True Blood (secrets) spilled on the Red Carpet

Our True Blood red carpet premiere celebration carries on, this time in the video format :)

We’ve all seen the pictures of the True Blood cast, including our favorites Alexander Skarsgård and Anna Paquin, speaking to reporters as they made their way along the red carpet.

Now we have some of the video from it :)


And with video… comes spoilers… so watch at at your own discression

The folks over at with the Associated Press not only scored interviews Anna, Alex, Stephen, and Sam, they interspersed a few new clips from the season into their footage.

Anna shares with KJ Matthews on CNN that “bombshells will be dropped” this year. Check out the video below

From Mark Malkin of eNews (grabbed by skarsjoy) we learn more of Alex’s vacation plans… and getting a “little bit naked” this season. But the news that might spark the most speculation is the news from Joe Maganiello. You were warned.

What did you think? Sound off below!

As more video is found we will keep updating the post.

*** Update***

Check out On The Red Carpet as they interviewed  Alex, Anna, Rutina, Kristin, Stephen, and Joe from… well… the red carpet. The video clips will be posted directly here as soon as I am able to grab them.

***Update (2)***

From the Extra crew

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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

10 comments on “True Blood (secrets) spilled on the Red Carpet

  1. I’m going to make a guess here and say that Jessica is the one who dies, I just have a feeling. If not her, my other choices would be Jason or Lafayette. Either way, it’s probably going to be sad. Bill is the only character who I wouldn’t shed one tear over if he died, but I know we’ll never be that lucky. Nothing better happen to Eric or Pam, all I have to say.

  2. This is great. So happy to have watched this. I’m so excited again and antsy to how well played season 6 is going to turn out. It seems almost fast paced as well in the beginning episode. I hope that Jessica doesn’t die and it almost looked like Tara might die but we’ll have to wait and tune into Sunday night. Also again I hope the director stays off of the whole “sookie and bill”. I really so want and want to continue to see “Eric and Sookie”. Fingers still crossed lol.

  3. Reblogged this on waitingviking82 and commented:
    must read and watch this!!!! you do not want to miss any of this action going on.

  4. So I want to go to Iceland too :)

  5. I will give you my speculation as to who is going to die and I think its’ Luna (or it could be Jessica). When I read the piece about crying at the table read, I just got the impression it was one of the ladies. As to the rest of it, I think I will just wait and see what happens as the show rolls on. Sunday can’t get here fast enough for me!!!! These last few days seem the longest………………

    • It’s obvious that Luna dies pretty early on, I doubt she really counts as a major character death. I think it’s someone who has been there since the beginning. I’m actually more worried about Lafayette now.

  6. I’m ready is it Sunday yet!!

  7. I`m fear about the rest of the season that we won’t might gets our Eric and Sookie`s romance,because no one mentioned it in the interview or the previous articles. :,(

    I am really worry that article will might be right about Sookie ends with that mangy mutt Alcide,not Eric. :( Because Joe says,
    “Alcide’s never lost his flame for Sookie. Werewolf women are terrible. The worst. So the dating pool is really small when you’re a super-powered creature. I mean, he hates vampires. They’re terrible, that’s not compatible and then you’ve got this beautiful, sweet, nice fairy who has this really great heart and she’s super-powered but different enough but cute enough.”
    Wth?!!!This is unfair!!! No one want her ends up with Alcide,either.

    Alex says in the other interview, there`s someone will introduce into Eric`s life and someone will be part of his circle. It`s saying it’ll might a new luv interest.

    I got gut feelings Brian is next Charle-whatever Harris b**ch and my gut tells me a lot of people will cancel hbo in the middle of season after the ep 1.

    • Joe always runs his mouth, I wouldn’t read too much into that. I think that ship has sailed, Alcide sounds like he’s going to be disgusting this season. As for this new person in Eric’s life, he never said it was a love interest. It could be anyone, they just like to throw that out there to get the fans upset. But you have to face the fact that we will likely never get anything between Eric and Sookie again, I’ve already accepted it after the books completely screwed us over. It’s only fan fiction for me now.

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