Anna Paquin on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Good news for Anna Paquin and Sookie fans, maybe hoping to get a little more insight into True Blood and her other projects. Well you will soon get to do just that.


The actress will appear on the show tomorrow June 20, 2013. As an added bonus (at least for me) one of my favorite Bands MUSE will be performing! Let’s hope we get some more goods on what happens this season, maybe even get a sneak peak into an upcoming episode. One we have not seen anway!


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7 comments on “Anna Paquin on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

  1. Now I’m liking this~ I don’t usually watch JIMMY KIMMEL but I’ll watch
    since Anna Paquin is going to be on the show!!!
    Will go an tell all of my TRUEBLOOD friends that she is going to be on!!!

  2. Please, please, please Jimmy, ask her about X-Men, I want to know if she’s done or if she is going back, and Black Wings has My Angel.

  3. Sweet! I’ll be watching!

  4. I can’t wait!! She never does talk shows… Excited!!

  5. Already have my DVR set to record it, just in case I fall asleep before I can watch it when its’ on. Its’ a very rare treat indeed to get to see Anna do a talk show, so I will enjoy it very much.

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