Live Before Q&A Pictures!

TB Season 6

Pictures of the cast have been coming in from the set of the live Q&A and they are amazing!

I won’t say too much for the pictures will do the talking but the cast is hilarious! This is a good way to start the season……..enjoy!

funny sam

todd carrie


kristintodd nelsan2



lol3 lol2

*source:photos from truebloodHBO Twitter

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22 comments on “Live Before Q&A Pictures!

  1. LOL, these are so awesome.

  2. I luv Alex trying to grab Stephen`s hair. What a goofball Alex is cute

  3. These are definately cute pics. Looks like they all are in a good mood tonite. The only thing Is I didn’t think that preshow thing was long enough to really get much out of it. They could have at least allowed them a half hour, which would have been better.

  4. I liked the live show. Thanks for the pics!

  5. I love the live show . That was awesome ..

  6. […] the True Blood premiere aired, where the cast got to take pictures in a photo booth. Check out the hilarious photos in the […]

  7. Both Alexander & Stephen are goofballs!! Can you just imagine if they hosted
    Saturday Night Live togther? I loved Premiere Episode of Season 6.
    Felt bad for SAM, losing LUNA. Hope he can hold Emma safe?
    Almost cried when Sookie revoked Eric’s invite to her house.
    This is killing Eric, he still loves her~ and you know Sookie still LOVES ERIC,
    She’s is over Bill Compton~She was over him when he died in Sloame’s room
    before he swallowed Lilith’s blood and became Bilith.

    Scenes between Arlene & Andy talking about their children were funny.
    Arlene showed what kind of a really good mom she is.

    Loved the scenes between Bill and Jessica.
    Bill is getting a chance to be a Father again~Something that Lorena stole from him
    by turning him Vampire in 1865.
    he’s getting a chance at being Jessica’s dad, and it’s touching.

    • Sorry, but that wasn’t touching at all. Those scenes with Bill and Jessica were disturbing, and it’s obvious he’s just telling her a lot of bullshit to get her on his side. She’s young and of course will fall for anything he says, he’s just using her. I cringed during the entire exchange.

      • I thought they were disturbing as well.I thought there is no way he is being honest with her. How could he not know he would survive that staking because he survived the explosion he caused at the Authority. He may not know all he can do yet but he is aware that he is something more as he said. He just knows that Jess is the only one he can truly manipulate. He knows he cannot do that any longer with Sookie, nor with Eric.

        • Nope, Jessica is the easiest target right now. It helps that he’s still her maker and he can basically force her to do whatever he says. She felt how painful just him calling her was, so I’m sure she won’t be disobeying him again.

    • They are goofballs indeed! Wow Marlene you said a mouthful about the first episode, for a minute there I forgot what blog post I was commenting on. I started thinking we are on Erika’s review post…….lol

  8. i don’t know why but i totally like Stephen Moyer he’s so cool and he even recognizes that Bill and Sookie are over cause he knows that most of the fans want sooric to happen again it´s just Bill that i don´t like, in season 1 i kind of liked him but he’s just gotten more anoying with each season

    • Stephen is completely likable, it’s just Bill that I loathe with a passion. I didn’t mind him much in the first season, but now I’m just so over him.

      • The actor is not the character that is for sure. I don’t mix the two up, Anna is Anna, Stephen is Stephen and Alex is Alex. Same goes for the rest of the cast members.

        • Yeah, unlike some people who get reality confused with fiction.

          • There are a lot of people out there in the world who get really, and I mean REALLY caught up in fiction. I think it’s because real life kind of sucks sometimes, and jumping into Bon Temps, or any other fictional world is easier than facing it. I’m an Eric lover (obviously), but if I saw A Skars on the street, I wouldn’t come running at him screaming “MY VIKING!! MY VIKING!! HERE’S MY THROAT!”. Nor would I walk up to Evan Rachel Wood and punch her in the face because I HATED Sophie-Anne.

            I wonder how celebrities deal with that? Do you think that they watch over their shoulders all the time…especially if they play a bad guy? Glad I don’t have to worry about it.

          • I don’t know how they deal with it, they must be so used to it to though. They get bite me all the time and Anna and Stephen hear the True Blood True Life Soulmates comments all the time. I am sure they don’t want to be known as Bill and Sookie the rest of their acting career. Same with Alex known as Eric only. Just because they are a real-life couple and belong together does not mean their characters do. Some can’t get away from that though. I read an article about a week ago that said they hope Bill and Sookie get back together so their twins can be told that their mom and dad were together always.

            I am glad I don’t have to worry about that either.

          • LOL, I wouldn’t be surprised if people do that, but yeah, it’s a bit insane. I’m also glad that’s something I never have to worry about. I once walked with James Marsters because we left a room together, I was shoved by some crazy fan and nearly blinded with a camera by another. If that’s what they have to deal with on a regular basis, I want no part of it. I’d imagine it’s a lot worse for Alex, the poor guy can’t even go to the gym or shopping without someone taking his picture. I’m mostly referring to those who think Bill and Sookie belong together just because they’re married in real life, it’s ridiculous.

          • It is crazy and people wanting to take pictures of someone’s children, that is where I draw the line. My kids are none of your business….lol! I mostly refer to that as well Tammy , Anna and Stephen are separate from their characters.

          • I’ve read several celebrity interviews where people have actually followed them into bathroom stalls in restaurants!! Also, I read that two women followed Barry Manilow’s limo and basically ran it off the road so that he could sign autographs. They were angry and went to the Enquirer because the autograph that he signed for them said, “To so and so. You are very rude! Barry”. If someone is with their family, stay away! I wouldn’t like for someone to walk up to my table and interrupt my meal, so I’d never do that. OH! And leave them alone when they’re on the phone. Once again, I would hate it if someone approached me and demanded me to sign something or tried to take a picture with me while I’m talking to someone. It’s all about respect…and in Barry’s case…safety!

          • Yeah, that’s seriously messed up. The only time I would ever approach a celebrity is at a convention or a special event, never if I just happen to see one out with their friends or family.

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