The one where Eric & Sookie say “Goodnight”…

Hope everyone is fully recovered from your True Blood fangovers…it’s time to sit back, relax, grab yourself something to drink. Here are my bloody thoughts on the True Blood Season 6 premiere episode!


This week, we ask the question, “Who are you, really?” I mean…REALLY. That’s the question many of us have been dying to know since the end of Season 5, when we first heard about Warlow and watched Billith rise up out of the goo. Thanks to writer, Raelle Tucker and director, Stephen Moyer; it appears we’re going to have to wait a little bit longer, but what else is new? We wouldn’t have a new season if we found out now.

The season premiere kicked off right where Season 5 left off. I’m not going to bore you with a recap of last season, because we’re pretty sure you remember all of it. Well, at least the Eric and Sookie parts – which is all we care about around here.

Let’s get the boring-laughable-potty break-drink refilling-and-gag-worthy scenes out of the way with first because amazingly enough…that’s only a small portion of the episode! How surprising is that? Eric and Sookie took up most of the screen-time! Yay! Something I know many of us have been complaining about for a long time now…but you should be warned…this recap is extra, extra long!


Let’s recap what happened…


Goodbye Luna

Sam is attempts to drag Luna to safety, but she can’t go on any longer. She begs Sam and Emma to leave her behind, asking Sam to help Emma hunt to survive. Luna dies. Emma cries. Sam picks up Emma and runs off. Some Authority guards come across Luna’s body and say she’s dead. There you have it folks. The major death that happens in the first 10 minutes. How many of us were surprised by this? I hear crickets… Yeah, I think most of us thought it might be Luna.

Sam and Emma go to Merlotte’s where they find Lafayette holding down the fort. Lafayette tells Sam that Luna shifting from Steve Newlin is all over the TV, and shows Sam. Emma wakes up and tells Lafayette how her mom died and she’s hungry. Lafayette offers to cook her up something deep-fried and to fix her hair. Sam tells Lafayette to remember he never saw them, because Emma’s life depends on it.

I love LaLa and his snarky comments…but is it me or does he seem sick and tired of everything to you? I do love how sweet he was with Emma though. I felt really bad for Sam…I really think he loved Luna. I hate to wonder what’s going to happen to Sam and Emma now that Luna’s gone…but that’s only if this storyline didn’t already put me to sleep. Zzzzzz…face it, as much as I love the characters…the storyline isn’t interesting enough right now to keep me wide awake.


How do you spell comic relief? A-N-D-Y, A-R-L-E-N-E, T-E-R-R-Y

Okay, that might be a little bit too long…but in an episode like this, they were very much needed, IMO.

Andy is confronted by Arlene who tells him if he thinks she and Terry are going to raise his “litter of alien babies” – he’s got another thing coming. She orders him to get inside and face his responsibilities. Andy says he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s scared that he will do the wrong thing. Arlene tells him that everyone feels that way, but he has to try because there’s nothing more rewarding or fulfilling in life than being a parent. A really funny moment was when Terry and Arlene walked Andy through a crash course in “how to change a diaper”. I think I peed my pants during that scene…it was SO comical! Andy looked SO awkward, I almost felt sorry for him.

What was even funnier was everyone’s screams and looks of horror later on in the episode when Andy is woken up by his fairy daughters to find out much to his horror – they are now grown little girls. They looked like they were maybe four or six years old? Good thing kids don’t grow up that fast in real life, or I wouldn’t have found this as funny as I did.

Anyways, Andy screams, Arlene and Terry walk in and THEY scream…EVERYBODY screams…somehow I don’t think they’re screaming for ice cream…except for maybe Andy’s daughters.


Weres Mean Business

Alcide’s father tells Alcide he has to take a bite of the former pack leader’s flesh in order to be the pack leader. Much to Alcide’s dismay (and mine), he does. Ewww…I know I’m not the only one who was grossed out by this. Martha tells Rikki that even though the vampire blood will wear off, the power will take away a man’s decency. Something tells me this is a foreshadowing of what’s to come with Alcide. After he’s finished his “meal”…BLECH. Danielle offers herself to Alcide; while Rikki, Martha and the rest of the pack look on. Rikki tells Martha that she thinks Alcide has all the help he needs. Later on, Alcide meets Danielle in the woods, where she comes on to him and they kiss. Rikki comes upon them, naked as well, and Alcide apologizes to her. (It appears Alcide still has some decency left.) She kisses him, while Danielle turns to walk away, but Rikki calls her back and kisses Danielle too. She encourages Danielle to go down on Alcide, who (of course) enjoys not only seeing the two female weres kiss, but enjoys Danielle’s attention too. While Danielle’s mouth is busy…Rikki reminds Alcide that she’s his number one bitch.

