Big Death : Who is gonna die? (Poll)


Well tonight’s the night we’ve all been waiting for – June 16th – the True Blood Season 6 Premiere Night.

The writers and cast have promised us another season full of madness and mayhem, and that is apparently going to include a “major death”, but who will it be?

We’d like to know which of the multitude of characters you think the writers have finally decided it’s time to say “goodbye” to for good.

But before we ask you to cast your vote, here’s a few things some of the actors have had to say on this subject.

Todd Lowe:

“There is a major death. It kind of shocked us at the table read, and is a very emotional moment,” Lowe told TODAY.com. “It was just a big surprise. I had gotten the script late and hadn’t looked into it. So I was kind of like, ‘Oh! Wow! That’s different.’ It saddened a lot of people.” Forget about spoilers regarding which central character will be meeting his or her true death — lips are tightly zipped on that topic. But Lowe said that the passing “kind of pulls (Bon Temps) together.”

Carrie Preston:

“We were all very moved by it, and saddened by it,” Preston told us. “It kind of brought us together as a cast, in a way that we haven’t felt in a while, just as a whole. There were tears. There were lots of tears.”

Lauren Bowles:

“It completely surprised me. There’s not much to say other than it’s completely heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking. But I really will say it’s one of those that I cried when I read it. Everyone at the table read was crying because in addition to who it is – and by the way, I’m saying that meaning it might be Holly, you don’t know – it truly could be anyone. I think it’s safe to say it’s not Sookie but other than that, it really could be anyone and it is so beautifully done. So it really is heartbreaking”.


So who do you think the residents of Bon Temps will be burying for good before the summer is out? And don’t forget to let us know why they got your vote in the comments below, or if you think it will be someone else.



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26 comments on “Big Death : Who is gonna die? (Poll)

  1. I oringinally thought it would be Jason or Jessica until I remembered they are both going to be involved in a triangle with these vampires Violet and James in episode 6 probably thru the finale….so the only other loved character that could die would be lafayette. I hate seeing him leave but a beloved major character dying fits him.

  2. I’m taking a guess that it’s going to be LUNA.
    She would have to be number 1 on my list~this has to do with Martha,Rikki and
    Alcide coming to Sam about Emma’s upbringing?

  3. I’m thinking it’s either Lafayette or Terry. If you just think about the reaction of the people of Bon Temps, I’m kind of leaning toward Terry. He’s kind and caring and has generations of history in the town. But I would hate to see those kids left for Arlene to take care of on her own. I hope I’m wrong…

  4. Ok there is already too many votes for Lala, I’m not liking this :(
    Lala must live!

    • I know, I also sadly voted for him, but I pray it doesn’t happen. This show needs Lala, but I think it’s safe to say we can rule out any vampires, and it obviously won’t be Sookie.

      • I voted for Lala too :( I love him, but IMO he’s the only one who is a fan favorite, where Bon Temps will be affected by his death and we haven’t heard very much about his character this season. He just MAKES SENSE, unfortunately. :( *crying*

        • I know, but I hope they throw us a twist in there and it’s someone we wouldn’t expect. Either way, it’s not going to be Bill, so it’ll be sad no matter what. That’s the only death I would cheer over.

    • You think any of us voting for him like this? LOL :( It’s so hard…

    • Sorry, I think it will be him as well….Jason would be too much for Sookie to take…and I don’t think it’s any of the Vamps…. I really wish Lala was turned by Eric or Pam instead of Tara…it would be so much more fun. It sounds as it was emotional for all the cast so it must be somebody who was there from the start :(

  5. I’m thinking it’s definitely not one of the vampires if the death manages to bring Bon Temps together in some way. I voted for Sam, but I could see it being LaLa or Terry for that matter. Those 3 are well-known, if not even beloved, by the whole town.

  6. Sadly I am going to say LA LA but I won’t be happy about that AT ALL! It could be Terry as well but not sure about that. I really don’t want it to be LA LA for he is my comic relief, same as Jason.

    • My dad said there’s no way they would get rid of Lala because he’s the comic relief, but I told him these writers just don’t care anymore. He died in the books, so now maybe they figure it’s time to get rid of him on the show since it seems there’s really nothing else for him to do. Other than Eric and Pam, he’s the next one most loved by fans. I just really wish this was the last season, but I know there will probably at least be one more. It just won’t be the same without Lafayette.

      • No it won’t be the same without him and I really hope they don’t kill him off, he is precious to me. I hope your dad is right!

        • Sadly, my dad never is, he thinks Bill is the star of the show. Of course, he only says that to piss me off, he knows how I much I hate him…lol!

  7. I think it’s Lafayette, hope I’m wrong. :(

  8. my vote is terry or lala. of everyone else, i think they’d be the only two to get a reaction from all of bon tempts like from the first quote. i think lala is still too important to the main cast while terry, while a sweetheart i adore, i think he’s kind of disposable in many ways……..

  9. Unfortunately, I too, voted for LaLa. I don’t want it to happen, so I hope I am wrong, but it can’t be a Vamp as they don’t hold funerals for vamps. So it must be a real human or shifter. There aren’t too many around in Bon Temp, so there you go…………. Hope we’re wrong about LaLa tho, I’d truly miss him!!!!!!

  10. LUNA, She was made a regular last season. Tha’s my answer and I’m sticking to it! (It better not be Lala.)

  11. I really don’t care who it is just as long as it isn’t Eric!

  12. I hated to vote for “Lala” but from the things that were said about the death pulling Bon Temp together he was the first to come to mind I hope I’m wrong.

  13. I actually think Eric will “die” but it’ll be a faked death. Not about to tempt fate on that one. Plus I think I read somewhere there will be two major deaths but one won’t stick. Seemed like they were preparing us for a potentially traumatising cliffy.

    I think most likely, from the quotes up top, it’ll be Terry or Lala or outside chance Sam (but that seems less likely now). I’d miss all three actors but Lala most.

    I worry for Pam too. I feel like Eric being clipped with her will come back on him in some way. That he might pay for being so harsh to her, even if it is because he’s panicking because he’s lost the control relies on and is trying to keep her safe. I doubt her death would have an impact in Bon Temps though so that makes me feel less panicky.

  14. From the way the cast is talking about it, I think that it’s actually going to be Sam. I don’t think the entire town cares about Laffy, or Terry, or even Andy, but Merlotte’s has always been the epicenter of Bon Temps, and I think Sam has been fighting hard for a long time, and had everyone he loves die all around him… I think it’s his time.

    • I don’t see it being Sam, Emma would really be screwed if that was the case. I don’t want the wolves to have her.

  15. I think it is gonna be Lafayette – only because he is already dead in the books, I hope it will be Bill – whatever new powers he has are just more annoying time paid to Bill – and i will keep watching as long as it is NOT Eric Northman!!

    • It’s pretty much a given that it’s not, but if they were gonna go by the books, they would have killed Lafayette off in the first season. I still hope it’s not him.

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