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We hope you can forgive us today for being a  bit distracted by a certain tiny, little, premiere event that has been taking place in LA. However with just 4 days to go until True Blood returns to our screens – 4 DAYS!!!!! the first reviews of Season 6 are beginning to roll in from critics who have seen the opening episodes.

Whilst True Blood is most certainly no longer the reviewers “darling” of a show, and Trubies pretty much know what they are going to be getting, reading what everyone else has to say about the madness and mayhem in Bon Temps can help pass those final few excruciatingly long hours until it’s (to quote Jason Stackhouse) “Go Time”.

Reviews tend to be very spoilery these days, so we are providing the links below, expect to discover some big spoilers if you click!

We will just give you one quote from Fearnet, which rather caught our attention:

Eric is clearly in love with her still, and Sookie seems to be in love with him, but right now, she needs to focus on Sookie.

The entire Fearnet review is here

The New York Post describes:

Lesbian vampires, three-way werewolf sex, skinless naked ladies romping about the glen! Oh yes, and one old-man faerie godfather who seems to keep his clothes on.

Their entire review is here

Whilst Variety are cautiously optimistic:

After a couple of seasons where the show and its mythology have grown increasingly crazy and outlandish, “True Blood” returns on somewhat surer footing, with a couple of key cast additions and driving storylines to bolster the serialized drama.

You can read all of what they have to say here

Over at watoday, they name episode one as their pay TV show of the week but have a similar opinion to a lot of us about the weary weres:

what a vampire show really needs to do to stand out from the crowd is to not have werewolves. Tonight we see that True Blood still has a whole stinking pack of them, and all the viewer can do is wait and hope for an outbreak of canine parvovirus to carry them off.

Their thoughts are here


One small piece of casting news revealed at last night’s premiere is that Courtney Ford will be returning as Bill’s great. great, whatever granddaughter, Portia Bellefleur, for at least one episode (ep.7).


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17 comments on “First Season 6 Reviews

  1. I have no hope for this season as it looks from these reviews it will continue to be the completely boring Bill Show.

    • If they keep him as the douche we all know he is, I can deal, but I’m pretty sure they’ll find a way to bring him back to his boring self.

  2. I wonder if Portia will still scream at the sight of Bill, knowing what he is now, that would be pretty hilarious to see…lol! And please, if there is a God, Niall will keep his clothes on.

  3. I don’t see that the show is all about Bill at all **shrug**. It looks to me like there is lots going on for lots of different characters (probably too much for too many), but then I haven’t thought Eric is any less important in the show than Bill for a long time now. From the spoilers I have read Eric has a very strong start to the season.

    • Yeah, it seems like to me Eric might be involved more this season. I still always just focus on him, Bill usually gets ignored.

    • For me, it is not that I think it is the Bill show,it it is more that they SHOW him as not being good but they cannot make it stick, they do nothing with it. They always turn it into him being redeemed and the fault never lies with him, it is always blamed on something else. It is the same thing every season, just like washing your hair, rinse, lather and repeat! It is getting boring and illogical not matter if it is is strictly fiction or not.

      • I still haven’t seen him do anything that was actually redeemable, it’s just Sookie seems to forget every bad thing he’s done, but that can only last for so long.

        • well that is what I mean, the writers make it that way and they never return to it. Then all the comments they make about him being redeemable and how they is hope for him. This happens all the time, he is not redeemable to me or appeared that way to me either but the writers keep on doing it. It makes it hard to watch at times because of the way they wrote things

          • Yeah, it gets really annoying. They keep saying one thing, and then show us something completely different.

          • yep and then like you said Sookie forgets all about and everything is A-okay. He will still be evil at the end of the season but something will happen where Sookie is happy with him again. That stupid video claiming he is a new weapon against the humans, pretty damn worrisome to me. lol

  4. I want to see Eric parts mainly .. So good for him getting more involved.

  5. Interesting takes on the coming season. After reading what the reviewers wrote and other spoilers I read on line, I think some of what we’ve been told is misleading. Which is nothing new with this show, it seems they just love to feed us “red Herrings” all season. But we’ll see…… Once again, just bring it on and let the Viking badass out to play!!!! ( I couldn’t give two hoots whats’ going on or whats’ happening to Billith).

  6. Andy and his babies…. who cares? Then wolf pack….who cares? One of the reviews said Eric gives Sookie her house back then she recinds his invatation. In the trailers we’ve seen she let’s Billith into her house! Please! What a dumb bitch!

    • I think when Sookie “let’s” Billith into her house it is misleading… ;) I wouldn’t worry about it. Just sayin’…

    • No, Bill apparently doesn’t need an invitation anymore, he can just walk right in. She does rescind Eric’s invitation, but it’s done in a very bittersweet way, not because of anger or hatred. I think Sookie wants to have control again of who she lets into the house, it will probably only be a matter of time until Eric gets another invite. That’s just what I got from it, but I’ll have to wait to see how it appears on screen.

  7. […] The first of the Season 6 reviews are coming in…if you’d like to find out what the critics think about the show…feel free to check ‘em out here! […]

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