Ewww…one bitch, two bitch, I really don’t care…editors please, get us OUT OF THERE!


Let’s Make A Deal

The Governor of Lousiana addresses the people of the state. The group in the car listen to his statement. He says he has nothing against vampires as a species, but ever since the terrorist attacks on Tru Blood factories, there have been 246 human deaths. When humans can no longer walk the streets without fearing for their lives, it’s time to take their streets back. As such, he is issuing a state-wide curfew on vampires. All vampires are to remain indoors or underground after sundown. Furthermore, they are closing down all vampire run businesses. The Governor also advises everyone to buy a gun, as many as they can, and to stock them up with wooden bullets.

A woman emerges from the crowd and yells at the Governor to stop the bloodshed and proceeds to throw a balloon of blood at the Governor. Security carries her away, while the Governor assures the crowd he’s fine, but he can’t say the same for his suit. He tells them peace must be desired, and sometimes blood has to be shed on equal and lasting terms.

The Governor meets Ms. Suzuki at a bottling plant in the middle of the night. She assures him that nobody at the Tru Blood factory is sleeping. The Governor tells her the work isn’t going fast enough. Curfew alone, won’t keep murder at bay. He makes her a proposition. He wants to be partners. She doesn’t think it’s worth the risk, since her clients are vampires. He offers to give her a bottling plant and said his participation can be a silent one. She wants to know what’s in it for him? He tells her that once she is running back to normal, he hopes the vampires will return to being peaceful, law abiding, tax paying citizens. Louisiana needs revenue. He needs it too – if he wants to be re-elected. She agrees, and they make a deal.


The F*&k Up Gang: Escape From Authority’s Headquarters

As a repeat from last season, Billith rises up from the goo – only we get to see his resurrection from Billith’s perspective. He sees Eric and Sookie staring at him, and when Sookie screams, he sees her mouth full of light. They run away from him, but Sookie falls into a puddle of vampire goo. Eric helps her up and they escape into the elevator. The first words out of Eric’s mouth were, “are you okay?” The power is cut off and the elevator stops – thanks to Billith, who has ripped an electrical panel apart. Sookie opens up her hand to show Eric her ball of light or fairy’s flashlight; at which Eric says, “handy”. Eric proceeds to try to rip apart the ceiling in the elevator car so they can escape through the elevator shaft.


Elsewhere…Jason, Tara, Pam, Jessica and Nora (aka. The Fuck-Up Gang) fight their way through the Authority’s headquarters. Nora is impressed with Jason’s shooting skills and orders the group upstairs. Pam, of course, gets snarky and calls Nora a “Bitch Sargent.” Why should they listen to her? Nora tells them she promised Eric she would see you “fuck ups” to safety. While the fuck ups are arguing, Billith breaks the gas line, which causes the building to catch fire.

The Fuck-Up Gang leaves the burning building, but Nora has to force Jason not to go back inside to save Sookie. It’s a moot point anyways, since Eric and Sookie pull up alongside them in a SUV. Well, THAT party’s over…


Jessica asks Sookie about Bill, who only shakes her head. The group drives away while the Authority’s headquarters bursts into a fiery inferno. Nora tells Eric to stop the car. They watch as Billith comes out of the burning building. Jessica asks if that’s Bill? Sookie replies, “not anymore”. Billith rises above the ground. Eric gets the SUV into gear and they take off. Billith flies off into the night where they can no longer see him. Jason thinks he’s flying over them, like a “naked, evil Superman”. Sookie tells them if Billith really wanted to kill them, they’d already be dead, and Eric agrees.

Sometimes Blood Isn’t Thicker Than Water

Ever had one of those road trips where the kids are constantly fighting and you threaten to stop the car and turn around…? That’s what the next scene reminded me of. Eric and Sookie being the parents, of course.


Pam and Nora have a heated argument. Eric stops the car and tells them he and Nora need a private chat. But Pam confronts Eric outside the car instead, and asks him, “Who the fuck is Mary Poppins and can I please kill her?” Eric tells her Nora is his sister. Pam asks him why he never told her this before? Eric had no reason to. Pam thinks differently because she has shared her life with him and he keeps lying to her. Eric tells her Bill is out there and the state of Louisiana has declared war on vampires – now is NOT the time. Pam asks if he trusts her? Eric tells her to get over it. Either have his back or get out of his face.


