Eric & Sookie: Will it happen? (Poll)


Earlier today we dealt with Death, now it’s time to think about Love, and in particular, our favorite lovers from the many on/off couples in True Blood. But just what are  the chances that we will get to see some more Sookie and Eric loving, during the 10 episodes of Season 6.

Are we still confident that there is more to come from our number one pairing? Or did the final book that shall not be named completely knock the wind out of your Sooric sails?

There’s been no word from the writers on this subject at all this year (but on True Blood it’s hard to know if that is good or bad?), and there has been too  much talk of Sookie’s new faerie friend “Ben”. Just by browsing comments on general True Blood internet pages, we can see that the demand is still very high for a repeat of gorgeous scenes like this one….


…….but will it happen this season, and will Sookie finally give in to the real Viking Vampire she has so far managed to resist. As one critic put it this week, that girl must have “ovaries of steel”, but over the next 10 weeks is her heart finally going to melt?

What do you think?

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14 comments on “Eric & Sookie: Will it happen? (Poll)

  1. I think its gonna happen but by the finale…..the looks I see in the first episode between them tells me it willl be revisited again but probably not until the finale.

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s ever going to happen again in any significant manner, and even if we get extraordinarily lucky and it does, I don’t see it being this season. Of course I hope I’m wrong, though.

  3. I, for one, feel like it won’t happen this season because of everything else thats’ going on what with the Vamp/Human War, Marlow after Sookie stuff, and most importantly, the Billith stuff. I think both of them will be too busy dealing with other things to do anything about their feelings for each other (yes, there is still their feelings there too.).

    If Season 7 is the last, then I hope that it will happen, but as Evie stated above, the way the nameless books ended, I am a bit gun shy of how the TV series is going to end. Especially since all of the writers seem to still be drinking AB’s koolaid and are still favoring a Bill and Sookie ending, even though three fourths of the fandom want to see Eric and Sookie together. I’m still trying to keep the faith, but its’ getting a bit dim at this point, but I won’t give up until the end.

    • The smart vote is to say I’m crossing my fingers but bracing disappointment because everthing we always hear from the writers are Bill and Sookie …..but Anna says in tv guide that Sookie gets with Ben but the triangle is not over now I know that is something that they are suppose to say but I believe something will happen where she will finally choose to be with one of the vampires and I just think its Eric because Eric doesn’t believe that they will ever get together. I know they have only 10 episodes and a lot is going on with vampire/human war and Billith and Warlow who I think will die in the finale and Billith will probably be the one to help along with eric and sookie to kill Warlow.

  4. I think by the end of the season Eric and Sookie will be together

  5. AB still has his hand in the pot as creator and executive producer, and he still has an ongoing love affair with the Bill character. He and the writers see Bill as the star of the show, and will continue to play Sookie as the poor little Bill doormat. One need only to hear her line in the promos that goes something like “whatever it is that’s not Bill.” So yeah she defends Bill no matter what he does and that is the way they will write it to the bitter end. Eric doesn’t have a chance as far as AB, the rest of the producer’s, writer’s, and even CH see it. I want him to find someone who he deserves and will appreciate how great he is.

    • That’s not what I got from that, she also said Bill was dead. It’s better than her thinking Bill is still in there and trying to save him again.

  6. I’m not really getting my hopes up but praying that Eric & Sookie will get together.
    Can’t wait till tonight?
    Since I live in the East Coast, I’ve only got 2 Hrs. 34 Min. till 8:45PM and the
    Special Preview from Fangtasia hits my television!!!

  7. I think we need to accept that its never going to happen again…As much as we want it to happen, its done. The powers that be at the show know that the fans want it, but I think they are going to do their own thing…The writing is on the wall….and that means disappointment for Eric and Sookie fans,

  8. I hope they will be together but i don’t know that for sure . I am just tired of Bill being the center of attention all the time . I like episode one but not getting my hopes up since the new writers took over it still feels funny a bit right now but she did say Bill was dead.

  9. Eric has grown past Sookie, he is gonna be a major factor in the war with the humans, he needs a supernatural being of his strength to surprise him into realizing he can love someone besides Sookie – I think Sookie needs another story line – the one with Warlow and her faeries should keep her busy – as far as the “Ben” story line, I think her va-jayjay could really use a rest!

    • He hasn’t grown past her, and I really don’t see him loving someone else. Whether they’re supernatural or not, he doesn’t care about that. I’m not saying they’ll ever be together, but I think that clip proves they still have strong feelings for each other. It can’t be ignored forever. They will have their separate story lines, but I’m sure they’ll cross paths again by the end of the season like they always do.

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