lol!

  5. She does look the slimmest I have ever seen her but she also looks really happy. Alex is just perfect *sigh*

  6. omg!! they all look gorgeous awwww can’t wait for the season premiere <3 :)

  7. It kind of sucks that we never get to see any pictures of just Alex and Anna together, but I’m glad to finally see one of Alex and Joe. It’s rare that someone is actually taller than him.

    • I don’t think I ever realized until I saw that picture that Joe is in fact taller. I always think of Eric/Alex as being taller than everyone else.

      • Yep, Joe is about 6’5 and Alex is 6’4. I’ve had the pleasure of standing next to Joe before and came up to about his shoulder.

  8. Anna looks way to thin . Alex is looks more handsome than ever . Yummy!! The cast all look wonderful . Can’t wait not long now for season 6 . I am getting excited .. The viking returns .

  9. First of all, Thank you for posting all the pics here. I was getting a swivel head last night trying to see all of them on several different sites.

    I agree on Annas’ appearance. She is starting to look like a bobblehead, she needs to back off all of her exercising a bit and eat something. Also, I do see what others have been saying about her. She doesn’t look old, she looks mature, her age period. After all, she isn’t the fresh faced actress she was 6 years ago and having twins (with all the running around and lack of sleep and working) is making her look her age.

    Alex as always is stunning, he could roll in a pile of sh_t and still look yummy!!!!! LOL. I am truly looking forward to Sunday nite and wish it was here already!!!!!!

  10. Really great photos! Anna looks absolutely beautiful and very happy!

  11. Anna’s gone a bit overboard with loosing the baby weight?
    She’s lost too much in her arms,but she’s got no belly.
    Maybe she ought to lift some weights and add some muscle to her arms?

    • I don’t think it is something she meant to do, it just happens sometimes. I imagine working and taking care of twins, I would be sleeping more than eating….lol! I think she looks more mature and not so baby-faced.

  12. Great pics….they all look great

    Sooooo…..where is CH :) it seems she didn’t make it after all (to quote Eric: think I am gonna cry)

    • Yep, she was there, I saw a picture of her. She looked absolutely ridiculous.

    • I have to be completely honest – I am so bitter and twisted that I won’t post any pics of CH, I think her attendance at the premiere is very deliberate. I can’t speak for the other admins here but I won’t be including any of her in my posts.

    • Oh, she made it alright. We felt since we’re distancing ourselves from both her and the books, it wouldn’t be right to share the pics we’ve seen. But she was there…wearing a big fake smile too. We saw it on Tumblr if you want to check it out.

      • Ahaaa so she was there after all…damn, I was just so smug about thinking that she didn’t come…no, that’s fine I don’t any desire to see her..shame she didn’t get few booos from the fans

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