Tara comforts Pam on the beach, even though it’s “Fish piss and sand in your cooch.” (Obviously Tara doesn’t mind sand in HER cooch.) Pam doesn’t want Tara to see her like this. She’s only crying because she is pissed. Tara wraps her arm around Pam, who rests hers on Tara’s shoulder.

Eric asks Nora if there is anything in the book of Lillith that would explain what they saw, but Nora doesn’t know. Eric can’t believe it. Nora tells him she has never heard of anything like this – but if having only a drop of Lillith’s blood makes a vampire turn their back on their family and on the world…what does drinking the whole vial do – like Bill has done? If Lillith is walking the world in any form…they have to destroy her. Jessica overhears and says…”You mean you want to kill Bill.” Which sounds like a GREAT idea to me.

Sookie comforts Jessica, who wonders if she still loves Bill. Sookie tells her he was her first in everything. Blah, blah, must please Bill lovers, blah. Jessica admits she’s afraid of him. Sookie is too. She watched him die, then turn into something else. Whatever he is…it’s not Bill. Sookie thinks they should let him go. If he’s gone, Jessica will be all alone. Sookie disagrees.


Nora wants to talk to Jason. He might know something. Eric doesn’t believe it. How does Jason know about Warlow? Nora points out. Who the fuck is Warlow? Eric wonders. Nora asks Jason what he knows about Warlow, but Jason insists she go first. Nora glamours him into telling her how Warlow is a vampire who murdered his parents and ruined his life. Eric overhears and thinks it’s ridiculous, which breaks Nora’s hold on Jason. Jason gets upset and pulls a gun on Nora. He tells them he’s sick and tired of them brain-raping him against his will. If Nora doesn’t tell Jason where Warlow is, he’s going to put a wooden bullet through Nora’s heart. Eric tells him to “try it” with dropped fangs. Jason isn’t afraid of dying. He demands Nora tell him where Warlow is. Nora admits she’s never seen him, but he’s in the book of Lillith, Lillith’s own progeny, and one of the first of their kind.


Sookie and Jessica arrive on the scene, wondering what’s going on? Eric tells them that “apparently our siblings don’t get along. The only reason why he’s still alive is as a courtesy to you.” Sookie pleads with Jason to put the gun down. Tara (who returned with Pam) also pleads with Jason, while zipping up her pants.

Eric growls when Jason grabs Nora. Sookie intervenes. Either Jason has to put the gun down or the bullet is going to have to go through her first. Jason can’t believe she is taking their side. Sookie tells Jason, Warlow killed their parents, not the vampires standing there. Jason is acting crazy. Jason can’t believe she loves these vamps more than him. As far as he’s concerned, she’s as dead to him as they are.


Jessica is summoned by Bill. Eric tries to stop her, but Jessica pukes blood all over him and apologizes. Jessica feels like Bill is squeezing her heart. She must go to him or die. Sookie agrees to take her, with or without Eric’s help. Eric agrees, and tells her to be careful. Tara wants to go along too, but Eric tells Pam to take her “progeny” back to Fangtasia and wait for them there. Pam tries to keep him from going with Nora, but Eric tells her to get out of his way.

It’s Closing Time


Pam and Tara return to Fangtasia, where Tara tries to convince Pam to get over Eric. Pam may have agreed to being Eric’s punching bag, but she didn’t. Pam says don’t judge her. Tara has no idea what it’s like being in a relationship for a hundred years. Tara doesn’t care. Pam is just too busy crying over Eric to give them a chance. Pam tells Tara she can’t replace Eric and she never will.

A SWAT team arrives at Fangtasia to order them to close down. Pam tries to convince them otherwise, but the SWAT team is unshakeable. Tara tries to help by telling them to let Pam go or she will kill every one of them. They shoot Tara. Pam screams when she realizes Tara has been shot.

