Video of the Week (Week of June 9 to June 15)

Video of the Week

There’s 5 more days until True Blood Season 6 – and nobody is more excited than US because we know there is some good Eric and Sookie scenes coming our way! Honestly, we’re not trying to spoil anything…but you’ll see what we mean this coming Sunday!

You know what else gets us really excited? Getting to look through so many talented and amazing Eric and Sookie fanmade music videos! Trying to decide which video should be picked as the Video of the Week is always a difficult choice we have to make – but we have to do what we have to do – to keep you enlightened and entertained!

This week we’re proud to bring you this video from eternallyfate! The song is titled “Love Like The Sin” and sung by Massive Attack! We hope you like it as much as we did!

Check out this week’s pick below!

Congratulations eternallyfate!

If you would like to tell her what you thought of the video please click here!

With the upcoming season coming so soon…we got to thinking…maybe we should hold off on the Video of the Week until after True Blood Season 6 ends? This way, it will allow our talented video editors time to get their hands on some brand-new Eric and Sookie scenes they can use and more time to create many awesome videos. And it will give us (the staff at E&SL) more time to focus on other things; like recapping True Blood episodes. We know this may be disappointing to many of you…but the Video of the Week WILL return eventually.

To all of those who make videos and those who have favorites you would like us to check out, please feel free to contact us anytime with links to your videos. Even though we won’t be posting them until after the season ends…it doesn’t mean you have to wait until then to contact us. :)  Thank you for your continued support!

I guess this video will be the last one until the end of August. :( Let me be the first one to say, “BOOOOO!” Until the next time we post the Video of the Week, Eric & Sookie Lovers…we hope you enjoy it!

Thoughts? Please share ’em below.

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12 comments on “Video of the Week (Week of June 9 to June 15)

  1. Gorgeous and heartbreaking video, I just really hope we will actually get more scenes to use that’s not only in the first episode.

  2. Thank you Erika for posting this video, as the others above had said, its’ so sad that we only have the same scenes to be used over and over, but what I found to be unique about this one is, I can’t believe how well eternallyfate worked the actual dialogue into the song, it really sounded like it belonged in it!!!!!!! That was very, very clever!!!!!!!

    Well, I’m glad that you chose such a great video for our last until the end of August. My only hope for this coming season is that we get some Eric and Sookie time and a good story/plotline this year!!!!!!

    • I’ve always wanted to include dialogue like that in my videos, but the program I use is lame. It can only do so much, videos like this are very impressive.

  3. that was a great video and the text and their voices added was awesome. thank you for sharing

  4. Ladies,no matter how many times we’ve seen those same scenes we know that
    they show the real emotions between Sookie & Eric~ The songs maybe different
    but the scenes fit each song perfectly, as they tell the story of our two favourite
    lovers, and what they’ve gone thru over the last five years.
    It doesn’t really matter, does it?

  5. Excellent video choice for our favorite two . I loved it .Thanks for posting .

  6. great vid – thx for sharing

  7. I’m way behind this week . Very nice video. Stopping til August makes sense. Hopefully we do get some more scenes to choose from this season.

  8. […] We hate to break it to you…but the Video of the Week is taking a hiatus during the True Blood season to allow the video makers more time to get clips and to make their awesome videos – as well as it gives us at ESL more time to devote to True Blood too. You can check out our last pick for Video of the Week here! […]

  9. Nice video although I am an Eric and Sookie lover I am glad that the writers are allowing Sookie to grow up and see Bill for who and what he truly is. The down side is I don’t have any Sookie with more fairy powers and the Viking fighting side by side to handle the human problem but it’s okay I am patient

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