The Hitchhiker


Jason is walking down a road when a car drives by. He gets picked by a strange man, who hasn’t been to Bon Temps in a long time. He wants to hear all about Jason’s life. Jason tells him how Sookie has some mental problems. Jason tells the man about Billith. He thinks he might have been too hard on his sister. He tells him how he sees dead people, but only his parents. And if people thought he was crazy, he would be sent away…who would protect his sister from Warlow then? The man laughs and says, “you can not keep Warlow away from Sookie.” Jason is shocked. How does he know Sookie’s name? The man only laughs, and Jason thinks it’s Warlow. Jason shoots him with his gun, but the man disappears. The car goes off the road…

I Am NOT A Monster. I Am Bill Compton.

Jessica and Sookie go to Bill’s house, and see bloody footprints which leads them to the back porch. They find Bill sitting in a chair, but he only wants to talk. Nora flies in and attacks him, but Billith just pushes her aside. Eric attempts to do the same, but Bill gets a choke hold on Eric. Sookie stakes Bill from behind. Unfortunately, Bill pulls the stake out and is a-okay. But this gif on repeat makes my day.


Bill isn’t a monster and doesn’t wish any harm. If he has to protect himself again, they will be sorry. Nora asks him if he’s Lillith. Bill says he’s Bill Compton, but clearly he’s something more. He sees clearly now and sees things differently. He knows he put the fear into their eyes. The man who did it is gone. Sookie wants him to prove it by staying away from Jessica, leave the town of Bon Temps, and to never come back. Jessica objects. Bill is staying and so is she. They (Eric, Sookie and Nora) are the ones who should leave. Sookie disagrees. He’s not Bill and Jessica doesn’t know what he is anymore. Jessica says he’s her maker and Sookie will never understand. All they want to do is kill first, and ask questions later. How could Sookie tell her she loved him, only to turn around and stake him? Jessica flashes fang at Sookie, and Eric does the same in Sookie’s defense. Jessica tells them to get out. Bill agrees, then makes the porch rumble. Eric, Sookie and Nora leave.


Bill looks in on Jessica and gives her a glass of Tru Blood. She goes to place it on the night stand, but it falls over. Bill, using telekinesis, manages to keep the glass from falling to the floor. Did he know he could do that? No, he said. When Jessica left the Authority, he was a monster. She doesn’t know what he is and neither does he. That’s why he needs her. Will she help him? His new powers might go to his head. She needs to keep him honest. She’s the only one he can trust. She agrees, even though he may not like it when she does. He knows it’s for his own good. They hug and he tucks her into bed. Bill gets some strange visions of Lillith and goes in search of a noise he hears. He finds three visions of Lillith standing there. They all enter him at the same time.


The Girl In The White Dress

tumblr_moine2grht1qa2ovmo2_250Eric walks Sookie back to her house. He has money. He can give her a new life, anywhere she wants. Sookie tells him that it doesn’t matter. She’s had Bill’s blood. Lots of it. If he wants her, he will find her. Eric never expected Sookie to stake Bill to save him. Sookie didn’t expect it herself. Bill isn’t the only one who’s changed. She’s not the girl she thought she’d be. To Eric, she will always be the “girl in the white dress”. The girl he met for the first time in Fangtasia.tumblr_moine2grht1qa2ovmo1_250 Eric opened the door to let them in. Sookie thanks him for walking her home. Sookie would offer him a Tru Blood, but she’s all out. He wants “just a pen and paper”. He sits down at her table and stabs himself with the pen, to Sookie’s cry of horror. He dips the pen in his blood, then signs Sookie’s house back over to her. It’s not much, but it’s the least he can do. He warns her to stay away from Bill. She vows that she will. He turns to walk out the door, but she calls him tumblr_moine2grht1qa2ovmo4_250back. She wants to be the girl in the white dress again. She wants her life back. She pauses, then rescinds his invitation into her house. He glides slowly out the door. Eric and Sookie stare at each other through the curtained window. Eric tells her, “Goodnight Miss Stackhouse.” Sookie replies, “Goodnight Eric.”tumblr_ltjuzpivEy1qca4ez

Eric stares at Sookie for a few minutes through the door until Nora speaks up, wondering what that was all about? Eric tells her it’s none of her business. Nora wants to know what they’re going to do about Bill. Eric tells her they need to find Bill’s weakness. Nora wonders if they can use the fairy (meaning Sookie). Eric speeds over to her and tells her Sookie stays out of this and they have to stay away from Sookie from now on. Nora thinks Eric is in love with Sookie. Eric admits it was in another life. Nora says that she may not know Bill’s weakness, but she thinks she has found Eric’s. Eric tells her “don’t stir this pot”. Nora watches Sookie through the window, then follows Eric.tumblr_molv0uZ9uK1ryl0eto2_250

And Now…My Deep Thoughts

This probably won’t surprise you, but I loved the scenes between Eric and Sookie when Sookie rescinded Eric’s invitation. They gave me the first glimmer of hope that maybe Eric and Sookie might get back together again soon, even though they said goodbye. I loved how Eric protected her throughout the episode…from Billith, her brother, and from Nora. Do I dare hope he’ll protect her from Warlow too? I can’t say how much I loved the fact Sookie jumped to Eric’s defense numerous times as well. I found it intriguing both Eric and Sookie seemed to share the same mind, for instance, when they both agreed Billith let them go or they would’ve been dead. Don’t quote me…but I have a funny feeling Nora is up to no good when it comes to Sookie. I REALLY don’t understand why Sookie had to rescind Eric’s invitation in order to have her life back, but I do think Sookie is going to regret this decision later on this season. I’m not concerned too much, because it’s SO OBVIOUS Eric and Sookie both have strong feelings for each other and things aren’t completely over between them.


Some more favorite scenes were the ones on the beach. I loved how they are all inter-connected through various ways; siblings, makers and progenies, lovers and ex-lovers. The fact they had a common goal for a little while (Billith) was an interesting twist. I hope all of them are able to share scenes again in the future.

WHO in the hell was driving the car with Jason? He looked like Niall, but acted like Warlow, and we know Warlow is a vampire, and Niall is a fairy. True Blood better not be planning a hyrid storyline…because I know Nymerias (especially) won’t like it. Billith seemed to have went from a blood soaked monster to a seemingly normal Bill Compton. He can make the ground shake, use telekinesis to move things around and most of all…is immune to wooden stakes. DAMN.

All in all, I’d have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this episode and the amount of things I enjoyed. I give this episode an A- for the Eric and Sookie scenes alone. I don’t want to seem too greedy…but can the producers of True Blood please give us more of this?

Those are my thoughts…what are yours? Please feel free to share yours below.

To echo Eric and Sookie…goodnight, lovers.

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21 comments on “The one where Eric & Sookie say “Goodnight”…

  1. I agree I really enjoyed this episode especially the Eric and Sookie scenes I think she will also come to regret rescinding Erics invitation to her home and it is so obvious that they still have strong feelings for each other I really think the man that picked up jason was Niall.

    • Thanks for commenting! :) Hmmm…if it is Niall…why would he say there’s nothing that can keep Warlow away from Sookie? Wouldn’t he want to protect her, instead of trying to discourage Jason from protecting her himself? I don’t know…I’m going to wait and see. It could really be Warlow too, but he’s able to shift into different forms. Afterall, he’s Lillith’s progeny, right?

  2. As soon as she realizes that Bill has no intention of staying away from her, nor does he need an invite, she will really be regretting that decision.

  3. I agree I like the episode too and the Eric and Sookie scenes were awesome and the feelings between them are so powerful…..Eric really loves her so much so that every glance from him to her looks like its painful but he just loves being with her regardless ….she wants to not have these feelings for him but they are written all over her face that she does love him. The weres were disgusting as usual with eating JD and the weak threesome …..luna dying was sad and Billith stuff is pointless but we know he will tie into Warlow. Niall and Warlow I think are the same because Rutger Hauer usually plays a bad guy so I think he will be Warlow …..overall a good episode with maybe a promise of something great by the finale.

  4. I am to afraid to hope anymore after the clusterf*** that was the final book. I adore Eric. I adore Eric and Sookie together. The fact that pretty much every fan fave ep was eric, eric/sookie related should clue the writers in. The fact Alex gets the biggest fan response. The fact fans root for a Sooric HEA. Yet none of these things swayed the evil author so I just don’t know if the writers will get a clue. AB was so obsessed with Bill. In some ways I think Anna and Stephen falling in love blurred the lines between fiction and reality for a lot of people and keep seeing Bill as the hero and her HEA only because of their real life relationship.

    Hopefully now that someone else has taken the reins we might actually get what the majority of us want.

    I think we’ve only got one more season left from the way things are going so I guess only time will tell. Personally I think it would be fun if Sookie were turned by Eric in an emergency and we get a season of her being the big bad only to settle down and be with eric at the end. mmmmmmm. Maybe I should write for the show……

  5. I been saying that Eric and Sookie will be together by the end of the season and I know now that true, I really love this episode, Eric and Sookie still love each other I think Sookie need to get her life together right now, and that why she think she has to “get her life back” but I feel like Eric will be pull back into the warlow thing and that how they will get back together. Sookie will need Eric later in the season, and I know this Ben guy is noting so I am looking forward to this season. I ask myself this all the time “WHY IS ALCIDE ON THIS SHOW????” God his storyline is pointless OMG I wish he would get kill FOR??

  6. I really enjoyed this episode, I wanted to stop watching last season, it was getting so bad. But this looks promising, I think. The scenes with Andy & Arlene & Terry almost made me pee my pants, HILARIOUS!! I hope the story line isn’t long and drawn out stupid like the Iffrit thing was. (Btw, I think you should have made the subtitle about Jason & Rutger Hauer “The Hitcher” after that crazy ass movie he was in lol) Anyhow, I think he IS Niall, but I kind of wonder if he made that comment because HE is the one who promised Sookie to Warlow? I don’t know, I don’t remember “exactly” what they told Jason & Sookie the contract consisted of.

  7. Great review. Overall I enjoyed the episode. I loved every moment of Eric being on the screen. I’m delighted with the way he’s being written right now, and Alex’s performance was the standout of the episode. His facial expressions, especially what he can say with his eyes, melt me completely. The hopeful look when she called him back and said she wanted to be the girl in the white dress again then downcast expression when she said she wanted her life back broke my heart a bit. Sookie rescinding his invitation makes no sense to me because to me it has nothing whatsoever to do with her getting her life back, and the only reason I can think it was said was foreshadowing that there will come a time she needs him but he can’t get in to help her because of the rescission. She’ll be unconscious or gagged or her jaw will be broken or for some other reason she won’t be able to speak to re-invite him in. That’s my feeling, anyway. And they only said goodnight, not goodbye. But I refuse to let my zombie shipper heart beat for them again.

    I loved Tara and Pam’s scenes, and even found Nora intriguing. And is that Warlow or Niall, or are they the same person? The comic relief was good. Bill/Billith was interesting, Jessica was pathetic but still added to the story. The only parts that I would have left on the cutting room floor would be the scenes involving Alcide.

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  9. Me, i really hate that Luna died, not only because i liked her, but also that makes Sam alone and free! Alcide’s is a pack master so he behaves like so ( like in the books..u know..) Sookie always behaved bad to Eric, so no wonder she, again, rescinded his invitation..i only hope that, in the end, she will start behaving like in the books, as a wife of Eric ( those were the sweetest moments ) but ok..it was a 1st episode and let’s continue watching

  10. As someone who was ready to cancel HBO after last season, I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. Stephen Moyer did a fantastic job directing. Ironic that he understands and respects the ES relationship and their fans far more than Alan Ball or She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did.

    My heart was beating a mile a minute before the opening credits even rolled and all the Eric & Sookie moments made me swoon. The fact that Sookie staked Bill for Eric was monumental and all those longing looks tell me, they still love each other very much. Since no one is allowed to be happy for more than 2-3 episodes, let’s pray their reconciliation happens towards the end of the season so we can go out on a high note.

    I think Nora will pose a threat to Sookie and attempt to bring down Billith by enlisting Warlow’s help. Perhaps she’ll kidnap Sookie and Eric will feel the fear and come running. He’ll be forced to choose between his lover & his sister and Nora will be no more.

    Andy’s introduction to fatherhood was priceless! But, Alcide and the weres bored me to tears. That was the most unsexy threesome I’ve ever seen. Joe is nice eye candy but the storyline does nothing to contribute to the show. It looks like Alcide will become drunk with packmaster power which *fingers crossed* will lead to his death and we can finally round up the rest of the pack & send them off to the pound. Seriously, the show came to a screeching halt when they were on.

    Based on ep.1, it seems the writers have finally begun listening to the fans so there is hope for the season and the show as a whole. However, I am being cautiously optimistic.

  11. Lovely job of summing up the action and your take on what happened was perfect. I am not a fan of the way the TB writers have chosen to depict the were pack change of command process. The whole “eating” the previous packmaster is beyond gross. Whatever happened to a nice funeral to send him off? Of course the sex part was included in canon, although not a threesome. Oh well, I guess Alcide deserves some fun.
    I did something with this episode that I haven’t done in a long time. I re-watched it without fast forwarding past the parts I hated (many of them in season 5 and even season 4). If the rest of the season is as satisfying, I think it’s going to be a good one.

  12. I Loved that all of them got away from Bilith~knew that Luna was going to be the
    first casualty of the Season. It made sense.
    Was shocked at the way Eric spoke to Pamela when he told her that Nora was
    his sister,loved how Sookie comforted Jessica when she thought that she’d be
    all alone if Bill dies~ “You won’t be alone” Sookie would help raise Jessica.

    Was shocked when Sookie staked Bill to protect Eric~ But sort of glad it happened.
    Who knows what BILL really is? he’s not William Thomas Compton III we met in
    Season 1,Episode 1~thought it was nice to see Bill in a Henley again.
    Not really suprised that Jessica chose to stay with Bill,he is her Maker and
    she trusts him .

    Loved the scenes where Eric turned the house back over to Sookie.
    Just wish that Sookie and Eric had shared one last kiss before
    Sookie had resinded her invite to her house?
    Loved what he said “I want to remember you as that girl in the white dress
    who walked into my bat that night”

  13. Liked the scenes between Alcide and the Pack.
    That she wolf had some nerve coming on to Alcide~ And I loved Rikki’s claiming
    her Man “Remember I’m your #1 Bi*ch”
    Felt sorry for Sam, when he came into his bar,carrying little Emma.
    And loved the scenes between Lala and Emma, when he called her “Shortstack”

    Andy hiding out from Arlene was priceless~ and I loved the scene between them
    Arlene is a good mom,great sister in law.

    Loved the final scenes between Jessica & Bill.
    Bill Compton, is getting to parent his “Daughter” the daughter that Lorenea
    took away when she turned William Thomas Compton.
    In season 5 we saw Bill tell Jessica “I think I did something really right”
    And she asked him what that was~he didn’t say then.

    As for the guy driving jason’s parents’s car~that can either be
    M.Warlow or it can be Naill Brigent?

  14. I’ve been waiting patiently for your review :) I’m glad you liked it. Lots of goodies,in fact the only scenes I wasn’t into were the werewolf ones, the rest were all pretty great. I’ve already re-watched the episode 4 times lol. Very optimistic about this season.

    The Eric/Sookie interaction was wonderful and reminded me why I ship this couple so very much. There might not be many more scenes like that for a while, so it’s nice to have something good from them to hold on to, and I’m very hopeful that was not a permanent goodbye!

    Can’t wait for ep.2 :)

  15. Sookie & Eric together please . Great start for the season . Love it !!

  16. The season usually always starts out good, but then goes to hell like halfway through. I’m not getting my hopes up.

  17. Nice summary, I think Niall will make an appearance and knows about warlow, I wonder how billith and warlow are going to interact since warlow is Lilliths progeny. Eric and sookie r so in love it’s painful to watch sookie still struggle with her transgression from being human. Eric always has to save so he’s going to need back sooner or later. Nora may play a role in helping sookie find out about warlow after all, sookie was with her maker at the end and she’s loyal to Eric. So excited for new season!

  18. I loved your review! The whole time I watched the episode all I could think about was the amount of time spent on Eric and Sookie for a change. Stark contrast to the last few seasons. I felt like we were being appeased. I think the people who make this show read and research alot of comments made on social websites like this one and Twitter and Facebook and are aware of how flat out angry and disappointed the viewers were with the direction the show was taking. Many of us were against HBO and pro-Charlaine Harris’s book versions. That means they also would see how angry and disappointed the fans of the books were with the final Sookie book, some of us refusing to flat out read the book or spend the money on it. So maybe this is their way to try to turn the tide with the TV viewers because so many of us die-hard Truebie book lovers are now disillusioned with the books maybe they can make us love the show again. I don’t know. Maybe it’s far-fetched. I just thought it was such a stark contrast to what we usually are given by the show. Whatever the reason I hope it continues no matter what because for the first time after watching an episode I didn’t feel angry afterwards and want to yell at the TV that I was never watching the show again like I did last season.

  19. agree with everyone here!! C’mon eric and sookie!!! I hope the writers care about the fans and let these two keep having moments and looks like this episode… we know bill will complicate things,hopefully driving sookie to eric!!!!! wooo!!!

  20. […] you missed our recap of the premiere episode of True Blood Season 6, you can read my review titled, “The one where Eric & Sookie say Goodnight”. Skipping ahead to this week and episode 2…you can read Nymeria’s review, “The […]

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